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5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass (October 2023)

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Free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass offer players tons of hours of enjoyment, for free. This is great, as it gives players a chance to play these games without much risk. In addition to this, free-to-play games often have a great amount of variety between them, meaning there is more often than not, a title for everyone. That said, some of these titles are certainly more fleshed out than others. To highlight the best today, here we have the 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass.

5. My Hero Ultra Rumble

We begin today's list of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass with our most recently released entry. My Hero Ultra Rumble is a game that surrounds the manga/anime universe of My Hero Academia. This allows players to play as their favorite My Hero characters when facing each other in tense 3v3 matches. There is a class system within the game, and its simplicity makes it really easy to jump into for new players. In addition to this, the game features great animations which perfectly encapsulate the moves they are based on.

This is great, as it not only gives the player a great sense of immersion. But these animations also add a great amount of flair to the gameplay, which is great. There is also quite a bit of strategy involved in the game as well. This can be seen in the fact that players will have to control certain areas of the map, as there are many power-ups and resources to be used. There is also a great sense of progression as players unlock characters. All around, My Hero Ultra Rumble is one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass.


For our next entry of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass, here we have SMITESMITE is a MOBA that allows players to play as many gods and goddesses from a variety of pantheons around the world. This is great, as it gives the characters within the game a great amount of visual difference. In addition to this, this gives the game a great amount of room to experiment with character abilities, as well as how they interact with one another. The game has all of the staple game modes that players will have come to expect from a MOBA.

These include things such as a 5v5 mode in which players fight over a massive map. A smaller version of this is called Joust, which is 3v3, and finally, Arena mode. As the name would imply, this mode places players in an arena and has them duke it out. For players looking for a MOBA that is easy to understand and yet hard to master, this might be what you are looking for. In closing, SMITE is one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass.

3. DauntlessBest Dauntless Weapons

Switching things up quite a bit for our next entry, here we have DauntlessDauntless is not only one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass but also a fantastic action RPG in its own right. For players who enjoy games similar to the Monster Hunter franchise, this title is right up your alley. The game has a distinct art style, as well as a graphical style that gives it its own sense of flair as well, which is great. This, coupled with the game's fantastic combat system, gives players plenty of freedom of choice. This freedom of choice is at the core of what makes the game so great.

The monster designs, as well as the designs of their individual fights, are great. This ensures that players aren't likely to get bored with the game either, as there is always a new goal to be grinding towards. This makes it a great recommendation for players who enjoy that type of gameplay. Additionally, there is a variety of weapons in the game, that really add to the player's sense of class identity. In closing, Dauntless is one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass you can pick up today.

2. Enlisted

Changing things up considerably for our next entry, here we have EnlistedEnlisted is a game that is really unique in the experience it offers players. The game offers players a massively multiplayer tactical shooter experience. This is something that hasn't really been replicated, giving the game a distinct sense of identity. There is a class-based as well as squad-based gameplay system that also makes the game stand out. Players will fight it out over massive maps using a variety of weapons, vehicles, and more.

Set in World War II this title has a very familiar setting. This is great, as it allows the game to have its own take on a setting that players are quite familiar with. The game also takes place across multiple fronts of war, giving the game an astounding sense of variety. Additionally, visually the game is great, especially considering the scale of the game, it looks wonderful. There are also destructible elements of the game's world as well. All around, Enlisted is one of ht best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass.

1. Path of ExilePath Of Exile

Rounding out our list of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass, we have Path of Exile. This is an action RPG that we would be remiss not to mention. This is due to the amount of customization and progression that players can look forward to within this title. Much like the Diablo series, this title sees players maneuvering through various dungeons in order to get loot. Upon obtaining the loot, players are able to progress their characters. This sense of progression is at the heart of what makes Path of Exile so rewarding.

The game also has great animations corresponding with its attacks, making the gameplay really appealing. The game has been molded for players who are hardcore fans of the genre, as well. This gives them a distinct feel and flavor, which many players will find appealing. The player can customize their characters to a great degree, ensuring the players feel immersed within the game's world. So if you are in the market for one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass, check out Path of Exile.


So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass (October 2023)? What are some of your favorite Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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