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5 Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass

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Characters running through the forest on the top of trees in Sea of Stars.

The vast landscape of indie titles has been growing recently. This is wonderful, as it showcases many titles that the player might not have been aware of. The Xbox Game Pass is a great place to discover new titles to enjoy, especially indie titles. These titles not only have an inherent charm about them. But they often give the player an experience they won't soon forget. So, if you are interested in following any indie titles on Game Pass, enjoy 5 Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass.

5. While the Iron's Hot

While the Iron’s Hot | Launch Trailer

The first entry on our list of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass is While the Iron's Hot. This game centers around blacksmithing, with core crafting mechanics being a major part of the game. After being whisked away to a distant island, players must set up shop in order to learn more about the world around them. Along the way, players will meet a cast of quirky and memorable characters. If the player chooses to aid these characters, there are many rewards to be found throughout the game. The minigames associated with the crafting are also all fun and engaging.

This ensures that players will not tire of running their forge. The game also has a comedic nature, making it enjoyable. The player will discover many mysteries about their character and the world around them, making progression feel quite meaningful. It is the charm on display here that makes indie titles so wonderful. All around, if you are looking for one of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass to enjoy, then give While the Iron's Hot a try, as it's pretty spectacular.

4. Roboquest

Roboquest - Release Date Trailer

We are taking a turn on our list of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass. Here, we have Roboquest. For fans of the kinetic and replayable nature of FPS roguelikes, this title is a must-play. Roboquest features stellar gunplay for players to enjoy, a wealth of enemies to fight, and rewards to be had. One of the game's strongest aspects is its cooperative gameplay as well. This makes jumping in with a friend a fantastic way to enjoy the game. Roboquest can also be enjoyed solo, making for a well-rounded experience overall.

The game features a fantastic mobility system that really puts the player in control of their movements. This makes the moment-to-moment gameplay feel smooth and responsive. In addition to this, the game features quite a level of challenge, leaving plenty for more seasoned players to chew on. Also, for players who enjoy a more cartoonish aesthetic, this game has you covered as well. All in all, Roboquest is a fantastic FPS title and one of the best indie games available on Xbox Game Pass.

3. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky Orbital Update Trailer

Our next entry is one that many players will be familiar with. The vast world of No Man's Sky is one that begs to be explored. Players are tasked with charting out the stars and exploring a variety of planets throughout their journey. Here, they will meet an assortment of characters and delve into the world of each of the planet's ecology. This will require them to collect specimens of each of the game's flora and fauna, and players will be greatly rewarded for their efforts. One of the greatest aspects of No Man's Sky is its sheer scale, which brings a universe to life.

The game also prioritizes player choice and agency. This means that you are allowed to become any kind of adventurer you wish. Players are encouraged to explore and seek out the undiscovered, giving the game an inherent sense of wonder and scale that can be felt throughout its duration. The game's questing system is also extremely solid for players who enjoy a structured experience. In short, No Man's Sky is one of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass.

2. Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars - Launch Trailer

The next entry on our list, for many RPG and JRPG fans, is an experience that players are highly encouraged to partake in. Sea of Stars is, in many ways, a love letter to both the RPG and JRPG genre. This can be felt through many of the game's mechanics, how the world and characters are crafted, and much more. In addition to this, the game's aesthetic style oozes nostalgia for the 16-bit era of gaming. Where this title greatly improves upon its predecessors, though, is the cutting down on travel time and the ability to traverse the world openly.

Through the game's exploration system, players are able to not only go wherever they wish but also discover many secrets along the way. The game's turn-based combat is also a highlight for many fans. This is due to the attention to detail and solidity of the combat's design. Whether you are someone who simply enjoys existing within these worlds or wants to undertake a grand adventure, this story is phenomenal. For these reasons and more, we consider Sea of Stars to be one of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass.

1. Palworld

Palworld | Game Preview Launch Trailer

The final entry on today's list is almost assuredly going to be familiar to players. The world of Palworld is one that exploded upon the scene due to its unique concept and solid gameplay mechanics. In the game, players are able to maneuver throughout a world full of creatures known as Pals. You can do this either solo or cooperatively, giving the player more options and avenues of enjoyment. Throughout your travels, you will come across many creatures to collect. Here, you will have to fight them using weapons and other creatures you have collected.

The creature types vary quite a bit and have a level of interplay and strategy that makes combat feel rewarding. For players who enjoy a structured experience, the game also features dungeons and a main storyline through which they can progress. This gives the player multiple ways to play the game. Players can employ many of the creatures to accomplish various tasks as well, greatly cutting down on dead time in the game. To close, Palworld is not only one of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass but a stellar title in its own right.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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