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5 Best Mario Party Games of All Time, Ranked

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Since its premiere in 1988, Nintendo's popular Mario Party franchise has continued to entertain fans with its competitive style. The popular game series features a collection of mini-games and various coin-collecting adventures. The board game series is a fun way of connecting with allies and family. In its first week, Mario Party games sold a whopping 622,103 copies in retail, with over 16.48 million games sold since its launch.

What makes these games popular? Here's a look into some of the top-rated Mario Party games of all time, Ranked. 

 5: Mario Party 5 (2003)

Mario Party 5

A year later, after Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5 was launched as the fifth installment in the Mario Party franchise. The game is a successor to Mario party 4, which also features four players. This fifth installment allows players to interact using visual boards using Mario characters. You can play as Mario, Wario, Daisy, Waluigi, Boo, Toad, Koopa Kid, or Peach. Players also get to enjoy a range of more than 70 new mini-games at the end of each turn. The best part about the mini-games is that you can set your own settings and rules. 

In this GameCube party action, Mario and his team are on a quest to restore peace to Dream World. Using unique time capsules on the boards, players can change their locations. The game is a game of skill, quick reaction, and chance like other games. Players move around the board by rolling the dice and get to contest in mini-battles for coins.   

The game's graphics are reasonably adequate, featuring well-designed player models and easy, scrollable-3D boards and maps. The game supports Dolby Pro-Logic II and progressive scan 480 modes for HDTV players.


4. Mario Party 2 (1999)

Mario Party 2

Next up on the list is the second installment of the Mario Party Franchise. Although the game dates to two decades ago, props are given to the graphics quality at the time. The game starts with Toad telling a story to the player about how Mario and his crew plan on changing the name of Mario land. Right before they agree on the name, Bowser attacks and lays a wager that whoever defeats Bowser gets to rename the ground.

Mario Party 2 allows four players to select characters from the mushroom kingdom gang. While rolling dice, players can move across the interactive board and collect stars. The player with the most stars wins the game. Players can also win stars through strategy or buy them with coins earned in the mini-games. Mini-games take place at the end of each round. 

Despite the game having a limit on the number of players and boards, the goofy mini-games are simple and quite entertaining for family and friends. This second multi-player series also allows players to dress up their characters according to different themes. Wouldn't you like to see Donkey Kong dressed up in a pink dress? The game features six boards, with the last board only unlockable after playing the five boards. 


3. Super Mario Party (2018)

Super Mario Party

A classic re-tell of the Mario franchise party, this 11th Nintendo installment features a variety of modes for a fun and exciting adventure for players. The classic board has been revamped and features customizable dices for each player. The game also includes hardware upgrades, including Joy-con controllers for players to use in mini-games. 

The game play is still the same. Four players take turns rolling the dice and race for stars across the board. The significant difference is that players experience new character dice blocks, new boards, and an entire party system.

A new addition to the game is that you can pair up two Nintendo Switch systems and explore the new Toad's rec room mode. The game has only four boards to choose from, and they are also less linear compared to other Mario Party games. With 80 mini-games to play, put your strategy to the test and win more coins.


2. Mario Party DS (2007)

Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS is a great game for Mario fans of all ages. This was the last game developed by Husson Soft, before the series switched to Ncube. last game Hudson Soft developedThe gameplay is simple enough that young children can play, but there are also enough challenges and puzzles to keep adults entertained.

The graphics and sound in Mario Party DS are both excellent. The game features colorful, vibrant graphics that really bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life. The characters and environments are all faithful to the Mario series. Additionally, the game's music is cheerful and upbeat, providing an enjoyable backdrop for the gameplay. One of Mario Party DS's strongest features is its multiplayer mode. Up to four players can compete against each other in a variety of minigames, and the action is always fast-paced and enjoyable. The game also includes a number of different modes that allow for plenty of replay value. Whether you're playing by yourself or with friends, Mario Party DS is sure to provide hours of entertainment.


1. Mario Party 4 (2002)

Mario Party 4

Mario Party 4 takes the lead as the best-ranked Nintendo series. In this classical fourth Nintendo installment, players are spoilt for choice with several modes to choose from. -party mode, pure mini mode, single-player story mode. The game includes 50 new mini-games and five new game boards. The diverse range of mini-game is what makes this multi-player series quite popular. Each game has its unique entertainment touch coupled with zany challenges.

The game's visuals are significantly upgraded from its predecessor, and the eight playable characters are well refined and animated. The characters are not any different from the others in the Mario series; however, they don't appear blocky and untextured in the game environment. The game is a mix of bad and good when it comes to visuals. Other than that, the most exciting experience to indulge in is the mini-games. Every mini-game gives players the chance to compete for coins which they can later use to buy stars or other customizable items from the store.

The Mario Party 4 series is a fun-filled game to enjoy with family or friends. The mini-games offer so much diversity, it is impossible to get bored. 

So there you go, the five best Mario Party games of all time, ranked. Do you agree with our listing? Let us know in our socials here or leave us a comment below.

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