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5 Best Kids Games Like Bluey: The Videogame



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Video games for kids have come a long way, and Bluey: The Videogame is a perfect example of how fun and engaging they can be. This game, inspired by the popular TV show “Bluey,” lets kids step into a colorful world where they can play and explore with Bluey and her family. With easy-to-understand gameplay and lots of exciting activities, it's quickly become a favorite for kids and their parents. And if you are in search of the best kids games like Bluey: The Videogame, you have come to the right place.

5. Paw Patrol: On a Roll

Paw Patrol - PS4/XB1/SWITCH - On A Roll! (Trailer)

Paw Patrol: On a Roll brings the fun and adventure of the Paw Patrol TV show into a game that's perfect for kids. In the game, players get to be the heroes, just like the pups on the show. They go on missions to help out and save the day in the game's colorful world, Adventure Bay. These missions are just right for young players – not too hard, but still really fun and interesting. Also, the game is super easy for kids to get the hang of. The controls are simple, so even kids who haven't played many video games can jump right in and start having fun.

But this game is also about learning good stuff like teamwork. In the game, each pup has a special skill. Players have to figure out which pup to use for different tasks. This teaches kids about working together and solving problems. Plus, it keeps the game interesting, because they get to do different things in each mission. The game looks and feels just like the Paw Patrol TV show, which is really cool for fans of the show. The characters and places in the game look just like they do on TV. Overall, Paw Patrol: On a Roll is a fantastic choice for individuals searching for games like Bluey: The Videogame.

4. Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi's Crafted World - Launch trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Yoshi's Crafted World is a game that's really fun and easy for kids to play. The game looks like it’s made out of things you can find around the house, like cardboard and fabric, which makes it look really cool and creative. It's like stepping into a colorful, crafty world where everything is waiting to be explored. Playing the game is pretty straightforward but still super fun. Yoshi, the cute green dinosaur, goes on adventures through these crafty levels. There's this neat trick in the game where you can flip the view to see hidden areas and surprises.

Another great thing about Yoshi's Crafted World is that you can play with a friend. Each player gets to be a Yoshi, and you have to work together to get through the levels and beat the bad guys. This is really fun for playing with brothers, sisters, or friends and teaches how to play and solve problems together. Also, there are special things to collect in each level, which makes you want to explore more and play levels again.

3. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated - Pre-Order Trailer | PS4

Up next on our list of the best kids games like Bluey: The Videogame, we have SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated. It is a fun game that brings the underwater world of Bikini Bottom to life. It's a newer version of an old favorite from 2003, and it looks and plays better than ever. In the game, players get to be SpongeBob, Patrick, or Sandy, and each character has special skills that make the game more exciting. The game takes players through places they might recognize from the TV show, like the Krusty Krab and Jellyfish Fields.

The levels in the game are really well-made. They're full of color and interesting things to see and do, making it fun for players to explore. There are also hidden items to find, which adds an extra bit of fun to the game. Players get to search all around the levels for these special items, which makes the game more interesting. Also, fans of the SpongeBob TV show will love this game because it feels just like the show.

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is another fun and relaxing game that kids really enjoy. In this game, players arrive on a deserted island and their job is to make it a lively place. They do this by doing things like fishing, catching bugs, and looking for fossils. These activities are not just fun but also help kids learn to be patient and to love nature. It follows real-world times and seasons. This means that the game changes throughout the year – there’s snow in winter and falling leaves in autumn. These changes make the island look beautiful and give players new things to do.

The game also has a bunch of animal characters that live on the island. Each one has its own personality. Players can talk to them and do small tasks to help them out. This part of the game is really fun and teaches kids about friendship and being part of a community. It shows them how being nice and helpful can make a big difference to their animal friends. Lastly, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is great for kids because it lets them be creative. Players can decide how their island looks, from where houses go to designing clothes and paths. This lets kids use their imagination and make choices about their own little world. It’s a lot like playing in a big, virtual playground where they can create whatever they can think of.

1. My Friend Peppa Pig

My Friend Peppa Pig - Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Taking the top spot is My Friend Peppa Pig, a game that captures the fun and adventure of being a kid. In this game, players get to make their own character and jump into a world that looks just like the Peppa Pig TV show. The game is really easy for kids to play, with simple controls and a friendly design. Kids can explore places they know from the show, like Peppa's house and her school, and find fun activities and friends in each spot.

Players can go on fun trips with Peppa and her buddies, like a trip to the moon or an underwater adventure. This way, kids get to decide what happens in the game, which is fun and helps them think creatively. The game moves at a nice, easy pace, so it's always fun and never too hard or stressful for little ones. Talking and playing with the characters is a big part of this game. All the characters from the Peppa Pig show are there, and they talk and act just like they do on TV. Overall, it is one of the best kids games like Bluey: The Videogame because it's all about exploring and having fun in a world made for kids.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our picks, or are there other titles you'd recommend? Let us know on our socials here.

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