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10 Best Simulation Games on Xbox Series X|S (2024)



Xbox Series X|S simulation game features chaotic goat and fleeing humans

As a console, the Xbox Series X|S has many titles that range in their genre. Among these games, some games attempt to simulate aspects of either the real world or at least bring a higher sense of reality to these games. These simulation games cover a wide array of topics, which serves to make them quite varied. So without further ado, please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Simulation Games on Xbox Series X|S (April 2023).

10. Tram Simulator Urban Transit

Xbox simulation game depicts a tram gliding through vibrant streets

Tram Simulator Urban Transit transports players to Angel Shores, a city that mirrors the sprawling urban centers of North America. Here, driving a tram goes beyond the basics; you're at the helm of a complex transit system. With six unique trams under your control, the challenge lies in weaving through busy city streets, ensuring timely arrivals for all passengers. The game's core revolves around the simulation of urban transport, where strategic decisions from route planning to timetable adjustments directly affect your service's efficiency.

Beyond taking the wheel, Tram Simulator Urban Transit equips players to build and oversee their own transit empire. From mapping out the city's most effective routes to timing schedules to meet the ever-changing demands of city life, the game layers in-depth management strategies over tram operations. Players have several paths to choose from: embarking on story-driven missions, exploring the expansive career mode with all game aspects accessible from the start, or playing in sandbox mode, free from financial limitations. And for those looking for collective experiences, the multiplayer mode invites collaboration and rivalry among tram enthusiasts.

9. Session: Skate Sim

Skater performs trick at sunset in graffiti-filled skatepark

Bringing skate culture alive, Session: Skate Sim immerses players with dual stick controls that mirror real skateboarding. This setup, focusing on realistic physics, makes mastering skateboarding in the game as challenging and rewarding as in real life. The thrill of landing your first kickflip after overcoming the initial learning curve is unparalleled. The game's extensive customization options, from difficulty levels to gear, ensure a personalized skateboarding journey for every player.

Paying tribute to the 1990s skate scene, the game emphasizes creativity and expression in iconic skating spots without a scoring system. Players can capture their best tricks on video, using vintage filters and a comprehensive video editor, to share their achievements. With nearly 200 clothing items and over 250 skateboard parts for personalisation, Session: Skate Sim deeply connects gameplay with skate culture.

8. Teardown

Game shows vehicles and crane amidst blocky destruction chaos

Teardown is a game where planning meets action in a world where you can break almost anything. Imagine using tools and smarts to knock down walls or build ways to get what you need. The game is all about making your own path through clever destruction and quick thinking. It’s fun because things don’t always go as planned. You might set off an explosion to open a new route, only to find it causes more chaos than expected. Or you might drive a car through a barrier to grab an item quickly. Teardown encourages wild plans and even wilder escapes.

The story of the game pulls you into a world of tricky jobs and tough choices. You start doing odd jobs to save your company but soon find yourself in deeper trouble, dealing with shady deals and risky thefts. And if you ever want to just play around, there’s a special mode where you can experiment with no limits, and even create your own challenges. Plus, with extra modes and player-made content, there’s always something new to try in Teardown.

7. House Flipper 2

Xbox X|S simulation game shows painting in a virtual room

In House Flipper 2, the familiar thrill of transformation and renovation returns with enhanced depth. This game adds new features and improves old ones. You'll use tools like hammers, paint rollers, and mops, now looking better than ever with updated graphics. Whether you're fixing up a house or decorating, the game makes each task fun and satisfying.

Moreover, the big new thing in House Flipper 2 is the Sandbox Mode. Here, you can build a house from scratch. You can recreate famous buildings or make something from your imagination. The game also takes you to Pinnacove, a cozy town by the sea with mountains nearby. In this town, you can fix up homes and learn interesting stories from the locals. Whether you love building, decorating, or just relaxing with a game, House Flipper 2 has something for everyone. It's all about having fun and making the game your own.

6. Goat Simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3 characters frolic by a waterfall

Goat Simulator 3 brings back the crazy fun of being a goat in a bigger and wilder way. This game takes what fans loved about the Goat Simulator series and turns it up a notch. Now, Pilgor the goat isn't alone; players can bring along up to three friends to join the chaos, either by playing together in the same room or online. It's all about having a blast, causing trouble, and maybe even competing in silly games that could make you laugh or start a playful argument with your pals.

