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5 Best Mega Man Games of All Time, Ranked

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Best Mega Man Games of All Time

Capcom has undeniably set its mark in the video game industry. The Japanese publisher is a worldwide phenomenon for its high-selling games such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter. This popularity dates back to arcade games, when the publisher released 1942 and Commando.

Today we focus on one of Capcom's best-selling video games, Mega Man. The challenging platformer was brought to life by Capcom in 1987. Since then, the franchise has become a classic, with numerous sequels, spinoffs, and adaptations across various platforms. Mega Man games are known for their challenging gameplay, catchy music, and iconic characters. To date, the franchise has over 50 games spread across seven series. While some games may have missed the mark, others have perfectly created a whale of entertainment with the blue guy. If you're wondering which ones these are, here are the five best Mega Man games of all time.

5. Mega Man X (1993)

Mega Man X Trailer 1994

Mega Man X departed from the classic Mega Man series, featuring a darker and more mature storyline and enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics. It was also the first title in the franchise made for the 16-bit console.

The game introduced the titular character X, a new protagonist with different abilities and upgrades. The game occurs in a futuristic world where humans and robots coexist harmoniously. However, the robots soon develop a conscience, and under their corrupt leader, Sigma, they aspire to bring an end to human existence. This is where you come in. Playing as X, you must thwart Sigma's plans and abolish the robot revolution.

Players can dash, climb walls, and charge their shots like in previous titles to take on the game's challenging levels and bosses. There are eight levels, each with a boss character to battle at the end. You may complete the levels in any order; however, starting with some levels gives you leverage over the others. 

4. Mega Man 3 (1990)

Mega Man 3 - Available Now on 3DS

Mega Man 3 continued the series' tradition of improving upon its predecessor. The blue boy completes a series of levels in any order, with a boss awaiting each level's end. Defeating a boss gifts the player a unique weapon that you may use in the forthcoming stages. Moreover, some bosses are susceptible to weapons from other bosses, which gives you the advantage of easing boss battles.

Furthermore, Mega Man 3 has an expanded story, introducing the mysterious Proto Man, who is Mega Man's brother, and the introduction of Mega Man's canine companion Rush. The story also emphasizes the relationship between Dr. Wily and Dr. Light. 

Furthermore, it is the first game in the franchise to add new features, such as the slide move. This maneuver allows players to slide under enemy attacks and easily pass through low-level enemy barriers. Mega Man's 3 greatest highlights are its memorable boss battles, like those with the fan-favorite Snake Man and the challenging Yellow Devil. 

3. Mega Man Legends (1997)

(PS) Mega Man Legends - Trailer

Mega Man Legends was the first title in the Mega Man Legends subseries to ditch the traditional 2D side-scrolling gameplay. The game features a 3D world and action-adventure gameplay. You take control of Mega Man Volnutt, a character with a unique look and spiritual personality compared to previous iterations of the titular character. 

The Volnutt character is a digger of some sort who investigates ruins following a flooding catastrophe. While on a voyage, his ship crashes into an Island, and now he must fight the pirates thirsting for the treasures the Island holds. 

The game features an engaging story, interesting characters, and a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. Players will interact with familiar elements from Tomb Raider, such as climbing ledges and secure targeting. The primary way of traversal is on foot; however, your companion, Roll Caskett, can drive you to various destinations. 

2. Mega Man Battle Network 3 (2002)

Megaman Battle Network 3 trailer

Mega Man Battle Network 3 was a unique take on the Mega Man series, featuring a real-time, grid-based battle system and RPG mechanics. The game features an engaging story and memorable characters. Dr. Willy is attempting to revive Alpha, an internet prototype that went berserk after a malware attack. To access it, he needs to obtain the Tetracodes. The only thing standing between him and the codes is Lan Hikari and Mega Man.

Players alternate control of Lan Hikari, his NetNavi companion MegaMan.exe in battling viruses and other NetNavis in a futuristic world where the internet and technology have merged with everyday life. Objects such as kitchen appliances either have an internet connection or a computer. When Lan interacts with the objects, he can upload Megaman.exe onto the device. This shifts the player's perspective to Megamana.exe, allowing exploration of the digital world. 

The game also features an addictive gameplay loop of collecting chips to enhance MegaMan's abilities. The gameplay is similar to its predecessors, with a few visual improvements. Combat is heavily present due to the infestation of viruses. Much of the time you upload Megaman.exe into an object, you'll run into virus attacks while completing objectives. While these disruptions may become annoying, the combat is highly engaging. 

1. Mega Man 2 (1988)

Rockman 2 (Mega Man 2) Commercial (subs) [1988 FC]

Mega Man 2 is widely considered one of the best games in the franchise. It introduces several new features and improvements over the original game, such as the ability to select which stage to play first, a password system for saving progress, and an expanded selection of weapons to collect from defeated bosses. The game is the second best-selling, with over 1.51 million units sold.

Like its predecessor, players control Mega Man and work their way through eight levels. Dr. Will is the main antagonist and unleashes his robot creations against Mega Man. Each robot has a unique weapon that corresponds to its level. For instance, Wood Man, found in the forest-themed stage, can use leaves as a shield. 

Moreover, the robots are vulnerable to attacks from weapons by other bosses. Again, this gives you the leverage to clear through the levels quickly. 

And there you have it. The five best Mega Man games of all time. Are there other Mega Man we should include in the list? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials here. 

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