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6 Best Call of Duty Betting Sites (June 2024)

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The best Call of Duty betting sites stand out for their broad range of betting markets, competitive odds, and live betting opportunities for the highly popular esports franchise, Call of Duty. These platforms offer bettors the chance to place wagers on diverse outcomes, from match winners and tournament champions to individual performances and team strategies, covering both international competitions and regional leagues.

With a strong emphasis on security, an optimal user experience, and prompt payouts, these sites are designed to meet the needs of experienced bettors as well as those new to the world of esports betting, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying betting journey for fans of Call of Duty esports.

1.  BC.Game

Launched in 2017 within a distinguished network, the platform has swiftly established itself as a top choice for Call of Duty betting, providing an intuitive interface that appeals to both beginners and experienced bettors alike. This focus on Call of Duty allows users to delve into the strategic depth and exhilarating competition of Call of Duty esports, including both the traditional multiplayer formats and the popular battle royale variant, Warzone.

Offering comprehensive coverage of Call of Duty, from major international championships to regional tournaments, the platform ensures bettors have access to a wide array of betting opportunities. While it also supports a variety of other esports titles, its dedication to Call of Duty betting sets it apart, catering to the diverse interests within the esports community. With a commitment to facilitating a seamless and engaging betting experience, this site has become a favored destination for those passionate about participating in the vibrant world of Call of Duty esports betting.

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2.  BetUS

Since its establishment in 1994, BetUS has emerged as a dominant force in the esports betting landscape, with a special focus on Call of Duty betting. The platform supports effortless betting with a variety of payment options, including credit cards and popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

BetUS is renowned for its broad selection of Call of Duty betting markets, encompassing team-specific, match-specific, and event-specific wagers, alongside handicap bets and total rounds. This comprehensive approach allows bettors to fully immerse themselves in the nuances of each game, focusing on everything from team strategies to the outcomes of individual matches.

With attractive sign-up bonuses and a rewarding loyalty program, BetUS positions itself as the preferred choice for Call of Duty fans seeking a robust betting experience that complements their passion for the game.

To learn more read our BetUS Review or visit BetUS.

3.  Bovada

Established in 2011, Bovada has rapidly ascended as a premier platform for esports betting, with a strong emphasis on Call of Duty betting. It offers a comprehensive array of betting options across popular esports titles, but its focus on Call of Duty sets it apart, providing a diverse range of betting opportunities tailored to the community of this renowned first-person shooter.

The platform grants bettors access to an extensive selection of Call of Duty tournaments and events, encompassing everything from global championships to local leagues, facilitating a wide spectrum of bet types. This dedicated approach ensures Call of Duty fans have a single destination for all their betting needs, supported by competitive odds and an intuitive betting interface. With its commitment to esports and a particular focus on Call of Duty, Bovada has established itself as a go-to choice for those seeking a comprehensive and captivating betting experience in the Call of Duty esports scene.

Bovada accepts USA players but currently prohibits players from Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York.

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4.  Jackbit Casino

Launched in 2022, JackBit has quickly made a mark as an innovative cryptocurrency betting platform deeply invested in the esports betting landscape, with a special focus on providing expansive betting opportunities across various popular esports titles. Among its diverse offerings, it has carved out a significant niche for fans of fast-paced, strategic competitions, offering a wide range of betting options that span from overall match outcomes to specific in-game actions, catering to a broad audience of esports enthusiasts.

JackBit showcases its commitment to the esports community with detailed coverage of major tournaments and events, ensuring bettors have access to a comprehensive array of betting markets that enhance their connection to and immersion in the competitive scene. This approach not only highlights the platform's dedication to esports betting but also offers a rich selection of betting opportunities designed to meet the interests of a wide audience. Additionally, JackBit boasts an extensive selection of over 6,600 casino games, including a lively live casino experience, further broadening its appeal to a diverse gaming audience.

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5.  Thunderpick

Launched in 2017, Thunderpick has risen to prominence in the esports betting industry, distinguishing itself with a comprehensive focus on offering a wide array of betting opportunities. Among its varied esports offerings, the platform has become particularly renowned for catering to fans of dynamic team-based action games, providing depth and variety in its betting markets that resonate with the game's strategic and competitive elements.

By embracing modern payment methods, including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, Thunderpick ensures a smooth and secure betting process. The platform's intuitive and user-friendly interface enhances the overall betting experience, making it a favorite among esports enthusiasts. Dedicated to enriching the esports betting landscape, Thunderpick has established itself as a go-to destination for fans seeking top-tier betting opportunities, showcasing its commitment to the esports community.

