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Microsoft Flight Simulator: 5 Locations Everyone Should Visit

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We've been soaring far and wide these past few months, soaking up phenomenal landmarks and world-class cityscapes in Microsoft Flight Simulator. But even with the number of hours we've spent in the cockpit since August — there is still so much more to see and do. And that's just one of the many benefits we receive from being a virtual pilot, amazingly enough. Even if we've grown far too comfortable with the controls that bind to the planes we hoard, we still don't tend to run dry on routes to travel and locations to explore.

Chances are, you've booted up Asobo's glorious creation and failed to put a pin on any particular location on the map. And that's expected, seeing as the whole world sits in your palm, and you're literally free to travel the lot of it. But then, if you're really in the mood for discovering some of the true marvels that blossom in the game, then you'll definitely want to place a nail on these five landmarks.

5. Home Sweet Home

Before we go sinking into the four absolute must-see locations in the game, we do have to set aside a little segment for something a little more trivial. Of course, it's your actual home. Or hometown. Or region. Whatever it is that makes you tick. It's something almost every player that tucks into Microsoft Flight Simulator jumps to without thinking twice about. And for good reason too. Because the fact is, even if you're out in the sticks or in an apartment complex in a bustling metropolis — you can still see your home from the skies. And that's a pretty amazing, albeit incredibly trivial thing to take under your wing.

4. Mount Kilimanjaro

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While there are plenty of mountains to glide over, nothing quite compares to the glorious altitudes branched over Mount Kilimanjaro, with its near-20,000 foot territory. Surrounded by breathtaking chains of clotted peaks and clouded terrain, this Tanzanian jewel stands high as one of the most visually stunning locations in the world, and seeing it from a birds-eye view truly does amplify its enchanting aura. All you need to do is navigate its three famous volcanic cones, and you'll see exactly the reason why we're set on putting it in our top five.

3. Paris

Flight Simulator 2020 Paris - France

Of all the glistening city lights and prominent landmarks one can absorb by flight, Paris definitely stacks high as one of the most enchanting and elegant. And it isn't only the Eifel tower that gleams brightly at the centre of the French capital, either. It's the very nooks and crannies, the cobblestone back alleys and towering heritage, all of which look remarkable from high altitudes. It's a marvel to behold, and one you'll definitely want to see a handful of times as you plot your weekly courses.

2. Rio de Janeiro

Flight Simulator 2020: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 1080p HD

From the golden beaches to the stone villages and beyond, Rio de Janeiro homes some of the most diverse locations in the world. And what's more is that, even with the wide array of landmarks to absorb, one flight can ultimately have you soaking up the Brazilian charm without having to go back and forth from plot to plot. Although with the number of things there are to see and scrub over, it isn't likely to be a single expedition with no means of coming back. In fact, you'll find yourself rebooting the travel path and soaring it ten times over, providing you've got the flight time to spare.

1. Tokyo/Mount Fuji

MB-339 Mt Fuji to Tokyo City aerobatics 4k Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Take a well-mapped flight across Japan and you'll trickle over some of the most beautiful scenery on planet earth, with a rich heritage that transpires with every square mile. Plus, being a relatively small island, you'll notice that a great deal of the Japanese beauty can be admired without having to make several trips. Although saying that, if you want to truly rule out Japan from your bucket list, then we suggest you devote an allotted time to each marvel the island has to offer you. And in this case, we'd definitely put Tokyo and Mount Fuji at the forefront of the agenda. But that's entirely your call, of course.


So, what locations have you enjoyed exploring? Other than the Grand Canyon, are there any honourable mentions we should've put forward? Let us know over on our social handle here


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