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5 Best Stealth Games on Xbox Game Pass

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Stealth games, despite having a fairly large fan base, really don't get the same representation as a lot of categories out there. Fortunately for Game Pass users, though, such a realm exists within its ever-evolving catalog of cloud-based freebies. And it's a realm in bloom, too, with even more stealth games finding their ways to the library than ever before.

Of course, if you're actually searching for the best stealth games that are beyond worthy of playing, then you're pretty much spoilt for choice, really. That said, if you only have the time to slug, crawl, and tiptoe through a select few, then look no further. These are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best stealth games on Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate right now.

5. Aragami 2

Aragami 2 - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

Aragami 2 once again returns to let you live out your wildest fantasy of playing the cursed shenobi in a war-torn land plagued by a forbidden curse. As one of the last surviving Aragami—a cursed warrior who has the power to control the shadows, but at the cost of losing their vitality—you are tasked with venturing forth to restore balance to your clan, and ultimately seek out the opposing clan that pulls the strings from the nearby shadows and keeps your kind from existing freely.

Similar to the first game, Aragami 2 is built around a smooth blend of full-frontal combat and stealth-based tactics. It's your role, as one of your clan's final few warriors capable enough of restoring hope, to embark on an epic quest from the comfort of the shadow realm. With the shadows themselves under your control and an entire army of corrupted rivals against you, you must alter between strategies in order to make a dent in their evil schemes. How will you dethrone the Akatsuchi clan? The weight of the world falls on your shoulders in this long-awaited ninja-themed sequel.

4. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 - Official Debut Trailer

Dishonored 2 certainly brings a lot to the table—especially in the sandbox department. Having already proven itself as one of the generation's most versatile combat and stealth IPs, a sequel was bound to happen sooner or later. And, true to its roots, it delivered one of the best steampunk-like stealth experiences ever conceived for ex-gen hardware. With more weapons, more locations, and an entire nexus of alternate pathways to explore and exploit, it took the standard Dishonored formula and evolved it, tenfold.

Serving as the sequel to 2012's award-winning chapter, Dishonored 2 casts its focus on Empress Emily Kaldwin and her mask-wielding father, Corvo Attano, as they attempt to reclaim the throne following a bitter betrayal by Delilah Copperspoon, a power-hungry witch on a quest to conquer Dunwall and its surrounding regions. With both Emily and Corvo serving as playable protagonists, Dishonored 2 essentially doubles the amount of content. Its a textbook example of full-fat stealth, and it's well worth checking out.

3. Hitman: World of Assassination

HITMAN World of Assassination - Launch Trailer

Truth be told, no other stealth series in the world has ever come anywhere near as close to attaining absolute perfection of IO Interactive's Hitman. And what better way to celebrate this position as one of the genre-defining favorites than to formulate a bundle? That's World of Assassination, in a nutshell, and it boasts all of the best content from the entire trilogy, plus a treasure trove of exclusive content and DLC for Game Pass subscribers.

Hitman: World of Assassination doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating top-notch stealth games. That said, it does add copious amounts of polish to what's already on display, effectively providing its players with a full-fledged Hitman experience. With 20 missions and add-ons to boot, this Game Pass special conjures up an all-in-one vessel, warts and all.

2. Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 – Cinematic Trailer | PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X S, PS4, PS5

Sniper Elite returns with the fifth instalment in its stealth-based war saga, featuring far more bullet cams and clean-cut executions than all four previous entries combined. In the latest venture, players are invited to reunite with legendary sniper Karl Fairburne as he works to unravel a Nazi plot known only as “Operation Kracken.” Once again, budding weaponsmiths will have the opportunity to traverse a wide variation of open-world playgrounds and infiltrate top-secret facilities.

What makes Sniper Elite 5 the powerhouse game that it is, is its sandbox elements. As a story with a myriad of locations and objectives, the actual telling of the narrative falls entirely on you. Question is, will you play it with stealth in mind, or will you hurl yourself into the thick of the action, all guns blazing? In Sniper Elite 5, it's completely up to you to unearth the anchor points and further progress the campaign.

1. Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 - Announcement Trailer

Hello Neighbor 2 is a funny old nut to crack. On the one hand, it invites you in as a somewhat beginner-friendly adventure game with a cartoonish aesthetic. But on the other, it shields the fact that, in reality, it's a pretty challenging stealth game—and a pretty eerie one, at that. The fact is, even if you're not entirely convinced by its chosen art style, it's a journey well worth embarking on, if only to discover the answer to that one all-important question: what's tucked away beneath Mr Peterson's basement?

Hello Neighbor 2 builds on the original by not only giving you more puzzles to solve, but an entire community to explore and transform into your own hub for solving mysteries and missing persons cases. As an investigative journalist, you will sneak, tiptoe, and sprint through the quaint town of Raven Brooks in search of answers. Who is Mr Peterson, and what is the town keeping secret?


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above five games over Xbox Game Pass? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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