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5 Best Meditation Games on Xbox Series X|S



Meditation games allow players to relax and unwind, which is great. Each of these games is relaxing in its own way, which leads to them having a calming effect on the player. While they may take different avenues to get there, this stress-relieving trait is fantastic. This makes these games great for someone under a lot of pressure or simply looking to destress. So, to bring you some of the best games for meditation. Here are the 5 Best Meditation Games on Xbox Series X|S.

5. Ruya

We begin today's list of the best meditation games on Xbox Series X|S with RuyaRuya is a puzzle game that has a relaxing nature to it. This makes it so that players both feel the accomplishment of completing the game's puzzles. While they are also distressed by the game's music and environments. This makes it a great game for players wishing to play a relaxing title but still wanting to challenge themselves just a bit. Ruya is essentially a matching puzzle game that is easy enough to understand, in turn making it simple to get into.

As far as content for Ruya goes, the game sports a staggering sixty-four handcrafted puzzles for players to enjoy. This varies the gameplay quite a bit and ensures that players will have plenty of content to return to when they pick up and play again. Added to this is the fact that the game uses particular types of music and sound effects in order to induce a calming effect. Lastly, Ruya has a heartfelt style that can instantly be picked up on when you begin. For its heart and charm, as well as its relaxing nature we consider it one of the best meditation games on Xbox Series X|S.

4. Aery-Calm Mind 3

Switching things up just a bit, we have an astonishingly calming aerial title. Aery-Calm Mind 3 is a game that allows players to embrace the serenity and calm nature of birds in flight. This allows players to fly through up to thirteen different landscapes, each with their own feel and calming effects. For players who like a bit more directed play, the game also features collectibles that are randomized. This essentially means that no two playthroughs of the game will be exactly the same. This is great for the game's overall gameplay variety and is a nice touch.

One of the greatest aspects of Aery-Calm Mind 3 is the fact that the game invoked the feeling of flying so well. This makes it inherently relaxing, as you soar through varied environments to collect items. This gives players a sense of direction in the game, without being too overbearing about it. This is wonderful, as it allows players to enjoy the game for what it is, and slowly slip into a calm state of mind. All in all, if you are looking for one of the best meditation games on Xbox Series X|S, definitely check this one out.

3. RiME

For our next entry, we have what is perhaps the most adventurous entry on our list. RiME is a game that allows players to embrace their sense of adventure and explore an island with many secrets lurking around every corner. However, rather than being intimidating the game's lovable art style allows this to become a really relaxing experience. Additionally, for fans of puzzles in their games, the game has wonderful puzzles for players to solve. This manages to vary the gameplay quite a bit from moment to moment, which is fantastic.

However, sometimes it is easy to just sink into the world and breathe it all in. As far as the story goes, learning the history of the main character is really interesting and gives players more of an incentive to continue playing. For more eagle-eyed players, the game also boasts tons of secrets to discover throughout your playtime. This makes it an experience that has a little bit of something for everyone. So, if you enjoy adventurous games with calming effects, make sure you check out RiME one of the best meditation games on Xbox Series X|S.

2. The Gardens Between

Next up, we have an entry that many players might not have heard of before. The Gardens Between is a fantastic game full of great characters and story moments, and much more. That said, this title has received much praise for its puzzles, and calming nature. While the length of the game may be a bit more on the short side, the amount of emotional depth packed into the game is palpable. This makes it a game well worth experiencing for that aspect alone. However, the game also has a calming effect that can be really great for players looking to unwind.

The aesthetics of the game are inspired by children's storybooks, and this gives the game a whimsical and wonderous feel. This is fantastic, as it also aids the calming meditative aspects of the game. For fans of time manipulation in games, this game has wonderful puzzles centered around this mechanic. The game is also really intuitive and allows anyone to pick up and play it and have a great time. So if you are looking for one of the best meditation games on Xbox Series X|S, definitely check out The Gardens Between.

1. JourneyNew Games on Steam

Rounding out our list, we have a title that is simply phenomenal. Journey is, much as the name would imply, a great journey that players can all undergo. In the game, players are only able to communicate using musical notes, however, this hardly keeps players from communicating. It is the heart of this communication that is somewhat at the core of the soul of Journey's gameplay. Players will be able to delve into ancient ruins and discover much more than they expect. The game has a meditative nature to it, in both the sound design, as well as the art direction.

This makes it one of the most calming games to play. Added to this, is the ability to help others along their journey in the game, which has fostered a great sense of community. From a graphical standpoint, the game is also simply gorgeous and well worth the effort that went into it. So if you are looking for a game that not only is able to touch players on an emotional level. But is simply one of the best meditation games on Xbox Series X|S, look no further than Journey.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Meditation Games on Xbox Series X|S? What are some games that calm you? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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