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5 Best Metroidvania Games on PlayStation Plus (April 2024)

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Player battles skeleton in Metroidvania PlayStation Plus game scene

If you have PlayStation Plus, you know it’s packed with all sorts of great games. One kind that many players really enjoy is Metroidvania. For those unfamiliar, Metroidvania games are characterised by their interconnected worlds, where unlocking new abilities allows players to access previously unreachable areas. It's a dance of skill and strategy, where discovery and mastery coalesce into a deeply satisfying journey. And within the PlayStation Plus library, there exists a curated selection of these gems, standing as shining examples of the genre's potential. So, let's delve into the five best Metroidvania games on PlayStation Plus.

5. Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

Dandara: Trials of Fear Launch Trailer | PS4

First up, we explore Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition. In this game, players experience a world where gravity does little to dictate where you can go. Imagine moving through a painting, leaping from ground to ceiling with ease. This unique way of moving is central to Dandara’s charm. Players guide the heroine, Dandara, through a variety of environments, from dark caverns to bustling towns, each designed with creativity.

The game unfolds in a realm known as the Salt. Here, players discover not only the beauty of its diverse landscapes but also the stories of its inhabitants. As you progress, new abilities unlock, allowing Dandara to reach previously inaccessible areas. These powers are vital for both exploration and combat. Speaking of fighting, Dandara faces foes in battles that require quick thinking and fast reflexes. Players aim and fire at enemies, dodge attacks, and use Dandara’s unique abilities to survive.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition stands out because of its inventive gameplay and captivating world. It offers a fresh take on exploration and combat, making it a memorable experience on PlayStation Plus. Players of all ages find themselves drawn into Dandara’s quest, facing challenges and uncovering the secrets of the Salt.

4. Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

Do you recall the thrilling challenges of Salt and Sanctuary? The saga continues with Salt and Sacrifice, inviting players to step into the boots of a Marked Inquisitor. This new chapter takes us beyond the familiar sanctuaries into territories marred by chaos. Mages, embodiments of elemental disorder, have thrown a once-peaceful kingdom into turmoil. As a member of the Marked Inquisitors, your task is clear: confront these menacing Mages to bring back order.

Your adventure unfolds across the western frontier, a land rife with danger and mystery. Here, you engage in a relentless hunt for the Mages. Despite the weight of duty, how you navigate this perilous world is up to you. Each encounter, each challenge, offers a chance to prove your mettle. The journey is fraught with traps, secrets, and formidable guardians, each step forward is a testament to your courage and determination. Also, vanquishing Mages allows you to craft unique gear from their remains, offering new strength and strategies for your battles ahead. With an array of weapons and magical abilities at your disposal, your approach to combat can be as unique as you are.

3. Blasphemous

Blasphemous - Announcement Trailer | PS4

Blasphemous takes players on a dark journey through Cvstodia, a world filled with myths and monsters. The game combines action with exploration, allowing players to discover secrets and face fierce enemies. As the Penitent One, you wield a sword to battle creatures and overcome obstacles. The game's world is vast and interconnected, encouraging players to explore and find new paths or hidden treasures. With each step, the story of Cvstodia unfolds, revealing a land cursed and in need of salvation.

Players learn to attack, dodge, and use special moves to defeat enemies. Each enemy has its own pattern, and learning these is key to progressing. Boss fights are especially challenging, requiring players to master the game's combat mechanics. Success brings rewards, including new abilities that help in exploring further or fighting even tougher foes.

Furthermore, the game's world is rich with detail, from towering cathedrals to forgotten tombs. Players find new areas by using abilities gained from defeating bosses or exploring. Secrets are everywhere, offering rewards like upgrades to enhance the Penitent One's power. All in all, Blasphemous invites players into a challenging adventure, blending combat and exploration in a beautifully dark world.

2. Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 – Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Rogue Legacy 2 spins a captivating tale of heroism that passes down through generations. Here, when your character falls, their children step up to continue the quest. Each heir comes with their own unique set of skills and quirks. You might find yourself playing as an agile archer in one run and then as a creative chef in the next. This ensures the game remains engaging, pushing you to rethink your approach with every new character.

The magic of Rogue Legacy 2 lies in its ever-changing world. Every time you embark on a new adventure, the kingdom transforms, presenting new challenges, enemies, and secrets. This ever-shifting landscape means you’re always on your toes, using your wits to navigate through the unknown. The game ups the ante with 15 distinct classes, each offering a unique way to play. So, whether you're unleashing arrows from the shadows or soaring through the air in combat, the diversity in gameplay keeps every journey through the kingdom exhilarating.

1. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained - Launch Trailer | PS4

Wrapping up our exploration of the best Metroidvania games on PlayStation Plus, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night shines as a top-notch example within this beloved genre. This game offers an enthralling realm filled with danger, mystery, and enchantment. You play as Miriam, a courageous fighter battling a curse that gradually turns her body into crystal. Her mission takes her across an expansive, interlinked world brimming with hidden treasures and challenges.

The essence of Bloodstained lies in its adventure and growth. As Miriam overcomes enemies and harnesses their abilities, she unlocks new sections of the map. Additionally, combat in this game is diverse and gratifying. Miriam can handle a wide range of weapons, from swords and whips to firearms and magic spells, each providing distinct combat styles. Players can tailor Miriam's arsenal and magical abilities to suit their preferred approach to battle, whether up close or from afar.

So, what's your favourite pick from our list? Are there any other titles you'd like to add to the list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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