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5 Best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5



Running through neon colored lights in On-Rails Shooter Rez Infinite.

Despite being a relatively niche sub-genre within gaming, On-Rail Shooters are still great to this day. The simple yet refined gameplay loop present in these games is as entertaining as they have been in the past. Additionally, as with any genre, the strides in technology and design philosophy have also seen some great additions over time. This is wonderful to see for fans of the genre or anyone who has yet to dive into these games. With that said, here are the 5 Best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5

5. Wild Guns Reloaded

Wild Guns Reloaded - PS4 Teaser Trailer

We are kicking off today's list of the best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5 with Wild Guns Reloaded. For players looking for a blast of nostalgia or simply a phenomenal On-Rails experience, this title has you covered. In this wonderful reimagining of an arcade classic, players can look forward to smooth gameplay and stylish presentation. As the game included extra content added to the game, there are tons of new things to explore in Wild Guns Reloaded. For example, the game features new characters for players to choose from.

In addition to this, there are new enemies & stages for players to enjoy as well. Wild Guns is a title that is still near and dear to many On-Rails Shooter fans out there, and this wonderful title is a testament to that appreciation. Players can also bring in up to three friends for up to four-person cooperative play. This makes the game not only more fun and accessible but also a great vehicle to get your friends into On-Rails Shooters. In short, Wild Guns Reloaded is one of the best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5.

4. Battle Stations Blockade

Battle Stations Blockade Trailer

Next up on our ist of the best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5, here we have Battle Stations Blockade. For players looking for a classic On-Rails experience with a naval twist, this game has you covered. Players are able to utilize a vast array of weapons as waves of enemies attack them. This 3D rail shooter, despite being the most recently released on our list, has phenomenal gameplay to enjoy solo or with friends. The game also features local co-op, which is great to see as well. One of the game's most defining features is its distinct art style, which utilizes pixel art to great effect.

For more competitively-minded players, the game also features a ranked mode for players to enjoy. This is great, as it allows you to test your shooting skills against other players in a way that feels impactful and fun. Along the way, players will find themselves not only defeating other naval vessels, but planes as well. This not only gives players more dimensions to think about in terms of the game's combat but also varies the gameplay quite a bit. To close, Battle Stations Blockade is one of the best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5.

3. Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite - Release Date Trailer | PS5 & PS VR2 Games

We are switching things up considerably with our next entry on our list. Here, we have Rez Infinite. For players looking for a sleek and stylish On-Rails Shooter, this title definitely fits the bill. In terms of the sheer quality of the game's levels, as well as its difficulty, this title is perhaps the most impressive on today's list. The addition of VR to the game is also fantastic, as the game's aesthetically, as well as gameplay-wise meshes very well with the use of VR. One of the game's shining features is its stellar audio design.

This game uses 3D audio to great effect and immerses the player fully within its world, which is fantastic. Additionally, the techno-laden soundtrack is sure to keep players in the game, especially when coupled with its fast-paced gameplay. Visually, Rez Infinite is one of the most impressive entries on today's list, both in style, as well as graphical quality. Being able to enjoy this title in VR is also a huge benefit of the game as well. In closing, Rez Infinite is one of the best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5.

2. Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

We are following up on our last phenomenal entry with another extremely strong title. Here, we have Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission. For players who have been fans of On-Rails Shooters since their inception, this title's inclusion on today's list should come as no surprise. The sheer quality of the gameplay present within this title speaks for itself. While the arcade cult classic that this title is based on may not have had the strongest name recognition in the past, this new version of the game beautifully pays homage while adding to the experience.

There are several additions to the game that make it stand out. One of the most important additions is the addition of a Survival mode. This mode, as the name would imply, sees players trying to hold out against wave after wave of enemies. This makes it great for players who are enthralled by the game's core gameplay loop and want to test their skills. The game also features new weapons, adding to the sense of variety even more. In conclusion, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission is one of the best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5.

1. The House of the Dead Remake

The House of the Dead: Remake - Official PS5 Trailer

We are wrapping up our list today of the best On-Rails Shooters available for PlayStation 5 with a title very near and dear to player's hearts. Here, we have The House of the Dead Remake. For fans of the On-Rails Shooter genre, the House of the Dead franchise is a staple. The game features local two-player cooperative play, which is great to see, as it mimics the local play of the arcade version of the game. There are multiple endings for players to discover and enjoy as well, which is wonderful.

There is much to love within this title, including new game modes, as well as new boss enemies for players to pit themselves against. In addition to this, the game features achievements and multiple endings, greatly boosting the game's replayability factor. The graphical update to the game also makes each of the encounters with your enemies pop off of the screen, which is magnificent. In closing, The House of the Dead Remake is one of the best On-Rails Shooters available on PlayStation 5.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best On-Rails Shooters on PlayStation 5? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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