But what makes this game even more special is how you can customize your goat. Want a tall goat, a striped goat, or something totally out-there? You got it. You can dress up your goat in the silliest outfits, like wrapping it in toilet paper or strapping it a jetpack. The game's creators added lots of new stuff to do, from messing with NPCs (non-playable characters) to exploring for hidden items and secrets. There's a lot packed into this game!

5. Forza Horizon 5

Following up on our list in the most high-octane way possible, we have Forza Horizon 5. For those unfamiliar with the Forza series, there are two branches of Forza games. These include the more technical racing game Forza Motorsport series and the more open-ended and open-world Horizon series. Both of these branches offer the player a fantastic simulation experience from top to bottom. First, however, we are here to talk about Forza Horizon 5 today. This game has a massive open world filled to the brim with things to do. There is also a healthy multiplayer component with multiple facets, such as drifting or drag racing.

This game's map[ is absolutely massive, and its roster of vehicles and settings available to adjust how those vehicles feel is top-notch. Pretty much any adjustment you can make to a vehicle can be replicated within Forza Horizon 5. This is great as it combines the arcade-style gameplay of the Forza Horizon series with the technical know-how of the mainline Forza titles. So if you are looking for one of the best simulation games on the Xbox Series X|S, make sure you give this title a test drive.

4. Farming Simulator 22

Next on our list, we have an entry that has had a growing fanbase since it was released. Farming Simulator 22 allows players to participate in realistically-timed farming without all of the hard work in the sun. This is great, as players are able to till crops, raise livestock, and do many other typical farming activities in this title. There are a number of environmental changes that the player can make as well. Each of these choices will affect not only the crop you grow but how you grow and tend to it as well.

The simulation aspect of this game is pulled off near-perfectly, with each piece of equipment being painstakingly rendered to a high level of fidelity. First of all, this works wonders for the sense of immersion in the game. Secondly, this allows for the player to plainly see the fruits of their labor as they work through their fields. Finally, there is also a multiplayer element to the game, meaning you can farm either against or with friends, which is fantastic. All in all, Farming Simulator 22 is among the best simulation games available on the Xbox Series X|S.

3. The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a titan of the life-sim industry. Since its inception, the series has always strived to give the player the utmost control over their virtual lives. Of course, this has looked quite differently throughout the years, but with The Sims 4, players have an insane amount of control. Everything from their Sims daily schedules to more serious decisions can all be watched over by eagled-eyed players. This is great because it allows the player to control multiple aspects of their Sim's life at once.

This is wonderful and really highlights the simulation elements at the core of the game series itself. Players are able to manage entire communities in this game if they so choose. This adds a ton to the gameplay variety. Additionally, there are a number of career paths for the player's characters to follow, each with their own unique interest and skills needed for the tasks. So if you are someone who enjoys simulation games on their Xbox Series X|S, make sure not to miss out on one of the best in the genre.

2. SnowRunner

Next on our list, we have an entry that might appear niche to some but is in no way less than one of the best simulation games on the Xbox Series X|SSnowRunner has the unique concept of following the world of trucking. However, there is quite a catch to this, as the trucking involved is ice-road trucking. This type of trucking and hauling is hazardous and must be handled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, players will be able to participate in missions and earn money and experience for their time in the game itself.

There are forty different types of vehicles for the player to drive, which is great for the game's variety. These include such trucking staples as Freightliner and more. There is a weather-based physics system that ensures that no haul goes smoothly. Everything from mud to rain and snow and ice can affect what would otherwise be a calming delivery. Players can also upgrade their rigs in order to make them operate as smoothly as possible, even under the harshest conditions. To close, this is a fantastic simulation game, and players should definitely give it a try.

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

For our final entry, we ramp up the scale of the games listed considerably. Microsoft Flight Simulator is nothing short of a technical marvel. Players are able to learn how to pilot massive aircraft as they engage with real-world systems within this title. Additionally, players are able to fly a number of aircraft that range in type and purpose. This is great for gameplay variety, as no two machines will necessarily fly the same under the same conditions.

Players who want considerably more challenge to their gaming experience can even engage in night flying. To aid the feeling of reality of this game, there are dynamic day-and-night cycles as well as dynamic weather effects that immerse the player in their environment. The scale of the game is also absolutely massive, creating a scaled-down version of our Earth. This is exceptionally impressive, given the detail in which this has been created. To close, Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the best simulation games on the Xbox Series X|S both in terms of quality and scale.

So, what's your take on our picks for the best simulation games on Xbox Series X|S ? Let us know over on our socials here.

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