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5 Best RTS Games on PlayStation Plus (November 2023)

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For many players, the real-time strategy genre offers an in-depth world of tactical options. This is great, as it not only brings players closer to the world and characters than ever before but also does so in a way that feels meaningful. This is wonderful as it builds a connection with the world for the characters to shape in their own way. These games often greatly reward the player for the amount of forethought and effort put forth in these titles. That said, here are our picks for the 5 Best RTS Games on PlayStation Plus. 

5. Desperados III

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We begin today's list of the best RTS games available on PlayStation Plus with Desperados III. For fans of the RTS genre, this game features a beautiful blend of both stealth mechanics and the in-depth tactical nature that games like this can offer. Couple this with the game's unique aesthetic style. And you have a title that manages to stand out among its genre.
This is due in no small part to the phenomenal gameplay present within the game, as well as its many characters.

This is only one of the reasons why this game is so particular in the hearts of many players. Added to this, the world of the game is one that players can easily find themselves immersed in for a multitude of reasons. The playable characters in the game all have their own distinct charm. As well as fleshed-out histories to enjoy. This is wonderful, as it shows just how much this title can appeal to different audiences. In closing, Desperados III is one of the best RTS games on PlayStation Plus

4. Railway Empire

We are changing things up quite a bit with our next entry. Here, we have Railway Empire, which is an RTS game that is in the PlayStation Plus library that many players might not know about. The world of Railway Empire is one that is rooted in the Industrial Revolution, and as such, players are able to operate many of the locomotives from the time. Players will have to manage their routes, as well as the type of locomotives they are using, in order to succeed.

The strategy within this title comes in an exciting way. Players will be vying for business and profits within the game. This does a great job of giving the game a stiff sense of competition for players to enjoy. Couple this with the game's more rough and rugged art style, and you have a title that manages to stand out in both its aesthetics as well as its gameplay. Added to this, as one might expect from a game set around this era, there is a great emphasis on technology. This is something that is reflected in the many technologies that players can research and utilize in the game. All in all, if you are looking for one of the best RTS games on PlayStation Plus, check out Railway Empire

3. StellarisBest 4X Games on Xbox Series

We are switching gears considerably for our next entry. Here, we have Stellaris. For players who are looking for one of the finest Grand Strategy experiences on the market, look no further than this title. In Stellaris, players have an astounding amount of control over many elements of the game. Everything from trade routes to combat and many other aspects in between are at the player's disposal. This is great, as it gives the player a great sense of agency within the game, making for an overall more immersive experience.

Visually, this title is also absolutely stunning and manages to create worlds with an amazing sense of grounding to them, ultimately adding to the in-depth nature of the game. Additionally, the game's emphasis on player relationships and alliances makes it stand out, even among its genre. It is this in-depth level of gameplay that makes the game so appealing to those looking for an enriching experience. Simply put, if you are looking for one of the best RTS games on PlayStation Plus, make sure you check out Stellaris

2. XCOM 25 Best Tactical Role-playing Games of All Time, Ranked

We are following up on our last fantastic entry with another phenomenal title. For players who are well-versed in the RTS genre, there are few titles that have become as synonymous with it as XCOM 2. This title not only places great importance on the player's individual units. But manages to do so in a way that players will soon form close bonds with them, which is magnificent. This makes it so that every time you go into battle, you are well-invested. Both narratively as well as tactically. In terms of the tactical depth of the game. It simply has some of the best tactical combat on the market to date.

Couple this with the game's unique visual style, and you have a recipe for a title that stands out amongst its peers. Additionally, for players who enjoy a more adaptable experience. There are several ways to shape your experience, as well as the difficulty of the game. This makes it a malleable experience for players, new and old. If you are looking for one of the most feature-rich RTS games available today, make sure you check out XCOM 2, one of the best RTS games on PlayStation Plus

1. Frostpunk

We have decided to close out today's list of the best RTS games on PlayStation Plus with Frostpunk. Frostpunk, for those unaware, is an incredibly stylized RTS game with an emphasis on the social aspects of the genre. Players are able to command much power in this game. But they can also see how their power affects the society they control. This is great, as it places importance on the player's decisions in a way that can be seen and felt plainly throughout the game's runtime. Couple this with the game's survival mechanics. And a difficulty level that not only challenges the player. But it also rewards them for their correct decisions, greatly reinforcing their decisions.

Players are able to dictate their own laws, make their own industries, and control them to an impressive degree. This makes every choice within the game matter greatly to the player. Especially as they make their way through this beautifully stylized title, it should be noted that this emphasis on difficulty also makes players weigh their decisions carefully. This is due to the fact that they each have consequences. In closing, if you are looking for one of the best RTS games on PlayStation Plus. Then Frostpunk certainly lives up to expectations and, in many ways, surpasses them.

So, what's your take on our picks? Do you agree with our top five? What do you think are the best RTS games on PlayStation Plus? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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