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5 Best Puzzle Games on Xbox Game Pass (April 2024)

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Player confronts enemies in stylized puzzle game on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has a big collection of puzzle games. It's like a huge toy box, but instead of toys, it's full of games that test your thinking. That's why we made a list of the best puzzle games on Xbox Game Pass. They're not just about solving puzzles, though. Each game has its own story and style, which makes it special. In this list, we'll be cooking, escaping, unpacking, messing with perspective, and more. No matter if you're a puzzle pro or just starting out, there's something here for you. So, let's get started and explore these exciting games.

5. Inside

Inside Xbox One E3 2014 Trailer

Starting off, Inside is a video game where you control a young boy in a strange and often scary world. This world is very different from ours. It's dark, with many secrets and dangers hiding in its shadows. The boy needs to move through this world, solving puzzles to keep going. These puzzles are like tricky problems that need to be solved to open a new path or avoid getting caught by the scary things lurking around. The game is very quiet; there are no words spoken. Everything you learn about the story comes from what you see and do.

In Inside, the way the game looks and feels is very important. It uses shadows and light in a very special way that makes everything look real and also a bit frightening. The boy can run, jump, swim, and use things he finds in the world to solve the puzzles. Sometimes, you have to think very carefully to figure out how to get past a difficult part.

This game is special because it makes you think and feel at the same time. As you guide the boy through this dark world, you start to wonder about the story behind everything you see. Why is the boy here? What happened to this world? The game doesn't give you all the answers easily. Instead, it lets you find clues as you play and solve puzzles.

4. Cocoon

COCOON - Reveal Trailer - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Cocoon takes players on an unforgettable puzzle adventure, guiding them through a series of worlds contained within mystical orbs. The game centers around the unique concept of hopping between these orbs, each a miniature world of its own. To progress, players must cleverly manipulate and combine these orbs, solving complex puzzles in the process. This involves shifting orbs around to make use of their environments and characteristics.

The journey through Cocoon reveals a variety of alien environments and ancient machinery, remnants of a civilization long gone. These range from sprawling industrial ruins to expansive caverns teeming with organic life, each offering its own puzzles and secrets. Players interact with strange biomechanical devices, piecing together how to navigate through and connect these diverse biomes. Additionally, each orb in the game holds a distinct power that can be unlocked, turning it into a crucial tool for tackling obstacles.

3. Superliminal

Superliminal Launch Trailer

Superliminal starts as you nod off while the TV is still on, catching a quick look at an ad for a unique dream therapy. Suddenly, you're dreaming, stepping into a world where what you see shapes what's real. This game invites you on a journey filled with puzzles that seem impossible. The secret? It's all about how you look at things. In this dream, seeing things differently can help you solve puzzles and move forward.

The game is full of puzzles that mess with how you see depth and space, using tricks of the eye to twist what you expect to happen. To solve these puzzles, you might need to look at things from a new angle. Maybe something looks small, but when you change your point of view, it becomes huge. Besides the fun puzzles, Superliminal has extra goodies that make playing even better. And for those who like a challenge, there's a special mode that tests how quickly you can finish puzzles, among other things.

2. Superhot: Mind Control Delete


Superhot: Mind Control Delete takes us deeper into the unique, thrilling world of Superhot. Here, time moves only when you do. Imagine being in a scene where everything freezes unless you move. This game, the third in its exciting series, gives players more: more story, more enemies, and a bigger array of weapons. It’s like being in a movie where you control the pace, dodging bullets and planning your moves in what seems like slow motion.

Playing this game means you need to think and act with care. You won’t find health that comes back over time or endless ammo to pick up. Every move is a choice that can mean winning or losing. As the game unfolds, you'll face tougher challenges. You'll meet smarter enemies and need to master new skills and weapons to defeat them. With each level you conquer, you gain new abilities and uncover more of the story. It’s a journey that makes you stronger and pulls you deeper into the game’s mysteries.

1. Botany Manor

Botany Manor | Official Launch Trailer

In Botany Manor, you become Arabella Greene, living in a grand 1800s English manor. As Arabella, a retired botanist, your goal is to grow rare, almost forgotten plants. The game is played from your viewpoint, letting you explore every corner of the manor and its beautiful gardens. You'll find hints and old Victorian gadgets that help figure out how to care for each unique plant. These plants, inspired by real-life wonders, need specific conditions to thrive, pushing you to solve puzzles and think creatively using clues scattered around the manor.

Moreover, this game does more than just teach you about plants; it tells Arabella's story, her achievements in botany, and the challenges she faced in her time. The manor, set in the serene English countryside, is rich with secrets and historical details for you to uncover. By examining letters, posters, and other items, you learn more about Arabella's life and the importance of the plants you're growing.

So, what do you think about our top picks? Have you tried any of these games? Or is there another puzzle game on Xbox Game Pass that you believe deserves a spot on this list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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