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5 Best Sandbox Games on PlayStation Plus (April 2024)

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The bright horizon in open-world sandbox game Tchia.

The landscape for open-world sandbox games is thriving with new titles to enjoy. That said, the genre of sandbox games, at their core, holds many of the same tenets of freedom and openness. This aspect makes these worlds feel vibrant and alive, where the player has a tangible effect on the world around them. This is wonderful, as it taps into a core sense of creativity within these titles. That said, here are our picks for the 5 Best Sandbox Games on PlayStation Plus.

5. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 -- Firestarter Trailer | PS4

Our explosive first entry on our list of the best sandbox games on PlayStation Plus is Just Cause 3. For fans of the open-world sandbox genre, this title offers bombastic explosions, a plethora of weapons, and a unique traversal system via the wingsuit. This wingsuit not only gives players great control of their flight patterns but also allows them to travel great distances with ease. Additionally, when this suit is paired with the grappling hook in-game, players are able to move fluidly and freely across the game's large map. This not only cuts down on dead time when traveling but makes traveling a blast to experience.

Along the way, players will oppose a ruthless dictator, all in the name of freedom. The game offers not only a phenomenal sandbox for players to explore but interesting ways to affect that sandbox as well. Through the game's tethering system, players can tether items to one another to create massive amounts of chaos. The game also incentivizes players to explore and complete tasks through its mission system. So, if you are a fan of open-world sandbox games, check out one of the best on PlayStation Plus in Just Cause 3.

4. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous - Launch Trailer | PS4

Now, we turn attention away from the somewhat more grounded Just Cause 3 to bring you Elite DangerousElite Dangerous is a massive sci-fi sandbox in which players can explore to their heart's content. In the game, players are tasked with going out and creating their own legend among the stars. This is done within a world that is filled to the brim with players. That said, there are many paths to success within Elite Dangerous. Players can see wars play out in real time while also concerning themselves with the trade routes and politics of different planets.

This is a player-driven narrative that is aided by the game's massively supportive community, which is wonderful. This game serves as a testament to what is possible when players are given the tools to control the macro and micro details of a game world. One of the greatest aspects that players can see played out on a grand scale is the unscripted nature of the game's world. Whether players look forward to participating in massive battles or want to carve out a market for themselves, the choice is theirs to make. In short, Elite Dangerous is one of the best sandbox games on PlayStation Plus.

3. Forager

Forager - Announce Trailer | PS4

Our next entry is taking quite a turn. Here, we have Forager. Despite its seemingly simplistic nature and art style, Forager gives players a ton of freedom when it comes to gameplay. In Forager, players can not only craft a multitude of items to help them along their journey but also explore the world around them. As they explore the resource-filled world, players can undertake many adventures. Perhaps the player wishes to become a merchant, selling off items in order to make their wealth. Or perhaps you wish to become a farmer and enjoy the fruits of your labor; either way, the choice is yours to make.

The game also features combat for the more adventurous player, ensuring that no matter your play style, there is always plenty to do in Forager. The game's more pixelated art style harkens back to classic adventure titles. Throughout the game, players will find puzzles to solve, enemies to fight, and dungeons to delve into. While this is a familiar formula, it is executed wonderfully here. For these reasons, Forager is one of the best sandbox games on PlayStation Plus.

2. Tchia

Tchia - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

We are staying somewhat in the same vein in terms of the open-ended nature of these games. Here, we have TchiaTchia is a brilliant game that involves several unique mechanics that make it feel both heartwarming and incredibly satisfying to play. One aspect of the game that cannot be understated is the immense beauty that is present within this title. The world is inspired heavily by the land of New Caledonia. This is something that is reflected in every aspect of the game. Players are able to not only feel the world around them fully in the game, but they can also experience the world with new eyes.

This is due to the soul-jumping mechanic. This mechanic allows the player to jump into the bodies of various animals around the island. This not only aids in traversal but allows the player to see each part of the world differently. Players can also build ships in order to traverse the waters within the game. This not only gives players more freedom for traversal but is a journey in and of itself. All around, Tchia is one of the best sandbox games on PlayStation Plus that is punctuated with some of the best music & open-ended gameplay present on this list.

1. Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Launch Trailer | PS4

We are wrapping up our list of the best sandbox games on PlayStation Plus with Dragon Quest Builders 2. The sequel to the massively popular Dragon Quest Builders had a lot of potential to live up to. That said, it managed to do this wonderfully, with several improvements over the first title. Featuring the stunning designs of Akira Toriyama, of Dragon Quest, Dragon Ball, and Chrono Trigger fame, the world of Dragon Quest Builders 2 feels vibrant and alive. Players are able to customize their characters and begin leaving their mark on the world rather quickly.

Along the way, players can craft the items needed to bid the people around them and survive. This is great, as it not only gives the player the incentive to care about the items they create but also rewards them for doing so. Throughout the lands of Dragon Quest Builders 2, players will encounter many charming characters to befriend, making the world feel all the more alive when exploring. To close, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is not only a phenomenal sequel but one of the best sandbox games on PlayStation Plus.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Sandbox Games on PlayStation Plus? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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