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5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass (2024)

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In 2024, there are plenty of fantastic free-to-play titles to choose from. Among these titles are titles on Xbox Game Pass. The service not only allows players to enjoy a number of different titles for one fee but also allows players to experience a wide array of games. In doing so, there is a variety of experiences to have here. So today, we hope to highlight some of the best titles you can enjoy without the worry of a set cost. That said, here are our picks for the 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass.

5. Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 2 - Myths & Mortals | Launch Trailer

Our first entry on our list of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass is Fortnite. There are few titles in the history of battle royale titles that have reached the heights Fortnite has. In many ways, this game has become much more than a battle royale title but a platform for players to create their own content. This is made possible through the game's ability to be molded into whatever the player wishes, with the core game as a base. At its core, this battle royale title brings with it some of the best gunplay mechanics and customizability on the market.

Players are able to tweak their weapons, utilize different playstyles, and indulge in different game modes. Each of these experiences, in their own way, has shaped Fortnite into the iconic title that it is. The simplicity of the game's visuals also ensures that the game can be made to adapt to changing tastes within its player base as well, as we have seen with the revitalization of the game's classic maps. All around, Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the best free-to-play titles on Xbox Game Pass.

4. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 | Season 9: Champions | Official Trailer

We are continuing right along with our list with our next entry. Despite arguably a rocky launch, Overwatch 2 has persisted in becoming one of the premier FPS experiences on Xbox Game Pass. The game features a classic 5v5 hero shooter format, making it familiar to both those who have played Overwatch and newcomers alike. In addition to this, the game's roster of characters is varied, with each bringing their own specialty to the table. Players will need to work alongside one another to accomplish their objectives in the game.

The game has been streamlined to the point where players are able to tailor the experience they will have completely. This is wonderful, as it allows players of all skill ranges to enjoy the game wholeheartedly. In addition to this, the solidity of the game's core mechanics manages to shine through, even with the implementation of new game modes and heroes. All around, Overwatch 2 brings with it some of the best gameplay you can receive from a free-to-play title on Xbox Game Pass.

3. Halo Infinite

Season 5: Reckoning Trailer | Halo Infinite

Our next entry is one that, in many ways, also followed the same trajectory as Overwatch 2. Despite its lack of content upon its initial release, the developers behind Halo Infinite have done their due diligence to make it one of the premier FPS titles on the market. Players can expect not only a plethora of unique and fun game modes, but a tried-and-true Ranked experience that has been fleshed-out wonderfully. The game's core mechanics are polished and responsive, which makes the game incredibly rewarding.

Couple this with the solid foundations laid forth by its predecessors in the Halo franchise, and you have a recipe for success. What makes the game stand out in many ways is the sheer number of different experiences you can have within it. Players are able to choose from a wide array of casual and competitive modes, which is fantastic to see. This ensures that no matter how you play, you are represented within the game's offerings. In short, Halo Infinite is one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass.

2. Hawked

Launch Trailer | HAWKED

Our next entry is Hawked. The most recently released title on this list, this game features a fantastic extraction shooter base. Players can expect a fast-paced gameplay style in a chaotic world. The game blends together PvE and PvP elements to great benefit. This, especially when coupled with the game's interesting art style, makes the game stand out. Players are able to squad up alongside many other players in an all-out battle for map supremacy. Along the way, the environments and challenges players will face start to change.

This not only ensures that the gameplay experience will be somewhat different every time. But it also grants the player more tactical options. Adapting to one's environment is one of the best ways to get ahead in the game. As far as traversal around the game's vibrant map goes, players have access to hoverboards, which makes traversing open areas a breeze. In conclusion, if you are looking for one of the best free-to-play Xbox Game Pass games, give Hawked a try.

1. The Finals

THE FINALS | Season 2 | Trailer

We are closing out our list today with an absolutely bombastic entry. Here, we have The Finals. Created by former Battlefield developers, this battle royale title brings with it fantastic destruction mechanics. Every aspect of the game's gorgeous maps can be torn asunder by a number of explosives. This not only gives the player more tactical freedom when approaching gunfights but is simply fantastic from a visual standpoint. This makes every second of the game's tense matches stand out all the more. In addition to this, the game has a variety of game modes and weapons to choose from.

Each of these game modes and weapons, in their own way, manages to shape the player's experience. The game features a highly replayable nature, which allows players to play round after round without getting bored. This is due not only to the ever-changing nature of the game's matches but also the solidity of the game's core design philosophies. Additionally, the game's free-to-play model ensures that there is no barrier to entry. For these reasons and more, The Finals is one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass.

So, what's your take on our picks for 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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