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5 Best Stealth Games on Nintendo Switch

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Stealth games challenge players to evade enemies as sneakily as possible. This task is certainly easier said than done. But it is this difficulty and sense of satisfaction that keeps players returning to these titles. While they may vary in the flavor that they bring to the genre, these games each have a few core concepts that all bind them together. So if you, like us, enjoy stealth games. Please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Stealth Games on Switch (2023)

5. Never Stop Sneakin'

For fans of more arcadey-style stealth games, we have Never Stop Sneakin'. This title, which takes a ton of influence while also parodying the Metal Gear series, is excellent. Easy to pick up and understand and intuitive in its design, this is a great stealth game for beginners. While the plot of the game isn't anything revolutionary, which is to be expected from a parody title, what is on offer here is certainly serviceable. This is great, as the game doesn't necessarily get bogged down in its narrative, allowing the stealth gameplay to speak for itself.

The game offers players a multitude of different ways to play, as well as any characters to play. Additionally, players are encouraged to unlock these playable characters by playing through the game itself. The game also boasts a dynamic infiltration system, which essentially means that no two runs of the same mission are exactly the same. This goes a long way in helping the game have more of a sense of longevity. While it certainly doesn't reinvent the wheel, Never Stop Sneakin is one of the most fantastic Nintendo Switch stealth games.

4. Little Nightmares

Next up, we have a title with a beautifully unique art style that also has a tinge of creepiness to it. Little Nightmares, while primarily being a puzzle platformer, features many stealth elements, as you care about constantly being chased and having to evade capture. This leads the player to engage with a number of tactics in order to keep themselves safe. Again, this is great and really helps the game feel really immersive.

As far as the stealth gameplay goes, there are many enemies throughout the game that players will have to evade in order to progress. Set in what some have described as a twisted dollhouse, this game has an intrinsic creepiness to it that really adds to the game's tension. Along the way, there are plenty of secrets for the player to discover, just off of the beaten path. This encouragement of exploration is great for the game. All in all, while some players might not think about it, stealth is at the forefront of Little Nightmares. This makes it one of the excellent Nintendo Switch stealth games.

3. Untitled Goose Game

For our next entry, we have a title that, from the outset, looks ridiculous. Untitled Goose Game is a game in which players must play as a goose and frustrate villagers to the utmost degree. This sees them using stealth in a number of ways to ensure to cause as much chaos as possible. Surprisingly, there is quite a decent amount of depth within this title, despite its comical nature. Players will be able to ransack quite a few shops and houses, all in an effort to prank people, which is hilarious but also exceedingly fun.

However, the game mechanically is excellent and sound. This is great and creates quite an interesting juxtaposition for the player. The game even features a cooperative mode for players who wish to let their friends in on the fowl flappy fun. This is great and includes free with the base game. This is really consumer-friendly and helps the game have that much more to offer players. So to close, Untitled Goose Game is, perhaps deceptively so, one of the best stealth games on Nintendo Switch.

2. Aragami

Switching things up considerably, we have Aragami. This is one of the stealth games for the Nintendo Switch, with the strongest sense of aesthetic and style. This third-person stealth game sees players going through its levels and defeating various enemies as they progress. In addition, the game does a fantastic job of incorporating shadows within its gameplay, which is great and reminiscent of older stealth games. However, there are quite a few different ways to play Aragami, which really add to the experience.

Players can choose to be as straightforward and brazen or stealthy and silent as possible. Both of these playstyles are viable e in the game and offer their own sense of freedom and fun to the player. Additionally, there are shadow powers that the player can use to great effect. This is wonderful and manages to vary the gameplay even more, which is always great for the overall player experience. So if you haven't heard about it or haven't played it in quite some time. Then now is a great time to play Aramgami,  as it is one of the best Nintendo Switch stealth games currently on the market.

1. Hitman 3

For our final entry, we have a game that is from an exceedingly popular stealth franchise. Hitman 3 does a great job of not only living up to its predecessors but exceeding them with its approach to tactical freedom. Players are able to engage in stealth gameplay in a number of different ways that feel unique to the player. For example, if you want to poison your foes, you can do so. Or maybe you want to take a more long-range approach, well then that is also viable. Simply put, this game can be described as a stealth playground. Players are given leveling in which to explore and create, and they will assassinate targets in any way they wish.

If you haven't played a Hitman title before, however, don't worry. As the game does a great job of instructing the player how to play and then lets them loose in the virtual world. So if you, like us, enjoy stealth games, then this little one is a must-play for Nintendo Switch owners. Its combination of tactical freedom, alongside its dense environments and stellar stealth gameplay, make it well worth the time put into it.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Stealth Games on Switch (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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