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5 Best Split-Screen Multiplayer Games on Xbox Series X|S



Split-Screen multiplayer games have come quite far since the beginning of their humble origins. These are games that players can boot up and have a great time with friends. These games can be cooperative and competitive and offer a variety of experiences to the player. It is partially this social aspect that gives this gaming subgenre such charm. So if you, like us, enjoy these games. Please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Split-Screen Multiplayer Games on Xbox Series X|S.

5. Minecraft

Starting off our list of the best Split-Screen multiplayer games available on Xbox Series X|S, we have MinecraftMinecraft has transcended being a humble video game and has become a cultural icon. Within the gaming space, few games with as much reach are as beloved by their fanbase as this title. Minecraft allows players to embrace their creativity, as much or as little as they so choose. It accomplishes this through its stellar multiplayer and gameplay mechanics. Players can accomplish a number of things, such as build bases, have PvP battles, or simply delve into the mines with a friend.

Due to the open-ended nature of the game, players can create their own adventures. Want to go down as far as you can go in the mines? Then go ahead. This freedom of choice is at the heart of what makes Minecraft such an endearing and enduring title. So if you haven't checked out this game, which offers fantastic Split-Screen gameplay to participate in, now is a fantastic time to do so for the Xbox Series X|S.

4. Cuphead

Cuphead is a fantastic cooperative game that offers Split-Screen on the Xbox Series X|S. In this game, players must go on the grand quest of retrieving their souls. Within Cuphead, two brothers must go on a journey through multiple fantastically well-designed levels. These levels will test the player's platforming skills as they try and maneuver through this game. Cuphead is a game where players will be tested to their limits. This is a game that requires quite a bit of coordination and cooperation between friends. The amount of coordination that can go into a well-timed Cuphead run will certainly keep you busy.

Firstly, this is fantastic and harkens back to an old-school philosophy within game design. Secondly, the mechanics put in place for both the platforming, as well as varying boss mechanics make this title a must-play. Players will be able to gain a number of power-ups throughout the game, each adding flavor and flair to an already stellar experience. So if you are looking for a cooperative title for the Xbox Series X|S, make sure you check out Cuphead.

3. Divinity Original Sin 2

Next on our list of Xbox Series X|S Split-Screen titles, we have Divinity Original Sin 2. This is a stellar RPG made by Larian Studios. Players can expect great things when they boot up this title. The gameplay and story elements of this game are simply top-notch. Another element of the game that makes it stand out in today's modern gaming space is the inclusion of Split-Screen. This allows for players to have a more traditional tabletop RPG-like experience using the local gaming feature of the game.

However, as fantastic as this feature is, it is but one of a list of amazing features present in this game. The character customization and skill trees are simply wonderful. They allow for a great sense of character identity within the game, which adds to the overall immersion. The game also does a fantastic job of letting the player have the reins, as players can interact with NPCs in a number of different ways,m all with differing results. To close, Divinity Original Sin 2‘s freedom of design makes it a fantastic Split-Screen game for the Xbox Series X|S.

2. It Takes Two

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For our next entry, we have an indie title that does a superb job of capturing the essence of cooperative gameplay. It Takes Two starts off as a simple story about love and marriage, which an element of magic thrown in. It quickly then turns into an adventure that serves as a love letter to multiple eras and philosophies of game design. Players will be able to platform, participate in shooter gameplay, and much more. The puzzles in the game all feed into the level design in an intriguing and fascinating way.

Along the way, however, this game also manages to have an outstanding narrative. Players will be able to learn a lot about relationships in this game as well. There are also quite a few surprises throughout your gameplay time as well. This makes it intriguing to play through, as you never know what is around the next corner. Each of the two player characters both fills different roles in puzzles and other elements of the game, which is also really neat. To close, It Takes Two is a fantastic Split-Screen experience for the Xbox Series X|S.

1. Halo:  The Master Chief Collection

For our final entry, we have one of the finest Split-Screen games in Xbox history. Halo: The Master Chief Collection features some of the most fondly remembered levels and gameplay moments. Built from the ground up for cooperative gameplay, the Halo campaign, throughout various entries in the franchise, is still fantastic to experience to this day. Added to this is the inclusion of the fantastic multiplayer element in which players can participate in wonderful PvP battles on classic maps, and you have a recipe for success.

However, if PvP isn't your thing, you can also participate in Firefight mode. This is a PvE experience and acts as somewhat of a horde mode for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In terms of value, this is simply put the best entry on this list. Players can experience many classic gaming campaigns on top of a stellar multiplayer experience that is hard to beat. So if you haven't already, make sure you check out Halo: The Master Chief Collection, as it is not only one of the best Split-Screen games on Xbox Series X|S but one of the best FPS titles of all time.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Split-Screen Multiplayer Games on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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