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5 Best Zombie Games on Nintendo Switch



Zombie games allow players to fight off hordes of the undead, either solo or with friends. This is great and will enable players to adapt to the situations around them. Typically, these games often have different zombie types to contend with. Again, this aspect is excellent for gameplay variety. So if you, like us, enjoy these titles, either for their gameplay or other elements. Please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Zombie Games on Nintendo Switch.

5. Dying Light 2

Starting off our list today, we begin with Dying Light 2. For those unaware, the Dying Light series is somewhat of a spiritual successor to the first Dead Island title. This game greatly embraces parkour elements and other fun movement mechanics in order to make it around the zombie-infested city. This is great and allows players to tackle running away from the horde in a number of ways. This never ceases to be heartstopping as you gain more enemies on your tail. The melee combat in the game is also really adaptable, with players being able to make makeshift weaponry.

This is great and really sells the whole survival fantasy aspect of the game. The AI for the zombies is also rather intelligent, meaning they will smoke you out of hiding places if you aren't careful. The game also incorporated a day/night cycle to great effect. Simply put, when it gets dark in Dying Light 2, you simply do not want to be found wandering. The horde becomes more alert and fierce at night, increasing the risk for your rewards. All in all, Dying Light 2 is one of the best zombie games available on Nintendo Switch.

4. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

The Zombie Army series has always strived to bring players the most heart-pounding zombie survival experience possible. Players will be able to contend with hordes of the undead in a whole new way in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The game features fantastic weapon mechanics from the makers of the Sniper Elite series. This game has a gameplay loop that some will find absolutely addicting. In addition, the campaign for the game is made for up to four players so that many friends can join in on the fun. This is great and really aids the overall gameplay as well.

A notable aspect of the game that players will quickly discover is the usage of an X-Ray camera. This is a popular feature ported over from the Sniper Elite series. This never ceases to be fun to watch. No matter how many times you do it, which is fantastic. That is hardly the only thing this game has to offer, though, as the game features a robust progression system for its weapons and skills, which will keep the player busy for quite some time. For these reasons and more, we consider this game one of the best zombie games on Nintendo Switch.

3. Resident Evil Series

With so many stellar choices to choose from within the Resident Evil franchise. It can be hard to choose. So today, we will take a bit of the easy route and seek to highlight what makes the Resident Evil series as a whole fantastic. Well, to begin with, this game series has had a lot of influence not only on zombie games but survival horror games as a whole. Each of the games in the series manages to bring its own flavor to the table, which is sure to satisfy the player.

Whether you are someone who is a fan of the earlier games in the series. Which had a more emphasized sense of horror. O you are someone who enjoys the refined mechanics and survival elements of later games, this series has something for everyone. Added to this, the ability to take all of these games with you is fantastic, as there are few feelings better than mowing your way through hordes of zombies on the way to work and so on. To close, the Resident Evil series has so many great titles to choose from that any of them could be considered one of the best zombie games on Nintendo Switch.

2. World War Z

Now for our next entry of great zombie games to play on Nintendo Switch, we have World War Z. This game does a great job of defying expectations to make a really competent zombie survival game. Players will be up against hordes of enemies, with only their guns and their wits to get by. The game has a robust cooperative element, which is great for playing with friends. The zombies are responsive and rather capable of tracking you down even in more spread-out environments.

This game is also unique in the fact that it is a third-person game. This gives the player a sense of scale as they go about and find themselves up against a mass of zombies. This goes a long way toward making the player feel overwhelmed by the horde. For all of those gorehounds out there, the game has a rather sophisticated gore system that is sure to whet your appetites. And for PvP fans, this game also has you covered. So if you are looking for zombie games on the Nintendo Switch that offer variety, then World War Z has you covered.

1. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season5 Emotional Video Games of 2022

Starting off our final entry of stellar zombie games for the Nintendo Switch, we have The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season. This game allows players to experience a harrowing story, all the while fighting off zombies. This is great, and players who love The Walking Dead are sure to love this game. This game takes a nontraditional approach to its storytelling and manages to hit home in ways many games simply cannot. This is a testament to not only how strong the character writing in the game is. But also shows how the gameplay makes you connect with these characters.

So if you are someone who wants to get into zombie games on the Nintendo Switch but you don't want to be bogged down by a lot of game mechanics. The Walking Dead is a great title for you as it tells its story in a way that is concise and enjoyable. For these reasons, as well as many others, we consider The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season one of the best zombie games available on the Nintendo Switch.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Zombie Games on Nintendo Switch? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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