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5 Best Horror Games on PlayStation Plus (November 2023)

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Every gamer loves a good scare, right? That heart-racing feeling when you play a spooky game is unmatched. PlayStation Plus is a great place for these chills and thrills, boasting some of the coolest horror games out there. But with so many games, it's hard to pick the best ones. Don't worry; we're here to help! Let’s dive in and see the five best horror games on PS Plus that you'll definitely want to play.

5. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

Back 4 Blood is a heart-pounding game where you team up with friends to fight through a world overrun by scary creatures called the Ridden. These monsters used to be people, but now they're out to wipe out humanity. You and your team have to band together to beat these creatures and save the day. The game's story takes you on wild missions that get tougher and tougher, so you all need to work closely and play smart to survive. In the game, you get to pick from one of eight Cleaners — the heroes who are fighting back against the Ridden. Each Cleaner has special skills and their own story. You also get a bunch of cool weapons and gear to help you out.

As the game goes on, the Ridden get trickier and come at you in new ways, which means you and your friends will always have to be on your toes and ready to change up your plan. And when you're feeling competitive, you can play against other people online. You can choose to be a Cleaner or even play as one of the Ridden. Both sides have different weapons and powers, which makes playing against your friends really fun and a bit of a brain game.

4. Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Resident Evil 7 biohazard - E3 2016 TAPE-1 "Desolation" Trailer | PS4

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is a thrilling horror game on PlayStation Plus that brings you face-to-face with terror. You play as Ethan Winters, a man searching for his wife in a creepy, old house. The game is shown from Ethan's viewpoint, making every creak and creepy doll feel like it's right there with you. The old house, called the Baker estate, is a character itself, full of secrets and dark corners where danger hides. The place feels alive and keeps you guessing with noises and movements in the dark. In this game, you'll need to find things around the house to help you survive, like bullets or health potions, and decide carefully how to use them.

Furthermore, fights in the game are intense. You won't find a lot of weapons or ammo, so when you face enemies, you need to be smart. Sometimes running and hiding is better than fighting. This makes the game feel more real, as you're not a superhero, just a regular person trying to survive. Also, the story of Resident Evil 7 biohazard is full of surprises and will keep you hooked until the end. It's a game that's more about the scary journey than just the finish line.

3. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4

In Outlast 2, players step into the shoes of Blake Langermann, a cameraman who alongside his wife Lynn, is on a mission to uncover the mystery behind a murder. They find themselves in Temple Gate, a hidden town in the Arizona desert where a group led by Sullivan Knoth has set up their own rules and beliefs. The place is creepy, and Knoth's group is getting ready for what they think is the end of the world. This game is a new trip into a dark world that's full of secrets. It's different from the first Outlast because it's not just set in one building but in a whole area that's open and filled with danger.

Moreover, the people in Temple Gate are scary because they're unpredictable. You have to sneak around, trying not to get caught, and it feels like someone is always after you. The game makes you feel nervous because you never feel safe; you're always on edge, guessing who might be a friend and who's an enemy. But what makes Outlast 2 stand out on PlayStation Plus is the way it tells its story. It doesn't just throw everything at you at once. Instead, it gives you little pieces of the puzzle as you go, making you want to know more but also making you feel lost.

2. Observer: System Redux

Observer System Redux - Launch Trailer | PS4

Observer: System Redux carves its place among the best horror games available on PlayStation Plus, offering a gripping story in a future that's pretty bleak. You get to play as Daniel Lazarski, a detective with the ability to hack into people's minds. It's a dark job in a dark time, where you're diving into the scary corners of what people are thinking to figure out the mysteries you're up against. And it’s not just anyone’s thoughts – you enter the minds of the dying to chase down leads and piece together what happened. It's eerie, and as you go deeper, things can start to feel a bit too real.

The world in Observer: System Redux is tough and worn down. War and a terrible digital disease called the Nanophage have done a number on society, and people are looking for any escape they can find, whether through virtual reality or drugs. The game does an amazing job of making you feel like you're really walking through this rundown, high-tech city, where the line between what's real and what's not gets blurry. So, if you are looking for a horror game on PS Plus, this game is a must-try.

1. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 – “Survive” Gameplay Trailer | PS4

The Evil Within 2 is a standout title on PlayStation Plus and a shining example of what horror games can be. It's a story about Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who dives into a nightmarish world to find his daughter, Lily. But this world, called STEM, is a place of pure horror, where danger hides around every corner. Sebastian's journey is more than a rescue mission; it's a chance for him to make things right. This game is a mix of tense moments and smart gameplay. You can set traps for monsters, hide in the shadows, or fight off enemies with the few bullets you have.

But the real thrill of The Evil Within 2 is how it makes you feel like you're right there in the horror. The places you explore are full of surprises, with enemies that are as scary as they are mysterious. Opening a door or walking down a path can be risky, and the game does a great job at making these moments feel really intense. Also, surviving in this game is tough. You have to be careful with your supplies, like bullets, and think twice before you decide to take on the monsters or run away.

So, do you agree with our top pick? Are there any other titles you'd recommend as the best horror games on PlayStation Plus? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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