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Best FPS Games on Oculus Quest (2024)

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Robo Recall: Unplugged cover image in Best FPS Games on Oculus Quest

FPS games on Oculus Quest can be pretty immersive. Imagine clutching onto your gun, reloading, and crouching behind cover to evade enemy fire. Because of how engaging FPS games are, they’re perfect when combined with virtual reality technology. You truly can put yourself in a combatant’s shoes, feeling every shot fired and quickly diving away from incoming attacks. Among all the FPS games on Oculus Quest, here are the best FPS games on Oculus Quest you want to check out today.

10. Drop Dead: Dual Strike

Oculus Quest Game Review - Drop Dead Dual Strike

The immersive arcade zombie shooter Drop Dead: Dual Strike has VR fans in a chokehold, thanks to smooth gunplay and precise shooting. You wield two weapons at the same time and hack and slash into hordes of zombies throughout your campaign. And when credits roll, you’re free to jump into an additional ‘horde mode,’ which lets you go wild hacking as many zombie brains as you please.

9. The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade | Launch Trailer | Meta Quest 2

Alternatively, consider the arcade-style roguelike VR shooter, The Light Brigade, donning lots of color and plants. It dabbles in fantasy, thrusting you into lush, chromatic wilderness. However, it also adds a touch of World War II themes, culminating in a thrilling action run with immersive light magic. Many critics give a thumbs up to The Light Brigade’s realistic gunplay, unique classes, and overall engaging campaign, making it a must-add to your FPS Oculus Quest games list. 

8. Gun Raiders

Gun Raiders - 2022 Trailer

Free-to-play Gun Raiders offers lots of fun mowing down enemies across various game modes, including battle royale. Weapon handling is quite impressive, alongside unleashing ‘punchy’ shots. You can return to Gun Raiders over and over, thanks to an addicting killing spree. Factor in your jetpack, and you get the chance to enjoy the flying mechanic in VR, flipping on enemies when they least expect it.  

7. Sniper Elite 

Sniper Elite VR – Release Date Trailer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platforms

In Sniper Elite, you can test your sniping skills as an elite sniper in the Italian resistance. Every skill you imagine a sniper needs is well translated here, from stealth mechanics to stellar marksmanship. While Sniper Elite is significantly toned down from its flat-screen counterpart, you still enjoy a whopping selection of World War II weapons and engage in fantastic arcade-style combat. 

6. Superhot 

Superhot needs no introduction, having ranked among the best VR shooting experiences for a while. You use your own body to inflict damage, whether shooting, slashing at enemies, or dodging incoming attacks, which come in hurricanes. It’s still a heck of a blast to play even today, with dominating intensity and time-bending mechanics. It truly casts you into your very own action movie, where surviving at all costs solely relies on pure instinct and quick reflexes.

5. Ghosts of Tabor

Ghosts of Tabor l Cinematic Launch Trailer l Meta Quest Platform

Few FPS games are extraction-based, complete with the hardcore skills you need to survive and resource management to get you through to the finish line. So, having Ghosts of Tabor be a part of your FPS VR entourage makes absolute sense, if only to test your wits and push your survival skills to the limits. Fans of Escape from Tarkov will love Ghosts of Tabor. However, anyone looking to open up gameplay from shooting to scavenging, looting, and crafting mechanics will enjoy it.

4. Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest

While at it, check out Arizona Sunshine, a zombie survival FPS built exclusively for VR. As a mind-bending zombie apocalypse rages on, you’re thrown into a sea of gore-ridden ambushes, most accurate explosive sound effects, and hugely satisfying gunplay. With precise aiming and visually impressive sights, your job is to scamper to safety as cleverly and as efficiently as you can.  

3. Boneworks

BONELAB - Teaser | Meta Quest + Rift Platforms

Take it up a notch with friends in Boneworks’ gunfights. This FPS shooter also uses your physical body to navigate its environment. You’ll directly manipulate objects around you and even respond to obstacles in the game’s world. This also means that you can pick up objects in the environment, including weapons and tools, to fight across varying scenarios and architecture. 

You can break crates into pieces and proceed to pick up every splinter. You can even use objects in your hand to move things. Boneworks actually manages to depict a world you can feel and manipulate. The result is a thrilling experience you’ll have no problem sinking hours into. Doubtlessly, the best physics the virtual reality space has seen so far is pushing VR to new heights.

2. Onward

Onward | Gaming Showcase Trailer - Update 1.11 | Meta Quest

Onward, also a solo, co-op, and multiplayer FPS shooter, takes you on various intense battles, featuring realistic guns and immersive combat mechanics. You’ll need to constantly communicate and coordinate your actions with your team to succeed. The game mimics military combat in every way, finding the soft spot between strategy and skill. 

It’s nowhere near easy, with quite challenging scenarios to overcome. In essence, you take on simulated military battles, complete with realistic gunplay and combat mechanics. With its slow-paced tactical shooting, though, you never feel stretched too thin. It’s surprising Onward is still in Early Access. While likely in its final stages, it makes you wonder how fleshed out the final outcome will be.

1. Robo Recall: Unplugged

Robo Recall Trailer

Lastly, consider Robo Recall: Unplugged, an action-packed FPS packed to the brim with unique combat mechanics. It accurately captures an authentic feel for guns and thrusts you into a bullet hell storm. Despite its hardcore theme, you do sneak a couple of laughs here and there, thanks to a comical story and action. It’s clear fun is the main goal, with the game rewarding you for shooting robots mid-air. 

They ask you “why” as you blast them off into space—just pure chuckle-worthy moments that induce the lighthearted nature we’ve come to love from Robo Recall. And for gamers wary of motion sickness, Robo Recall: Unplugged tones it down to the bare minimum, with only a few sections that feel disorienting.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best FPS games on Oculus Quest? Are there more FPS games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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