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6.  Cloudbet

Established in 2013, the platform has become a leading choice for esports betting, gaining particular acclaim for its extensive betting markets that cater to the dynamic and competitive nature of Call of Duty. This focus on providing a wide range of betting opportunities reflects the game's strategic depth and the intense engagement it commands from a global fan base.

While the platform also offers betting on other major esports titles like CS:GO, Dota 2, FIFA, King of Glory (Honour of Kings), and League of Legends (LOL), it is the comprehensive coverage of Call of Duty that sets it apart. Bettors have access to an array of options, from international tournaments to regional leagues, ensuring a rich and immersive betting experience.

Additionally, the platform broadens its appeal with a selection of premium casino games, making it a versatile destination for those looking to diversify their gaming and betting activities.

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Call of Duty: In a Nutshell

Like other first-person shooters, Call of Duty primarily focuses on its multiplayer front. As well as hosting 4v4 matches and the standard modes you'd expect to find in an FPS title, Call of Duty also boasts immersive campaigns that spread over various platforms of war. However, when it comes to drawing a crowd and capturing the raw emotion from the frontlines of battle, it's undeniably the spool of nail-biting multiplayer modes that hit the nail of the head.

As of 2021, Call of Duty is mostly centred around two of its most recent instalments, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Tournament-wise, these are the two entries that tend to pull the bulkier crowds and pay out much higher rates. And so, before placing any form of bet on one of the following games — doing that little extra research is most definitely encouraged. Failing that, then a genuine interest in battle royale events is essential, as these are the grounds for the Warzone chapter.

Game Modes Explained

Similar to previous entries in the Call of Duty catalogue, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, both of which are heavily centred at the moment, are fleshed out with several cherished modes. That said, there are really only three that you'll need to unearth before placing a wager.

Standing at the pinnacle of the collection, of course, is Search and Destroy, which has been the pack leader ever since Call of Duty found its mark on the multiplayer front. And then, following on from that, there is Hardpoint and Control — both of which are heavily played in the current competitive field.

Search and Destroy

It's fair to say that Search and Destroy is probably the go-to mode for Call of Duty regulars. With both teams on either side of two bomb sites, one faction must look to defend the two unique sites, while the opposing army must fight to destroy them. The downside, of course, is that each player is saddled with just a single life — meaning the tide can quite easily turn at any given moment. As it stands, Search and Destroy games are played in a first-to-six format.


Similar to Headquarters, Hardpoint features a series of markers on the map that both warring factions must fight to defend and, in turn, rack up points. Throughout the match, the markers known as ‘hardpoints' spread across the area, and each team must secure the place and idle as the points stack. However, should a player fall and the hardpoint be left without anyone to hold the ground — the points grind to a halt. Holding the fort for one-second amounts to one point, sixty seconds through and the hardpoint moves. The first team to hit 250 points wins the match. Simple.


Another mode that players tend to favour in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is Control, which was originally introduced back in 2018 in Black Ops 4. Similar to Capture The Flag, Control puts a single team in charge of two areas across the map, with a second team fighting to reclaim them. If the attackers successfully claim both bases within the allotted time limit, then they win the match. However, if the team defending the areas is to defeat their opponents thirty times, or if the clock runs out — then that team will claim victory.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale game that launched back in 2020.

The Platforms

As it stands today, Call of Duty League, which is undeniably the biggest platform for the game, must be played on PC using a controller that is pre-approved by the League board beforehand. Apart from that, competitive events for either Call of Duty game can be played on any major format. Of course, thanks to the cross-platform functionality, players are able to match with other hardware users without any added bolt-ons. However, it has been said that PC users hold the greater advantage, as gameplay-wise, Call of Duty boasts much higher frame rates and sharper gameplay.

Stacking Against the Odds

Unfortunately, as with any FPS entry, trying to pinpoint the victor before a game begins can be a little challenging. That said, it's always worth casting your eye on the underdog of the squadron, as a single kill from an unknown player can quite easily turn the tide of the battle and count for a lot more than you'd expect. Apart from that, it's always worth digging into the background of the players, and even spooling through the gameplay clips that the professional collective uploads regularly to Twitch.

Conveniently, all statistics can be found on Call of Duty eSports Wiki, where you can uncover the number of wins, losses and an overall history of each competitive player. And so, with that, it's definitely worth flicking through the roster and narrowing down a top-five collection.

Tournaments & Prize Pools

Typically, Call of Duty prize pools boast upwards of $5 million, as well as the champion's trophy that stems from the annual Call of Duty League event. First launching in 2019 with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare striking the match, Call of Duty League has continued to expand its horizons and pour more rewards into its prize pools over the years. As of today, the annual tournament is considered to be one of the most globally recognised events in the eSports community.

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