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10 Best Puzzle Games on PlayStation Plus (July 2024)

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Puzzle game on PlayStation Plus features interconnected pathways

Puzzle games are loved by many gamers. They're fun, make us think, and often come with great stories. These games are more than just entertainment; they challenge our brains and give us a sense of achievement. PlayStation Plus is one place that has loads of these amazing games. It’s like a treasure chest filled with puzzle adventures waiting for players. But what are the best puzzle games you can find on PlayStation Plus? Well, we have curated a list of the five best puzzle games on PS Plus. So, let's get started!

10. The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle Deluxe Edition -- Story Trailer | PS4

The Talos Principle stands out as a puzzle game that masterfully intertwines philosophical exploration with challenging gameplay. Players take on the role of a sentient robot navigating a world filled with ancient ruins and advanced technology. Throughout the game, players encounter thought-provoking texts and voice recordings that delve into deep questions about consciousness and the nature of existence.

Beyond its philosophical depth, The Talos Principle excels in its puzzle design. The game features over 120 puzzles that require logical thinking and strategic planning. Players manipulate objects such as beams of light, blocks, and fans to solve these puzzles and progress through the game. The puzzles start off relatively simple but gradually increase in complexity, and this ensures a steady learning curve that keeps players engaged.

9. Superliminal

Superliminal - State of Play Trailer | PS4

The next game on our list, Superliminal, offers a mind-bending experience that challenges players to rethink how they perceive the world. This first-person puzzle game is all about perspective and optical illusions, immersing players in a surreal dreamscape where the usual laws of physics do not apply. Here, the core mechanic involves manipulating the size and shape of objects by changing the player's viewpoint. For example, a small object viewed from a certain angle can become large enough to use as a bridge or platform.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Superliminal is its innovative use of forced perspective. Players might start by picking up what appears to be a small toy, but by changing their viewpoint, the toy can grow large enough to solve a puzzle or overcome an obstacle. Moreover, the game introduces new mechanics gradually, ensuring that the puzzles remain fresh and challenging throughout. As players progress, they encounter increasingly complex puzzles that require both creative thinking and a deep understanding of the game's unique physics.

8. Carto

Carto - Announcement Trailer | PS4

Carto is an enchanting puzzle adventure game where players assist a young girl named Carto in her quest to reunite with her grandmother. The game centers around a unique map manipulation mechanic, and allows players to rearrange pieces of the world map to create new paths and solve puzzles. This innovative feature adds a layer of strategic thinking, requiring players to carefully consider how different map pieces fit together to progress through the game. The puzzles are designed to be intuitive, yet they gradually increase in complexity.

Throughout her journey, Carto meets a variety of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and stories. These encounters are not just for narrative purposes; they often provide hints and clues that help solve puzzles and advance the story. Also, the dialogue is charming and often humorous, making these interactions a delightful part of the game.

Carto also shines in its ability to foster a sense of discovery and wonder. The world is filled with hidden secrets and surprises that encourage players to explore every nook and cranny. This sense of discovery is enhanced by the game's dynamic map mechanic, which lets players uncover new areas and pathways that were previously inaccessible. Overall, this game offers a unique and heartwarming adventure that blends creative puzzle-solving with a captivating story.

7. The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian - State Of Play Trailer | PS4

If you are a fan of puzzle platformers, The Pedestrian offers a refreshing and unique experience. Players step into the shoes of a stick figure navigating through various public signs and symbols. The core mechanic involves rearranging and connecting these signs to create pathways. This demands careful planning, as players must think about how to link the signs to allow the stick figure to move from one to another. With the introduction of elements like switches, elevators, and moving platforms, the puzzles become increasingly complex.

The game challenges players to combine spatial awareness with logical thinking, as they must consider how different elements interact within the environment. Transitioning between various types of signs and urban settings keeps the experience fresh and exciting. Players constantly adapt their strategies to overcome new obstacles, which encourages experimentation and creative problem-solving.

Moreover, The Pedestrian offers a smooth and intuitive control scheme that makes navigation through the challenging puzzles feel natural. The seamless transitions between different environments create a sense of continuity, making it feel like a cohesive, interconnected world. Additionally, the ambient music and sound effects further enhance the immersive atmosphere, and draws players deeper into the game.

6. Humanity

Humanity - Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4, PSVR & PS VR2 Games

Humanity is an innovative puzzle game where players guide massive crowds of people through a variety of intricate levels. Players take on the role of a glowing dog, using simple commands to direct the flow of humanity. The goal is to lead the crowds to safety, navigating through complex environments filled with obstacles and hazards.

In this game, players must use a range of commands to guide the crowds, such as directing them to move in a certain direction, jump, or climb. The game features a variety of environments, each with its own set of challenges and puzzles. Players must think strategically to ensure that the crowds can navigate the obstacles and reach their destination safely.

