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5 Best Free Games for Oculus Quest

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The Virtual Reality world provides an immersive experience you don't want to miss out on. However, the cost of VR gear and games can be quite high. But worry not; the creators of the Oculus Quest have generously included free games to give you a glimpse of a simulated 3D environment. These best-free games on Oculus Quest will let you enjoy VR without breaking the bank.


5. Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag Gameplay Trailer

If you've played a game of tag before, then Gorilla Tag should be a walk in the park. The only difference is that you play as a gorilla. The game's immersive experience comes to life with its unique movement technique. You get to use your hands to move around—no use of a joystick or any other controls. Moreover, you can jump around and thump the ground as a normal gorilla would.

The game is simple to play and is available in two modes; tag and infection. You can play tag with up to three players or outrun the infected gorillas. Also, in this classic cat-and-mouse chase, you can also play as the tagger and chase down survivors. The limitless options in the game make it more fun to play. 

Your movement options depend on how creative you are. You can catapult off surfaces for a high jump or squeeze the surfaces for a swift climb. The game's mechanics may be challenging to comprehend at first, but once you do, it is as easy as peeling a banana. Get it? Gorilla Tag is also sure to be a hit with everyone in the family because of its bright graphics and fun game play. So round up some friends and see who can become the ultimate gorilla tracking champion!


 4. Bait

Bait! - Trailer [VR, Oculus Quest]

Bait is a free fishing game available on Oculus Quest. The short adventure will rekindle any memories you might have of fishing with your old man. The game's storyline is quite basic. Your boss asks you to help her fish for a rare fish species—the Prehistoric Perch. This fish species will ultimately save her aquarium business from taking a dip, and it is up to you to find it. 

The game delivers the true fishing experience with excellent visual display and a soothing soundtrack. You get four lakes to fish from and the freedom to cast your bait openly. Just like any fishing expedition, you may catch different fish species before landing the prize. 

Once you get a bite, your controller will vibrate, signaling it's time to reel it in. This is the game's most challenging part, and you will need all hands on deck. Reeling in the catch requires both controllers. As you use the left controller to hold the rod, the right controller is used to reel in the fish.

The downside is that you may smash your controllers together as you attempt to draw in your catch. However, the game still delivers a pleasant fishing experience. So put on your fishing hat and enjoy the scenic environment that Bait beholds.



3. Rec Room

Rec Room - Oculus Quest - Trailer

Rec Room goes above and beyond as one of the best free games on Oculus Quest. The game allows you to create rooms and play various games with friends. Aside from being free, you can also crossplay on different devices, including phones and the Oculus VR headset. The game is compatible with both VR and non-VR devices. 

The best part about the Rec Room is that you stand to make a few dollars. The developers recently added a neat upgrade that allows players to trade in-game tokens for cash. A million in-game tokens translates to $400.

Furthermore, with the freedom that Rec Room offers, your creativity is the only limitation. Get to spruce up your room to your taste and invite friends for a game of paintball, paddleball, or dodgeball. With a litany of other customized rooms to explore, you definitely won't get bored with this one. Discover games created by other creators and use the marker pen to bring your imagination into 3D reality. 


2. Silkworm VR

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live as a silkworm? Well, that is exactly what you get with this free game on Oculus Quest. Silkworm is an action-adventure game in an open-world environment. You play as a silkworm, scaling through the expansive Silkworm City.

Moreover, just like in a rendition of Spiderman, you can create silk webs that will help you scale skyscrapers or catapult characters in different directions. You may also use the silk web to create fascinating designs. The main catch is to not look down. A dash of motion sickness may cause you to lose your ground. 

These are just great free games and demos you can find on the Oculus Store for the Quest. But Silkworm VR is a game worth checking out.


1. Echo Arena

Echo VR | Oculus Quest

Echo Arena is one of the most popular free games for Oculus Quest. The multiplayer game pits you against other players in an arena. Echo Arena shares similar game mechanics to Gorilla Tag, where you maneuver the play environment using your hands. Moreover, the environment is calories zero-gravity, so you must use objects around you to anchor and launch yourself. 

The game's objective is to score points by shooting at targets and avoiding being shot yourself. You must also move a disc from one end to the other while avoiding these attacks. You can team up with two other players and compete against the robots. Moreover, the game offers a wholesome simulative experience by mimicking every move you make. As a result, you can tell your teammates apart owing to their body language.

Furthermore, this e-sport game makes for an excellent workout routine. If you play it while standing, you can burn some calories while working your upper and lower body. Echo Arena is a fast-paced and exciting game that will keep you coming back for more.

Which free game for Oculus Quest above do you think is the best? Is there any other game we should include in the list? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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