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10 Best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass (July 2024)

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A fierce battle scene from an RPG on Xbox Game Pass

Role-Playing Games offer a fun and exciting way to jump into amazing stories and unique characters. They're all about getting lost in a different world, going on adventures, and becoming part of a story. If you love RPGs, then Xbox Game Pass is a dream come true. It has a huge collection of games, each with its own world to explore, characters to meet, and adventures to have. But with so many games, picking one can be tricky. We've made a list of the ten best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass.

10. Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars - Launch Trailer

Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG inspired by classic games. It follows two Children of the Solstice who must combine sun and moon powers to use Eclipse Magic, the only way to stop the evil alchemist, The Fleshmancer. The game updates classic RPG elements with modern touches, offering turn-based combat, a rich story, and exploration. Additionally, combat features multi-character attacks, boosting, and a locks system to counter enemy attacks. Furthermore, the game has no random encounters or separate battlefields, which makes it smooth and immersive. Players can swim, climb, jump, and explore freely, breaking away from traditional grid movement. Moreover, the story includes many unique characters and themes of adventure and friendship, with lots of surprises.

9. Octopath Traveler 2

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II - Xbox & Windows Launch Trailer

Octopath Traveler 2 is set in the vibrant land of Solistia, which is split into eastern and western continents. This era is marked by bustling sea routes navigated by large vessels and the rise of new steam-powered technologies. Amidst this progress, some people celebrate the glamorous stars of the stage and industry, while others suffer from war, plague, and poverty. The game begins with players choosing one of eight travelers, each with their own unique background and motivation. These travelers have special Path Actions they can use to interact with townspeople, obtain items, and enlist companions. Here, players can explore every corner of the world by sailing the seas or using canoes to cross rivers.

8. Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper - Xbox Game Pass Launch Trailer

In Citizen Sleeper, you are a Sleeper, a digitized human consciousness in an artificial body, trying to escape a corporation that sees you merely as property. Set on Erlin’s Eye, a ruined space station on the fringe of an interstellar capitalist society, your goal is to survive and navigate this complex world. The game employs dice, clocks, and drives, and provides a flexible and player-driven experience. Each cycle, you roll dice to determine your actions, deciding whether to form alliances, uncover truths, or perform various tasks to earn your keep. You interact with a diverse cast of characters, including salvagers, engineers, hackers, and street-food vendors, each with their own backstories and agendas. All these make it one of the best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass.

7. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise - Launch Trailer

Next in line is Tales of Arise, a game where players dive into a gripping story of liberation after 300 years of oppression. The journey begins with Alphen, a masked warrior who has lost his memories, and Shionne, a mysterious girl untouchable by others. Together, they aim to overthrow their oppressors wielding the powerful Blazing Sword. The game immerses players in the vibrant world of Dahna, where natural environments change with the time of day. The story explores the divided lives of the Renan and Dahnan people, focusing on the growth and hardships of Alphen, Shionne, and their unique group of friends.

6. Lies of P

Lies of P - Official Launch Trailer

Remember the classic tale of Pinocchio? Lies of P takes that story and gives it a dark, thrilling twist set in the Belle Epoque era. You play as a puppet created by Geppetto, waking up to a mysterious voice guiding you through the plagued city of Krat. This city, once lively, is now overrun by madness and bloodlust. As you navigate this dangerous world, you'll face unimaginable monsters and deceitful figures, unraveling the dark secrets of the city's elites. Your journey involves adapting to confront these horrors, using dynamic weapon combinations and Legion Arms for combat. A unique feature of the game is the moral choices you'll encounter: you can choose to lie, providing comfort in sorrow, or tell the truth, which impacts your path significantly.

5. Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders

Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders Release Trailer

Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders is an action-adventure RPG that blends base-building with open-world exploration. Players take on the role of the legendary Robin Hood, who fights against the oppressive Sheriff of Nottingham. Initially, you start by building a small forest camp. Over time, this camp grows into a thriving village as you recruit peasants, rebels, and even some citizens from Nottingham to join your cause. In addition to fighting and hunting, you'll craft items and steal resources to help your settlement prosper.

4. My Time at Portia

My Time At Portia - Launch Trailer

My Time at Portia invites players to start a new life in the charming town of Portia, where they will restore their Pa's old workshop. Using your Pa's handbook and workbench, you gather, mine, and craft resources to become the top workshop in town. You will also grow crops and raise animals, using clever farming techniques like planter boxes and semi-automatic irrigation systems. The town is full of lively characters with their own routines and stories. Additionally, this game offers exploration and combat, with ancient ruins and dungeons filled with treasures and dangerous monsters.

3. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen - Official Launch Trailer

Lords of the Fallen offers an epic RPG adventure set in a vast, medieval dark fantasy world. Players step into the role of a Dark Crusader on a quest to overthrow the demon god Adyr. The game features a world five times larger than its predecessor, filled with both the living and the dead realms. Notably, players must master fast, fluid, and tactical combat, using hundreds of brutal weapons or devastating arcane magic. Furthermore, the game challenges players with colossal boss battles and thrilling character encounters. Additionally, it provides an online multiplayer mode where players can team up for co-op adventures or face invasions from other realms.

2. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes | Launch Trailer

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes revitalizes the classic JRPG experience with a modern touch. In this game, players lead over 100 unique characters through a war-torn world. The story is set in Allraan, a land shaped by various cultures and values. Humans, beastmen, elves, and desert people have all influenced its history through their alliances and conflicts. The powerful Galdean Empire has discovered a technology that enhances the magic of rune-lenses. They seek to dominate the continent by finding an artifact to further amplify their power. During an expedition, Seign Kesling, a gifted imperial officer, meets Nowa, a boy from a remote village, and they become friends. However, fate soon thrusts them into the chaos of war, making them question their beliefs.

1. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn | No Rest 'Til Dawn Trailer

Wrapping up, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is an exciting RPG where players step into the role of Nor Vanek, a skilled member of the Coalition army. Nor is joined by Enki, a magical fox-like companion. Together, they fight against vengeful Gods and their undead armies. The combat in the game mixes melee, gunpowder, and magic in fast-paced, explosive battles. Here, players can use vertical attacks and quick recoveries to gain an advantage. They will explore the ravaged lands of Kian, using Enki's magic and portals to travel through the skies and face undead enemies. The main goal is to close the Door to the Great Below, defeat the Gods, and save the world.

So, what do you think of our RPG picks on Xbox Game Pass? Are there any other titles you think deserve a spot? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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