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5 Best Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass (April 2024)

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Xbox racing game with vibrant cars speeding by Big Ben

Everyone loves a good racing game, right? They're about the rush you feel as you zoom past other cars, the fun of hearing engines go “vroom!”, and those cool moments when you dodge obstacles just in the nick of time. Over the years, racing games have gone from simple, flat tracks in arcades to big, beautiful 3D worlds in our living rooms. The Xbox Game Pass is like a big toy box for anyone who loves racing games. But with different options to pick from, which ones are the best? Let's dive in and check out the five best racing games on Xbox Game Pass that you should definitely try out!

5. Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered Official Reveal Trailer

Burnout Paradise Remastered is like returning to a fun, exciting city where you can drive really fast and cause lots of playful trouble. This game lets you drive all over a big city, from busy streets to wild mountain areas. It’s all about doing cool stunts and smashing things up as you race around. The game looks better than ever with pretty updates that make everything look clear and bright.

This game is perfect for playing with friends online. You can explore the city together, find shortcuts, and try to beat each other in races. There’s a lot to do because the game comes with extra stuff that was added after the original game came out, including a big new area called Big Surf Island. You can race, jump, and crash in beautiful places, making your own fun as you go.

The best part about Burnout Paradise Remastered is that there are no strict rules. You can drive however you want, smashing through things and causing chaos wherever you go. You can try to beat your friends by creating the biggest crashes or racing faster than them. The game is made to look really good and run smoothly, making you feel like you’re right in the action. It’s a game that’s fun for anyone, whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends, and it’s easy to get into even if you’re not used to playing games.

4. Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed™ Heat Official Launch Trailer

Need for Speed Heat is a vibrant racing game that invites players into the thrilling world of street racing. At its heart, the game is about fast cars, exciting races, and customising your vehicle to stand out in the crowd. Players can choose from a wide range of cars, from sleek sports cars to powerful muscle cars, each with the ability to be customized to reflect the player's style. Here, players can change how their cars look and perform. They can paint their cars in bright colors, add cool decals, or upgrade parts to make the car faster and more powerful.

Moreover, Need for Speed Heat is celebrated for its captivating races. The game challenges players with various racing events, each demanding a different set of skills. Some races might require you to outmaneuver your opponents in tight city corners, while others test your speed on long stretches of road. This diversity keeps the gameplay exciting and engaging, ensuring that there's always a new challenge waiting around the corner.

3. GRID Legends

GRID Legends | Launch Trailer

Alternatively, GRID Legends sets itself apart with an engaging story that elevates it beyond just racing. It introduces Driven to Glory, a story mode that blends live-action film sequences with thrilling racing action. This unique combination draws players into the high-stakes world of professional racing, where every race contributes to a larger, more compelling narrative. It is perfect for those who enjoy a game with depth, which provides a backdrop and motivation for the races ahead.

Moreover, GRID Legends shines with its wide variety of racing styles. From the sharp turns of street racing to the sheer power of truck racing, there's something for everyone. This diversity keeps the game exciting and invites players to explore different aspects of racing within the same game. The Race Creator feature stands out by letting players tailor their racing experiences. All in all, for these reasons, GRID Legends is a standout choice on Xbox Game Pass. Its combination of a rich narrative, diverse racing disciplines, and deep customization options makes it a compelling experience for all types of players.

2. Wreckfest

Wreckfest Console Release Trailer

Wreckfest carves out its niche within the Xbox Game Pass lineup by focusing on the sheer joy of destruction. This game is a demolition derby lover's dream, where the objective is as much about surviving as it is about finishing first. Wreckfest’s realistic physics engine ensures that every collision feels impactful, making the destruction not only visually spectacular but also strategically significant. Players must balance aggression with preservation, as their vehicle’s durability is a key factor in winning races.

The variety of events in Wreckfest keeps the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. From traditional circuit races to lawnmower demolition derbies, the game offers a wide range of competitions. This variety, combined with a robust vehicle customization system, allows players to adapt their strategy based on the event type. Upgrading and modifying vehicles for different types of destruction becomes a game within a game. Additionally, Wreckfest’s environments play a significant role in the gameplay. Tracks are filled with obstacles and shortcuts, offering strategic choices that can lead to victory or disaster.

1. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 - Official Launch Trailer

The final game on our list, Forza Horizon 5, stands as a shining example of what a racing game can offer. This game transports players to a stunningly detailed version of Mexico, offering a vast open world to explore. The landscapes are incredibly diverse, ranging from lush jungles and sprawling deserts to lively cities and mysterious ancient ruins. Each area is meticulously designed, providing a rich backdrop for the thrilling races that take place across the game's vibrant world. Moreover, Forza Horizon 5 features a dynamic weather system that brings seasonal changes, adding a layer of realism and variety to the gameplay.

In addition to this, the driving experience in Forza Horizon 5 is top-notch, appealing to both newcomers to racing games and seasoned enthusiasts. The controls are intuitive, making it easy for players of all skill levels to jump in and enjoy the ride. The game boasts an impressive selection of vehicles, from sleek modern supercars to rugged off-roaders and everything in between. Each car feels distinct, offering a unique driving experience that mirrors the real-world characteristics of these vehicles.

So, do you agree with our picks for the best racing games on Xbox Game Pass? Are there any other titles you believe should have made the list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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