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5 Best Farming Simulators Like Wylde Flowers

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Farming simulator games like wyldee flowers

The launch of Wylde Flowers came with much anticipation to many fans of Farming Simulator games. The game promised and delivered nothing short of adventure filled with magic, exploration, and agriculture. With various unique features, the game has succeeded in winning a great fan base, constantly asking for more. 

Farming simulators are becoming a leading source of leisure in the gaming industry. A great game in this genre offers a calming expedition characterized by unlocking simple missions and engaging in different farming activities. 

The Wylde Flowers game perfectly represents how simple farming simulator games can have in the industry. The game sends us into an abyss of pleasure as we follow the activities of Tera as a farmer and a witch in training. Tera develops different strategies to schedule farming activities during the day. At night, Tera practices to sharpen her witchery skills, which she will use to strengthen her farming skills.

Wylde Flowers allows you to strike new friends and find romance through an excellent presentation of narratives. The farming expedition is complemented by an array of good graphics, relaxing background music, and a magnificent visual layout. The different missions in the game also add flavor to the calming sensation the game offers. 

This game is a true definition of diversity and ethics. The game shows the importance of helping each other in a community to develop your missions. Let's look at five of the best farming simulators like Wylde Flowers


5. Wytchwood

Wytchwood - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

Wytchwood is another farming expedition that, like Wylde Flowers, uses magical experiences adding to the farming adventure. Both games involve farming, gathering, crafting and performing witchcraft activities.

In the two games, developing a well-functioning community is vital. Characterized by fostering relationships, the two games ensure the growth of their subsequent communities. Apart from farming, Wytchwood also expands to a more adventurous narrative full of missions.

In Wytchwood, the player takes on the character of an old witch. The witch has a farm where she grows different crops which are the ingredients for stirring up a portion to solve various quests. The game has different combats and missions that the witch engages in the fairytale. 

Despite the games having somewhat different witchcraft activities, the gameplays follow similar story development characterized by assistance, tool collections and farming. These activities create the baseline for developing a calming and compelling enjoyment.


4. Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Summer in Mara is a fun-lit 3D farming simulator that offers a similar calming experience as the Wylde Flowers. In both games, the main characters engage in different agricultural activities. Likewise, they both immerse players into an exploration that fosters community development. 

Summer in Mara features Koa's ultimate quest of finding her mother. In this expedition, she has to build her island through farming. She then uses the farming produce to block secrets that will lead to finding her mother. Like any community, she has to help and receive help from her friends towards the progression of the mission.

Like Wylde Flowers, you will develop new relationships, collect tools, build and explore the vast lands offered in both games. The narratives in both games progress into an excellent expedition that elites players into a relaxed scenario.


3. Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Cozy Grove is a farming simulation that takes place on a dynamic hand-drawn layout. Like Wylde Flowers, the game offers a comfortable experience characterized by farming, developing new relationships, and enjoying multiple activities.

Cozy Grove is a scenic ecstasy following a spirit scout on a mission to find a way back to his home. The scout meets different spirit animals who have requests for the scout to accomplish. While in one quest, you must take on different activities to facilitate your survival.

One significant aspect of Cozy Grove is that the game offers countless simple, fun activities to keep you delighted. The quests you take upon are also very simple and very engaging. In the farming simulator, you can fish, gather, prepare, and feed your food collectibles. 

Cozy Grove is undoubtedly an excellent option for lovers of Wylde Flowers. You will obtain a pleasant and comfortable feeling from playing Wylde Flowers. In addition, the narrative in Cozy Grove takes you on a charming adventure.


2. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia - Launch Trailer | PS4

My Time At Portia is a great game that takes you into the warmth of a post-apocalyptic community. Characterized by lots of rebuilding, the farming simulator does not go short of a magnificent expedition. Just like in Wylde Flowers, My Time At Portia will also take you into an experience of farming, trading, mining, building, and developing new relationships.

My Time At Portia also has multiple aspects that relate to the game, Wylde Flowers. The game seting is in an upcountry settlement surrounded by agricultural activities, on a quest to revive their grandparents' farms. Both stories progress from farming into a more captivating storyline.

However, in My Time At Portia, the storyline is immersed into a world of slashing and hacking combat. Farming is complemented with lots of rebuilding to reinvent the lost civilization. The many activities in My Time At Portia place you into a calm, sweet haven of enjoyment. 


1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Stardew Valley is an excellent choice for fans who love farming simulators games Like Wylde Flowers. The game, like Wylde Flowers, thrives on special relationships, farming, and taking on different quests in an uptown community. 

In the simulator game, the player goes to help his grandfather on his farm. At the same time, you may decide to help rebuild the shambled town into a glorious habitable community. Create new friendships, engage in combats against town monsters, and mine to complement the farming lifestyle.

Stardew Valley has multiple activities and seasons offering unique challenges to excite players. All activities employ simple strategy development. And with your farm produce, you can decide to use them as food, medicine, or trading merchandise. Stardew Valley isn't only simple but is also very entertaining. In addition, the game has a vast layout, good graphics, and an excellent storyline to complement the playability. 


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five farming simulators Like Wylde Flowers? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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