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10 Best Horror Games on Xbox Series X|S (2024)



Torchlight reveals scary creatures in a dimly-lit horror game scene

The best horror games are those that keep your heart pounding. They create genuine jump scares that you won't see coming or immerse you in a psychological horror romp that you won't forget long after the game is over. And if you enjoy horror games or are curious about the most terrifying horror games on the market right now, check out these best horror games on Xbox Series X|S to get you started.

10. The Quarry

The Quarry Announce Trailer

In The Quarry, the sun dips below the horizon on the last day of summer camp, leaving the teenage counselors of Hackett's Quarry alone to celebrate with a party, free from kids, adults, and rules. But their joy quickly turns to terror. The night unfolds into a harrowing tale of survival, as the teens are pursued by both enraged locals soaked in blood and a menacing presence far more terrifying. Here, each decision you make steers the story, affecting friendships and determining who makes it through the night.

Moreover, The Quarry delivers this gripping narrative in a visually stunning format, using advanced facial capture and lighting to immerse you in a cinematic horror adventure. You can even share the scares, choosing to play online with friends who help decide the fate of your characters, or gather on the couch for a cooperative experience, each person controlling the fate of a counselor. And for those who prefer to watch the horror unfold, the game offers a Movie Mode, allowing you to experience the story as if it were a film.

9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Launch Trailer

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game invites players into a thrilling chase of hide and seek, played from two very different sides. On one hand, you can be a member of the eerie Slaughter family, chasing down those who wander into your domain. Your job is to find them and make sure they can't escape. On the other hand, as a victim, you need to be smart and sneaky, looking for ways to free yourself from the clutches of the Slaughter family.

This horror adventure is inspired by the classic 1974 movie, bringing the terrifying Slaughter family to life. Whether you're trying to escape or hunting down your next target, this game tests your ability to think quickly and act even faster. It's a gripping experience, asking players, “Can you survive?” You'll need to use everything at your disposal, whether hiding and seeking tools as a victim or tracking down your prey as a member of the Slaughter family.


SOMA - Launch Trailer

SOMA stands out as a deep, psychological journey, set in a chilling underwater facility. It's unique in the horror genre, blending existential themes with a captivating narrative. Instead of relying on jump scares, this game builds dread through its story and setting. The gameplay focuses on exploration, puzzles, and avoiding danger, which lets players dive deep into its thought-provoking tale and mysterious world.

The game confronts players with questions about identity and humanity, all while isolated under the sea. This, combined with stunning visuals and immersive audio on the Xbox Series X/S, creates a profound horror experience. Overall, SOMA is a must-play for those who love to be challenged both mentally and emotionally.

7. Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 | Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Alan Wake 2 is a game about solving a mystery in a small town called Bright Falls, where FBI agent Saga Anderson comes to look into some scary murders. She finds parts of a horror story that start happening for real. Meanwhile, a writer named Alan Wake is trapped in a nightmare world, writing a story to try to change his scary situation and escape from a dark force chasing him. Anderson and Wake are in different places but somehow, their stories are connected. They both fight against a darkness that turns people into monsters, using light as their only weapon to keep safe and try to be heroes in a world full of danger.

In this game, you get to play as both Anderson and Wake, seeing their stories from different sides. You can explore the beautiful but spooky places of Cauldron Lake and Bright Falls, and you can also try to escape from a dark, scary city called the Dark Place. You have to fight against scary enemies with not many tools to help you, but light is your best friend. It helps you fight the darkness and stay safe. So, the game makes you think of creative ways to use light to beat the challenges and find out how Anderson and Wake's stories come together.

6. Amnesia: The Bunker

Amnesia: The Bunker - Launch Trailer

If you're looking for a heart-pounding adventure, Amnesia: The Bunker is your game. Picture this: you're alone in a dark with just one bullet in your gun. It's up to you to keep the lights on and find a way out, facing fears you never knew you had. The game is about survival, putting you in the shoes of Henri Clement, a soldier who has to use his revolver, a flashlight that makes noise, and whatever else he can find or make to stay alive. The scary part is that everything changes each time you play, and the dangers react to every noise and move you make. You have to be smart and careful, or face the consequences.

Here, escaping the nightmare is not straightforward. The game gives you a big area to explore, filled with puzzles and secrets about the other soldiers and a hidden terror. You have to look around, figure things out, and decide the best way to get past the horrors and out of the bunker. There's no single way to win, so every decision you make is important.

5. Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Official Gameplay Trailer

When Dead Space hit the stands in 2008, the floodgates opened to positive reviews from far and wide. Engaging. Tense. Fast-paced. This sci-fi survival horror managed to tick off all the boxes for a worthwhile horror game to play. Over a decade later, the graphics and mechanics have aged, but the core remains as enticing as ever. So, when the Dead Space Remake was announced, I had no doubt whatsoever that the developers would do justice to the original.

Dead Space Remake didn’t disappoint at all. It was just as fantastic, with a satisfying gunplay mechanic that unleashes terrifying body horror before your eyes. The technical changes are crystal clear, from the atmospheric and disturbing deep-space adventure to the minute details of the unnerving dark rooms and hallways. It’s so good that even if you played the original, you’d still feel engrossed in the story all over again.

Dead Space Remake perfectly understands horror, by instilling fear in your every move, yet never pushing you too far to want to stop playing. Despite the fright, you are still captivated enough to keep going. To some extent, the Dead Space Remake surpasses the original. Technically, the remake completely overhauls everything that’s outdated. Then, it takes a step further to curate a complex story and deliver it in a cohesive way, along with stunning visuals and satisfying dismemberment.

4. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 - Pre-Order trailer

Dead Space Remake perfectly demonstrates how to build an outdated game from scratch. However, Resident Evil 4 Remake brings it home, thanks to a faithful and true adaptation of the original plus extra improvements in so many ways. As a result, Resident Evil 4 Remake feels fresh, vibrant, and better than ever.

From the movement to the shooting to the story, everything packs an extra punch. It feels good to play. Each shot is visceral, and the story remains as captivating as ever. If you’re a fan of Resident Evil or simply love to blast off swarms of monsters, feel free to check out Resident Evil 4 Remake. You'll constantly run into nostalgic flashbacks while still enjoying a refined, action-packed, relentlessly exciting adventure.

3. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight - Xbox Series X|S Launch Trailer

Most old-school horror games began with a group of vacationers or unsuspecting friends doing something casual, such as a sleepover. Soon, they'd discover a deep, terrifying mystery about a serial killer, a ghost, or some other dangerous being who starts to pick off members of their group one by one until only one person remains to tell the tale.

Dead by Daylight is like that—a game of some of the most iconic killers in history against four survivors. The killer hunts down the survivors and kills them in the most gruesome ways. Survivors, on the other hand, use their wits and skills to try to survive through the night.

If you want to try asymmetrical multiplayer or one of the exciting killer personalities, like the one who can become invisible or the one with deadly paranormal abilities, Dead by Daylight is the game to play.

2. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation - Launch Trailer

Alien: Isolation tells the story of a mother lost in space. She sets forth to rescue other survivors trapped in space, only to become a survivor herself. Alien: Isolation combines stealth and survival gameplay elements to create the tensest moment in horror history. It’s similar to A Quiet Place, or any of Ridley Scott's electrifying horror films, particularly the original 1979 film. 

The aliens in Alien: Isolation are intelligent species. So, you need to master all your wits to get past them. Making even the slightest sound can lead to swarms of monsters raining hell on you. This creates a constant sense of dread and mortal danger that carries through the entire playthrough. It’s hard to imagine spending 15 to 20 hours here, but just like Dead Space Remake, it never breaks you enough to give up. Instead, you’ll find yourself gripped by the terror, which almost feels like an eternal horror experience.

Very few horror games have nailed the art and sound design perfect for horror games. In Alien: Isolation, it’s a surreal experience where all the atmospheric fog elements, the screeching orchestral violin, and futuristic computing technology blend together to create the most serene Alien universe to date.

1. A Plague Tale: Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem | Launch Trailer

The most terrifying horror games are still debatably story-driven. If you haven't seen A Plague Tale: Requiem yet, you should. Amicia and Hugo flee their devastated homeland in search of greener pastures. Hugo, unfortunately, carries a curse with him that, in a split second, can cause death and destruction in a sea of lethal rats. 

As you struggle to survive, you are forced to make difficult decisions, such as saving your beloved brother or yourself. The mechanics are improved over the previous entry, and the story, while fantastic, relentlessly tugs at the heartstrings. Nonetheless, the cerebral puzzles and stealth mechanics keep you on your toes throughout and constantly push you to see it through to the end.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of the best horror games on Xbox Series X|S in May 2023? Are there more horror games on the Xbox Series X/S we should know about? Do let us know over on our socials here.

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