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5 Best Adventure Games on Xbox Series X|S (2024)

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Adventure games whisk players away to faraway lands for great quests and content. These games give the player several ways to approach problems or simply exist within wonderfully realized fantasy worlds. While these worlds may look vastly different aesthetically, at their core is a heart of adventure that remains palpable. So if you, like us, enjoy adventure games for the amount of joy they bring us. Then please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Adventure Games on Xbox Series X|S (May 2023).

5. Somerville

For our first entry on today's list of the best adventure games on Xbox Series X|S, we have SomervilleSomerville is a charming yet challenging puzzle adventure game from one of the minds behind both LIMBO and Inside. That said, the distinguishable art style instantly lets the player know this. Similar to those games, the game takes a third-person perspective as they attempt to solve various puzzles throughout their journey. The motivation behind the player's journey is also interesting in this title and serves to push the player forward.

The variety of puzzles present in the game is, on the whole, physics-based. This gives them a pretty decent amount of challenge, especially for first-time players. That said, this, in turn, makes it all the more reading as you progress along your adventure within the game. While we certainly won't give away key plot points to this adventure away here, just know that it is a journey well worth it. So if you are looking for a fabulous Xbox Series X|S adventure title to cozy up with, definitely check out Somerville.

 4. Haven

If players are fans of third-person RPGs, then this title should come as no surprise to you. Haven is one of the adventure games on this list that does the most in terms of cooperative gameplay. Players will be able to play with friends as they go along their journey together throughout this Sci-fi RPG. While this may be somewhat of an underrated title, the love and attention to detail that was placed in this game is evident. There are many adventure elements to the game which allow the player to immerse themselves within the game's world.

This includes things such as being able to interact with the game's varied wildlife flora and fauna and much more. In addition, the combat in the game is somewhat of a hybrid system in which players will be able to choose their abilities and watch them unfold in front of them. However, the story, for many, will be polarizing. The main narrative within Haven focuses on relationships, so while this topic may be hit or miss for fans, what is on offer here is pretty great. That said, due to its presentation and cooperative gameplay that add to the sense of adventure within the game, Haven is one of the best adventure games on the Xbox Series X|S.

3. Monster Hunter Rise

Next on our list of fantastic adventure games for the Xbox Series X|S, we have Monster Hunter: Rise. For fans of the Monster Hunter series, this game has some of the most polished gameplay in the franchise. And as far as newcomers go, the game has an innate sense of adventure that overcomes the player with every successful hunt. See, the Monster Hunter franchise is one that has perfectly encapsulated its gameplay loop, perfecting it to a tee. Players will be able to hunt various monsters in order to craft their own weapons and gear, and so the cycle continues.

This gives the game a tremendous sense of progression as you fight more fearsome foes. This will require the player to learn the various monster movements and behavior patterns in order to succeed. This simply shows off how in-depth the game's combat is. Players can also choose from multiple weapons that vary in their usage and utility within the game. This means that no matter what type of adventure you create, there is always a weapon suited to your needs. For these reasons, and many more, we consider Monster Hunter: Rise to be one of the best adventure games available on Xbox Series X|S. 

2. The Outer Worlds

For our next entry, we have The Outer Worlds. Now The Outer Worlds is a title that quickly exploded upon the Xbox Series X|S adventure scene. This game had a phenomenal sense of worldbuilding and lore, as well as many fleshed-out characters to its name. This is great, as it allows the players to get immersed in the game's world easier. Added to this is a combat system that goes beyond serviceable and adds to the overall experience wonderfully. It accomplishes these things in quite a few ways, but the main contributing factor to the narrative as a whole is player choice.

This places the player at the heart of what makes this game so endearing. They will be able to travel to different worlds and forge relationships along the way. And while there are companions within the game, they are more of an asset than an annoyance. So while we won't spoil this amazing adventure here, simply know that this game is well worth experiencing. So if you haven't done so already, definitely check out The Outer Worlds.

1. Chained Echoes

For our final entry on our list of the best adventure games available for Xbox Series X|S. We have Chained EchoesChained Echoes is an absolutely stellar JRPG that wears its influences on its sleeve and improves upon genre staples in a way that feels fresh and new. This game has a lovely sixteen-bit art style that players who are familiar with the JRPG genre are sure to love. Added to this are the game's phenomenal characters, which cannot be praised enough.

While the game doesn't overstay its welcome at around forty hours of game time, what is on offer here is simply stunning. There is also a robust crafting system in the game which also does a swell job of immersing the player in the world. So, if you are looking for a solid adventure title that stands at the pinnacle of modern adventure game design, make sure you check out Chained Echoes. To conclude, this game is simply touching and allows the player to be whisked away to a fantastic world full of exciting characters.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Adventure Games on Xbox Series X|S (May 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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