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5 Best On-Rails Shooters on Nintendo Switch

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On-Rails Shooters bring with them a nostalgic feeling for many players. The layout and feel of these games invoke memories of classic arcade titles for many who enjoy the genre. That said, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best possible platforms for this type of gameplay. Additionally, there are many titles within this genre to choose from. With its portability & handheld nature, it compliments the style of On-Rails Shooters quite well. To highlight the best of the best, here are the 5 Best On-Rails Shooters on Switch.

5. Astrodogs

Astrodogs - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

For our first entry on today's list of the best On-Rails Shooters on the Nintendo Switch, here we have Astrodogs. For players looking for a title that not only has a unique aesthetic but a concept as well, this title is for you. Players must traverse space in order to defeat an evil corporation of dogs as a Shiba Inu, which, on its own, is a unique concept, but it is in how the game implements its On-Rails mechanics that really makes it shine. The types of environments & enemies you will be facing are rather varied in this title, which greatly adds to the moment-to-moment gameplay.

In addition to this, the game features several ways to play. There are different weapons for players to choose from, each of which greatly affects the core gameplay in their own way. This is great, as it allows players to approach the game in their own unique way. From hyperbeams to homing missiles and more, the player has tons of options in terms of armaments in the game. All around, if you are looking for one of the most unique and best On-Rails Shooters on Switch, check out Astrodogs.

4. Aaero: Complete Edition

Aaero: Complete Edition - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

We are continuing on with our list of the best On-Rails Shooters available on Nintendo Switch with Aaero: Complete Edition. For players looking for one of the most visually stunning and auditorily unique entries on this list, this title certainly fits the bill. The concept of the game is rather simple. But it is in its execution of that idea that this game really shows its potential. In Aaero: Complete Edition, players are tasked with battling enemies using the power of rhythm. With the game's very nature being focused around this rhythmic gameplay, it is really interesting & easy to jump into.

The stellar visuals of the game also make for a treat for the eyes, with unique design in both the levels & characters. This not only makes the game stand out in a substantial way, but it also enhances the overall experience as well. In the game, there are huge boss battles for players to undertake. These challenges feel not only rewarding but simply fun to undergo as well. All in all, Aaero: Complete Edition is one of the best On-Rails Shooters available on Nintendo Switch.

3. Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Our next entry will serve as a blast from the past for many players out there. Here, we have Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission. For fans of On-Rails Shooters in arcades in the 1980s, this title will no doubt stand out. Featuring both a normal and VR version of the game, this title has been revamped to include many features that players today will no doubt enjoy. One such feature that players are no doubt going to love is the inclusion of a Survival mode within the game. As the name would imply, this mode sees players facing off against many waves of enemies in order to hold out for as long as they can.

This type of gameplay wonderfully ties into the core gameplay as well. The game also features a varied amount of weapons for players to choose from as well. This not only gives the players many options when facing their opponents but is also simply great to see. Visually, the game has been reimagined for the modern era while retaining much of what makes the original title so fantastic. To close, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission is one of the best On-Rails Shooters available on Nintendo Switch.

2. Shapeshooter

Shapeshooter | Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

We are following up on our last entry with a conceptually interesting title that is sure to grab your attention. Here, we have Shapeshooter. For players who are looking for a visually unique game, this game delivers wholeheartedly. In this game, which pulls heavily from arcade classics for its aesthetics, players are tasked with clearing out colonies in space from creatures known as polygoneers. If players are interested in ramping up the difficulty present within their On-Rails Shooters, this title certainly has you covered. The fast and frantic gameplay will require the player to be on their toes at all times.

There are a total of five different weapons in the game, which can be upgraded to the player's specifications. This not only gives the player great control of their arsenal, but also in how it affects the world around them. Players are able to upgrade weapons, shields, and practically whatever else they will need to survive. The blood-pumping soundtrack also keeps the player in the action as well, which is wonderful to see. In closing, Shapeshooter is one of the best On-Rails Shooters on Nintendo Switch.

1. New Pokemon Snap

New Pokémon Snap - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

For our final entry on today's list of the best On-Rail Shooters on Nintendo Switch, we have a New Pokemon Snap. Despite not having any shooting mechanics, the fantastic On-Rails mechanics of this title no doubt qualify it for this list. In New Pokemon Snap, players are tasked with the tranquil yet surprisingly challenging task of photographing various Pokemon in their natural habitats. In doing so, players will have to concern themselves with things such as photo framing and timing their shots correctly in order to receive the highest ranking possible.

This is much easier said than done, however. For example, many Pokemon have different schedules & different actions they can take. Capturing these actions in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but provides tons of information is no small feat. However, this game, as it doesn't directly have any adversarial gameplay, is a great way to introduce new players to the concept of On-Rails Shooters. For these reasons, we consider New Pokemon Snap to be one of the best On-Rails Shooters on Nintendo Switch.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best On-Rails Shooters on Switch? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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