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5 Games You Should Play Before Sniper Elite 5

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5 Games You Should Play Before Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 returns with an upgrade on the series' fundamentals, putting you back in the third-person experience. The game provides the wide range of stealth choices that Sniper Elite fans expect and enjoy since the series began in 2005. It now includes a few more tweaks, such as deeper weapon modification and vast map designs that enable a variety of ways to play. This feature improves or rather revolutionizes what players already loved about Sniper Elite 4.

But before the games Sniper Elite 5 drops there are other games that will provide you with almost the same enjoyable sniper experience. So without further ado, here are five games you should play before Sniper Elite 5.


5. Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin 

5 Games You Should Play Before Sniper Elite 5

It may not be exactly a sniper game, but nothing stops you from using the rifle constantly in the game. Sniping has always been an option in the Hitman games. Since the Hitman games are designed to be a sandbox, you can bring whatever gear you want to each mission. Despite the fact that bullet “behavior” may be a little impractical, the game will always be an exciting experience. 

Game developer  IO Interactive published Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin in 2018 as the year's most anticipated release. The developer did not attempt to reinvent the wheel but kept its gameplay comparable to that of its predecessor in 2016. In addition to the return of the Agent 47 briefcase, which allowed players to conceal heavy weapons, there were some new inventions, such as concussive gadgets that supplied players with useful non-lethal tools.

Sniper Missions in Hitman 2 aren't really mini-games at all, as they offer as much depth and challenge as a full-length mission. To what some may consider main-game padding, precision targeting, secondary objectives, and multiple targets all contribute experience to unlocked equipment, enhancing replayability.


4. Zombie Army Trilogy

This list of games you should play before Sniper Elite 5 will indeed be incomplete without mentioning the Sniper Elite’s spin-off franchise, Zombie Army. The game is a third person shooter that lets us take on Nazi zombies. Sniping is possible in the game, but it isn't expected of the player. The thrill of blowing off the skull of a zombie running towards you is sublime.

Zombie Army Trilogy encourages players to take out the enemies from distance with their sniper rifle rather than attacking them head-on. The series has a more straightforward level design, with less emphasis on stealth and more emphasis on action. Players can complete all tasks on their own, but it's far more enjoyable to do it with a companion; we strongly encourage you to do so. The thrill of having your colleagues flank you as you take shots at Hitler's silly visage makes this a fantastic multiplayer gameplay. 


3. Grand Theft Auto 5 


Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5) as a franchise has expanded the limits of third-person shooters and enabled the genre to flourish in many ways. Although Rockstar's shooting techniques may not appeal to all of us, GTA 5 is a great place to start. In terms of plot, weapons, or freedom, GTA 5 has been the most popular game since it launched in 2013.  There are three characters to play Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton. Although Grand Theft Auto is a sandbox game, it has had a significant impact on the gaming industry in general, but specifically on the genre of third-person shooting games.


2. Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 

5 Games You Should Play Before Sniper Elite 5

Fans have regarded the Ghost Warrior series as the modern-day Sniper Elite since its debut.  Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts, the fourth installment in the series, launched in 2019. The game uses mission-based settings rather than the open-world nature of its predecessors. Despite the more structured framework, the missions are still designed to be semi-open. This feature allows players to approach targets in a variety of ways. Contracts is one of the most challenging sniper games accessible, thanks to the realistic bullet physics and the necessity for precision and timing.

There are various ways to approach each open world hub map in Contracts. In addition, the game provides a variety of obstacles to overcome in order to eliminate your targets. Therefore, you have the option of taking a long-distance headshot or using the crane to drop it on them. You get to make the call. The game uses rather realistic sniper physics, making the game quite challenging. A shot that would be easy in other games is incredibly difficult here. If you are up to the challenge, it's an excellent choice.


1. Sniper Elite Series

5 Games You Should Play Before Sniper Elite 5

You may also want to learn about the previous Sniper Elite games in order to get the most out of the latest one. There's no better way to understand Karl Fairburne's character than to explore the franchise he represents. V2 is a great starting place for beginners, as it was just remastered in 2019.

Sniper Elite 3 and Sniper Elite 4 built on the success of their predecessors. Sniper Elite 3 brings gamers to the harsh yet exotic landscape of North Africa for such a brutal battle against the German Afrika Korps.  And Sniper Elite 4 mixes genre-defining lethality, breath-taking evolving stealth, and riveting third-person. The game's setting occurs in the world's most diverse landscapes yet to be witnessed in a Sniper Elite title. Sniper Elite 4 takes players on an epic journey through Italy, with all of these features at our disposal.

The option to approach objectives in multiple orders thanks to the introduction of open-world components provides players more flexibility in their sniping. An ever-expanding arsenal of configurable weaponry provides X-ray-fueled Nazi-killing action, so you can get up to speed until the new one comes out.


So, what’s your take?  Do you agree with our top five games you should play before Sniper Elite 5 ? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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