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5 Best Kids Games on Xbox Game Pass (February 2024)

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Kids game on Xbox Game Pass with animals

If you've ever watched a child play and learn, you'll know there's a unique kind of joy in it. Today, video games are a big part of children's playtime. They offer a world full of fun and learning. But, with so many games out there, how can you pick the best ones for kids? So, to help you pick the best games, we have made a list of the five kids' games on Xbox Game Pass that mix fun and learning perfectly.

5. Dordogne

Dordogne - Launch Trailer

First up, Dordogne brings players into a colorful and touching story where you play as Mimi, exploring her family's past. The game mixes exploring beautiful places with finding items that help tell Mimi's story. As you move through the game's world, painted like a watercolor picture, you gather photos, sounds, and things that remind Mimi of her past. This way, everyone playing creates their own special story in Mimi's journal, making each journey through the game unique.

What's more, this game lets players feel like they're part of making the story. The beautiful places you explore are more than just backgrounds; they're like pieces of art you can interact with. Adding things to Mimi's journal lets you be creative, capturing the small, important moments of the journey.

Moreover, throughout the adventure, playing Dordogne feels like going on a meaningful trip that mirrors Mimi's own discoveries. The game's world, filled with vibrant colors and life, turns into a place where you can think, discover, and grow.

4. A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left is coming to Xbox!

Following up on A Little to the Left, players dive into a calming game where sorting, stacking, and organizing stuff around the house turns into a fun activity. This game is all about making things look neat and tidy, with over 100 different puzzles to solve. It's simple to get the hang of, which means everyone can enjoy it. The game keeps throwing new challenges at you, so there's always a fresh mess to clean up. Plus, it feels really good to see everything in its right place after you're done.

In this game, there's also a playful cat that likes to mess things up. This adds a fun twist because, as you're trying to make everything neat, the cat will come and mix things up again. This means players have to think on their feet and keep an eye on the cat, adding laughter and surprises to the game. The game is designed to be relaxing and welcoming. All in all, it shows how simple tasks like cleaning can be enjoyable and calming, makes it a special game on Xbox Game Pass.

3. Spacelines from the Far Out

Spacelines From the Far Out Xbox Game Pass Announcement

Spacelines from the Far Out lets players manage a fun, 60s-style space airline. In this game, you can team up with friends, both in the same room and online, to keep your airline running smoothly. You get to fly the spaceship, make sure all your passengers are happy, and deal with any surprises space throws at you. The game is full of things to discover, like new spaceships, ways to make your ship better, and cool items for your airline.

Every trip in the game is different, thanks to its special Trip Generator. This means you'll never get bored because each flight brings new places to see, challenges to face, and passengers to meet. Plus, the game's AI keeps an eye on how you're doing and changes things up to keep it interesting, whether you're playing by yourself or with others.

In addition to this, passengers in this game are pretty special. They all have their own likes and dislikes and react to what's happening around them. If they're not happy with how you're running things, you might get a surprise inspection. Additionally, you also get to build and customize your perfect spaceship. There are 15 different parts of the ship you can upgrade. Proceeding in the game, you'll find hidden packages that let you unlock new stuff for your airline, like logos, colors, and even new characters to play with.

2. Party Animals

Party Animals 2023 Official Trailer

Party Animals is a game where you play as cute animals like puppies and rabbit and have fun battles with your friends. You can play with them online or all together on one screen, laughing and having a great time as the game's physics make things wild and unpredictable. Imagine the fun of tossing your friends around as adorable little animals in a game that's all about making those fun memories last.

Furthermore, the game keeps things exciting by letting you and your friends find new ways to play and compete in over a hundred different scenarios. And thanks to the game's smart use of physics, every move leads to funny and unexpected moments, making every match a new adventure. In short, Party Animals is about coming back for more fun, figuring out new tactics, and enjoying the silly chaos together.

1. Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky's Tale Launch Trailer

Super Lucky's Tale sweeps players off their feet into a vibrant, whimsical world where the charm of classic platforming meets modern design. As Lucky, a sprightly fox with a heart full of courage, players embark on a delightful journey through an array of dazzling environments. From the lush, verdant fields of Lucky's home to the desolate, sandy stretches of desert lands, every level brims with life, hiding secrets and treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Also, the game is great for everyone, no matter if you've played many games or just a few. It mixes old-style game fun with new tricks and challenges. There are lots of levels where you have to jump carefully or figure out puzzles, and side missions that give you cool rewards. The game's world is a big playground waiting for you to jump in. So, with Lucky, you'll go on an adventure that feels both new and familiar.

So, what's your take on these games? Have you tried any of these kids' games, or do you have other favorites on Xbox Game Pass that we didn't mention? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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