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5 Best RPGs on Oculus Quest 2 (2024)

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A Township Tale in RPGs on Oculus Quest 2

Ready to take your RPG experience to the next level? Besides consoles, virtual reality headsets have been a game changer as far as immersive gaming is concerned. They take you to a world different from your own and allow you to manipulate your surroundings directly. What’s more? VR uses your motion to strike down foes, charging up the strength and speed of your attacks with time. 

While gaming continues to flood with VR headset options, the Oculus Quest 2 remains a top-notch medium to consider. It houses an impressive roster of RPGs to choose from. So, whenever you’re ready, get to cracking these best RPGs on Oculus Quest 2 in 2024 for the ultimate steeped-in-fantasy experience.

5. Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City - Launch Trailer | Meta Quest + Rift Platforms

Anime fans will love Zenith: The Last City, an action MMORPG with swordplay and lightning bolt foray. It’s one of the best fully-fledged MMO VR experiences, offering all of the gameplay you can expect from an RPG, including dungeon raids, vast exploration, and raid quests. The game’s world doesn’t disappoint. Thankfully, there are stunning locations and plenty of content to fully immerse you in the experience. You fight against monsters powered by a mysterious god. At the end of all the toil and suffering, though, are rewards and treasures for those daring enough. 

Furthermore, you explore a genuinely impressive world filled with secrets and mysteries to unravel. The combat is captivating, too, with a system that works well enough to play through a couple of sessions. You can take a breather, though, by doing less intense activities like cooking and crafting and generally having fun grinding out missions. Be warned, though, that Zenith: The Last City has plenty of room to grow. Its story, for one, isn’t the most captivating tale, nor are the customization mechanics. At least movement is fluid, though, whether climbing or gliding.

4. OrbusVR: Reborn

OrbusVR: Reborn Official Trailer

Alternatively, consider OrbusVR: Reborn, a ground-up remake of OrbusVR and the only MMORPG created exclusively for VR. You do experience similar visuals and enemies. However, you also encounter new dungeons, raids, classes, and more. The game has come a long way from the barebones OrbusVR early access version. Now, it’s amped up a huge community following, with the developers determined to elevate the gameplay to standard.

At the moment, OsbornVR: Reborn can prove challenging to master. The process, however, proves exhilarating and packs several hours’ worth of gameplay content. Movement and combat are fluid. The visuals are still low-poly and cartoony, but the content is significantly more. You pick up quests, often gathering resources or fighting off enemies. You also loot treasure chests, which earn you better gear. Feel free to team up with friends, too, with up to eight classes for varied gameplay.

3. BoneLab

BONELAB - Teaser | Meta Quest + Rift Platforms

Described as an ‘experimental physics action game,’ BoneLab takes you to a confined, mysterious underground research facility to fight enemies, uncover secrets, and take on all manner of challenges. Your goal? To escape or wreak havoc. As you can probably tell, BoneLab is a definite outlier among the VR games currently out there. It takes a more simulation approach, taking advantage of VR’s immersion and motion controls, to push your VR skills to their limits. 

Just like Boneworks before it, BoneLab tosses out deep storytelling in favor of mastering VR mechanics. You’ll access mini-games that give you tactical trials, complex sandbox maps to explore, and arenas to show off your combat skills. As a physics-based game, you’ll notice a difference in movement based on real-life aspects like body and weight. It makes combat exciting, with options to activate slow motion. There is still a long way to go, though, to be the immersive VR playground BoneLab seems to want to achieve.

2. Ilysia

Ilysia | VR MMORPG | Team 21 Studio, LLC

Ilysia takes you on an expansive, open-world adventure, exploring hidden ruins and battling enemies in dungeons. You spend your time here uncovering lost treasure and battling massive titans. You can also quest solo or bring friends along for the ride. Compared to most VR MMORPGs, Ilysia is the least developed, so  judging it too harshly now is premature. So, expect bugs here and there, as well as vividly subpar visuals. 

In the same breath, the gameplay can use a little more love. Still, it’s a promising start, thanks to plenty of things to do and explore. With a few developers working on classic MMOs for VR, a lot of hope has been put into Ilysia’s full launch. What’s more? It gives you the chance to engage and participate in its development, shaping the game’s future success.

1. A Township Tale

A Township Tale | Oculus Quest Launch Trailer

A Township Tale, on the other hand, branches out into the medieval fantasy space. It tasks you with teaming up with other players to form a society that ventures out, exploring dungeons and working across diverse roles. You can have woodcutters, farmers, and blacksmiths, among other roles, contributing to the success of your team. While still in beta, A Township Tale crafts a massive-scale world to comb through. It's filled with danger and secrets to uncover, constantly motivating you to engage in all manner of activities.

At its core, A Township Tale provides a social experience to be shared with friends. You keep busy in combat, gathering resources and crafting, all the while profoundly immersing yourself in player-to-player interactions. There’s no denying the tremendous potential here to take over a world different from your own. You can carve out stories and experiences after your own hearts, building on shared values and ideas. 

From mountains to mines, environments vary widely. So do the resources and skills you learn over time. Whether new recipes or building structures, you can learn and acquire upgrades that take you to the next level. In time, you’ll nurture recurring systems and thriving civilizations, one step at a time.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five RPGs on Oculus Quest 2? Are there any other titles you'd recommend for addition to the list? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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