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Best PC Games of 2022, Ranked

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Best PC Games of 2022

PC games are here to stay, especially now that the standards for both games and machines have gone up. Pair a high-quality designed game with a beast of a machine and you’ve got yourself an exclusive experience into the future of gaming. There are more games than we can count exclusively made for PC gamers. Some are AAA titles spanning more than decade-long franchises. 

Others recently hit our screens with vengeance, rising up like a phoenix from genres we thought extinct. While other indie titles have broken the airwaves, making their way into the mainstream like they were destined to be. But even with a horde of really great games this year, there are a few of the bunch more deserving than the rest. So hold on tight as we uncover the best PC games of 2022, ranked. 

5. Stray

Stray - Official Launch Trailer

Stray is the type to judge by its cover, casting it aside just on the basis of the premise. But if you happen to give it a shot, it’s the type to blow your mind. Who knew a stray cat could summon such intense feelings? Unlike most cyberpunks you’ve tried your hands on, Stray literally strays from the norm, thrusting you into a forlorn journey into the neon-lit alleys of a cyberpunk dystopian world and leaving you to fend for yourself. And as a cat, no less. 

If you’ve ever wanted to meow and scratch at things or take a nap for the sake of it, here’s your chance at it. It’s certainly an imaginative game to see the world through the eyes of a cat, solving puzzles along the way and uncovering the mysteries of the Walled City. However linear the journey is, it’s packed with tiny little moments that are mostly adorable and pretty heartfelt as you try to find your way home.

4. Neon White

NEON WHITE | Launch Trailer

A stray cat may not tickle your fancy, but perhaps an adrenaline-infused game might. Neon White is all about speed, except there are no racing cars. It’s up to how fast you shoot demons in heaven, steal their kinetic energy, and move from point A to point B ahead of the competition. Every millisecond counts, and a simple misstep could mean losing to some random online player.

It’s not all combat, though. Neon White incorporates an engaging story where you’re a white assassin in a white hat tasked with exterminating demons in heaven faster than other demon slayers for the chance to earn a spot in heaven. It reminds me of the series “The Good Place,” except this time you’re in the driver’s seat, figuring out your best chances at redemption. 

Perhaps the only thing that might be a dealbreaker for some is the overreliance on the early-2000s from the early 2000s. Still, from gunning down demons you may have seen in your past life to attempting the wildest acrobatic feats possible, Neon White comes through pretty well on its promise of delivering “lightning-fast” gameplay.

3. Scorn

Scorn - Launch Trailer

PC games span all types of genres you can think of. So if you’re a horror fan, Scorn might just be the best PC game for you. From the trailer to the actual game, H.R. Giger delivered one of the most realistic and dreadful graphics of a world built for the sole purpose of unleashing torment. 

It’s quite grand that if you’re easily nauseated, you might want to hop on to another entry. But for all purposes and intent, Scorn hits the mark on all things cosmic horror adventure, showcasing a single-mindedness for unleashing a dread fest. It’s alien, relentless, and unsettling throughout its roughly five-hour-long bio-mechanical world of mystery.

2. God of War

God of War - Features Trailer | PC

God of War is an action-adventure game with nine instalments so far, including the recently released God of War Ragnarok for PlayStation. But if you’d like to experience God of War’s Norse mythology on PC, you can do so on Steam with just about the same beautifully compelling graphics as on PlayStation. This is a world of gigantic characters with human-like stories. 

The story follows Kratos and his son, Atreus, with Kratos putting his vengeance years as God of Olympus behind him and navigating a new life as an older, reflective man in the Norse Gods' realm. But peace only lasts for a short time in this realm as trouble comes looking for him. He must once again be ready to fight off monsters, dragons, and gods to stay alive. He’s also trying to be a better person but how do you remain a good father figure in the midst of bloody combat?

With an impressively uncapped framerate, native 4K, and ultra-wide screen support, the power of the PC reignites a classic adventure in an untapped realm I hope to see more of on PC in the future.   You can enjoy this one as we wait for God of War Ragnorak to arrive on PC later next year.

1. Elden Ring

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal

Many became Elden Ring addicts immediately after its release, just because of how addictive, engaging, and great it is. From the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Elden Ring finally made its way to the masses, immediately accumulating a worldwide community of avid followers. Gamers are free to explore the finely detailed open world of The Lands Between, sinking into hours of non-linear gameplay that further enhances replayability. The challenging, Souls-like combat from Dark Souls is also incorporated here with the mission to reassemble the titular ring.

And with the overwhelming community of online players, it’s pretty fun and easy to get co-op help or team up with others to take down tough bosses spread out around the map. There’s a good reason Elden Ring seems to be the one game most raved about this year. It features one of the largest, most comprehensive open worlds that encourages you to explore it for fun, even if to look for the caves or secrets you might have missed or explore the numerous class builds available.


And there you have it, the best PC games of 2022, ranked. Are there more PC games we should know about? Let us know down in the comments below or over on our socials here.

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