That said, the visual style of Humanity is striking, with minimalist graphics and fluid animations that bring the crowds to life. The game's environments are detailed and varied, ranging from urban landscapes to more abstract settings. The sound design, with its ambient music and sound effects, adds to the immersive atmosphere. the interesting aspect here is its focus on large-scale crowd dynamics. Players must manage the flow of hundreds or even thousands of individuals.

5. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake - Announce Trailer | PS5 Games

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a unique puzzle game that revolves around two brothers on a quest to find a cure for their father. Players control both brothers simultaneously, using one for each thumbstick, creating a unique gameplay experience. The puzzles often require teamwork, with each brother having different strengths. The older brother is stronger, while the younger one can fit through narrow spaces. This dynamic creates a variety of puzzles that require players to think creatively about how to use each brother effectively.

The game is set in a beautifully crafted world filled with breathtaking landscapes, ranging from serene forests to dark caves. Each area presents its own set of challenges, often involving environmental puzzles that require careful observation and timing. The visuals are complemented by a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that enhances the emotional depth of the story. Players will find themselves immersed in the world and the journey of the two brothers as they navigate through various obstacles and enemies.

One of the standout features of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is its storytelling. The game conveys a deep and emotional narrative without using any spoken dialogue. The journey is filled with moments of joy, sadness, and triumph, and it is really a memorable experience.

4. Mystic Pillars – Remastered

Mystic Pillars - Remastered - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Alternatively, Mystic Pillars – Remastered invites players into an enchanting puzzle-solving experience set in the ancient Kingdom of Zampi. This game cleverly reimagines the traditional Indian board game known internationally as Mancala. Players take on the role of a mysterious traveler who arrives at Zampi only to discover the kingdom suffering from a severe drought. By solving puzzles and dismantling magical pillars, players help to restore water and prosperity to the lands.

In this game, players journey through various villages, each presented with unique challenges and puzzles that integrate elements of Indian culture and heritage. The remastered edition enhances this experience with 4K textures and a beautifully redrawn map of Zampi. Every village tells part of the story, and the improved user interface makes navigating through these puzzles more intuitive. Plus, the inclusion of animated cutscenes further immerses players in the rich narrative, which brings the struggles and triumphs of Zampi vividly to life.

3. Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers | Launch Trailer | PS4

Tricky Towers is a delightful and challenging puzzle game where players don the robes of a wizard and engage in a magical building competition. The main objective is to stack bricks to construct the tallest and most stable tower. Players use a variety of spells to enhance their building efforts or to disrupt their opponents. This introduces a strategic layer to the gameplay, where choosing the right moment to use a spell can make a big difference. The physics-based mechanics mean that each brick must be placed carefully, as towers can easily become unstable and topple over.

Here, players have access to over 17 different spells, adding a magical twist to traditional block-stacking games. There are light spells that help strengthen your tower and dark spells that create obstacles for your rivals. The game also offers multiple modes to keep players engaged. In survival mode, the challenge is to keep your tower standing for as long as possible. The race mode is all about speed, where the goal is to build the tallest tower quickly. Puzzle mode presents unique challenges that test your problem-solving skills. In addition to this, Tricky Towers can be enjoyed in local multiplayer with up to three friends or online against wizards from around the world.

2. The Wild at Heart

The Wild at Heart - Launch Trailer | PS4

In The Wild at Heart, players take control of an ever-expanding group of magical creatures called Spritelings. These small, quirky beings follow your commands to overcome obstacles, gather resources, and combat wild creatures. You can use them to clear debris, build new paths, or even battle against supernatural enemies. The game centers around two young runaways discovering the secrets of a forgotten world, filled with enchanting environments and complex challenges.

Exploration is key in the vast, mysterious realm known as the Deep Woods. This secluded world is bursting with ancient shrines, dense forests, and hidden caves, each packed with puzzles and secrets. Players will uncover the long-lost stories of this magical place, solving riddles and revealing hidden treasures. The more you explore, the more resources you find that can help strengthen your camp and Spriteling army. As night falls in this game, the world transforms. Darkness brings danger, as malevolent creatures emerge in the shadows. So, staying close to campfire light becomes crucial for survival until dawn.

1. Animal Well

Animal Well - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games

Wrapping up our list of the best puzzle games on PlayStation Plus, Animal Well presents players with an intricate labyrinth to explore. This game is all about discovering the unknown and manipulating the environment in meaningful ways. Players begin their adventure by emerging from a flower, setting the stage for a journey through interconnected caverns filled with secrets. Each area offers new items and challenges..

In Animal Well, the world around you is alive with both beauty and danger. You will light candles to push away the darkness and use items found on your path to solve puzzles. These items often have multiple uses, adding layers of complexity and surprise to your adventure. The map fills out gradually as you explore, allowing you to venture through the game in any order you prefer.

The game focuses more on suspense and tension rather than direct action. You will assess threats and use your surroundings to avoid dangers. Every detail in the environment could be a clue or a tool, and understanding how to interact with these elements is key to survival.

So, what's your take on these best picks? Are there any other titles on PlayStation Plus that you believe deserve a mention? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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