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5 Best Kids Games on iOS & Android (July 2024)

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Jungle-themed kids mobile game with animals and an explorer character

Mobile devices are everywhere today, and kids love to play games on them. With so many games to choose from, it's hard for parents to know which ones are best for their children. Some games are just fun, while others can help kids learn and grow. We understand this challenge. So, we've searched and found games that are not only enjoyable but also great for young minds. Here we have handpicked five of the best kids games on iOS & Android.

5. Lego Duplo Marvel


For the fans of superheroes and imaginative play, Lego Duplo Marvel offers an exciting and educational experience for young children. The game allows kids to join beloved Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Captain America on thrilling adventures. Each play pack provides an open-ended play environment, where children can help their favorite heroes save the day. For example, they can shoot webs with Spidey or rescue a cat with Captain America. This open-ended approach fosters imagination, and lets players engage in pretend play and develop self-confidence through positive play experiences.

Moreover, Lego Duplo Marvel includes problem-solving challenges that support a child’s learning and development. The game encourages curiosity through explore-and-discover play patterns. Also, kids can build amazing structures using virtual 3D Lego Duplo bricks, adding a layer of creativity and self-expression to the gameplay. They might even create their own Spider-Man headquarters. These building activities stimulate reasoning and problem-solving skills, as children figure out how to construct various objects and solve puzzles.

Additionally, the game promotes the development of creativity and self-expression by offering endless play possibilities with virtual Lego Duplo bricks, props, and characters. Players can experiment with different building techniques and scenarios, enhancing their creative skills. Furthermore, the engaging problem-solving challenges help them practice reasoning in a fun and interactive way.

4. Fiete Hide and Seek

Fiete Hide And Seek: Peek-a-boo Kids App with cute Animals | Hidden Objects Game

Fiete Hide and Seek is a delightful game that brings the classic childhood game of hide-and-seek to digital life. In this charming peekaboo game, players must find the hidden sailor Fiete in various colorful landscapes. Here, they will encounter a variety of cute animals like cats, tigers, and foxes. These adorable creatures add extra fun, as children must determine which hiding spots contain Fiete and which are occupied by the animals.

The game offers an engaging experience with its simple yet captivating gameplay. Children use their fingers to tap on different objects, such as rocks, trees, and plants, to reveal what is hiding behind them. They may find themselves tickling a baby fox, discovering a little raccoon, or stroking a kitten, adding to the interactive and tactile nature of the game. Each successful discovery of Fiete progresses the player to the next level, which presents new and unique landscapes with fresh hiding spots and more animals to find.

3. PAW Patrol Rescue World

PAW Patrol Rescue World | Mobile Game Trailer

PAW Patrol Rescue World is a fun and interactive game for young children, based on the popular PAW Patrol TV show. In this game, kids can explore Adventure Bay and join their favorite rescue pups on exciting missions. It is designed for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten-aged kids, making sure the content is safe and easy to understand. When trouble arises in Adventure Bay, players can call for help and choose a pup to save the day. The game features characters like Chase, Skye, Marshall, Zuma, Everest, Rocky, and Tracker, with more pups being added regularly. Here, each pup has a special skill and vehicle for different rescue scenarios.

Players can explore Adventure Bay freely, finding many activities and unlocking new content as they go. The game encourages kids to interact with their environment, which sparks curiosity and exploration. Also, hero missions are a key part of the game, where players must pick the right pup for the job. These missions involve tasks like saving animals, fixing bridges, and helping friends. Plus, the game's mechanics are simple, so young players can easily understand and complete the missions.

2. Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4

Toca Hair Salon 4 | Google Play Trailer

The Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4 offers an exciting and creative experience for young stylists. The game allows players to cut, color, and style hair and beards in countless ways. With tools for trimming, shaving, and even regrowing hair, kids can experiment with different looks and styles. The station includes curling irons, straighteners, and texturizing tools. Adding a splash of color is simple with the wide array of hair dyes available. This station truly embodies the idea of “your hair salon, your rules.”

Next, the face station adds another layer of fun and creativity. By purchasing this expansion, players gain access to a variety of makeup tools. This station offers every color imaginable for creating stunning makeovers. Players can enhance their characters with lush lashes using mascara, apply eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush with precision, or even use face paints for a more adventurous look. This station ensures that the makeovers are anything but boring, and allows for endless possibilities in styling and personalizing the characters.

Lastly, the style station complements the hair and face stations perfectly. Here, kids can pick out new outfits to match their characters' new looks. With hundreds of styles to choose from, there is something for every makeover. Additionally, players can add stickers and accessories like glasses and hats for the finishing touch. The game also features a photo booth where players can capture their character's new style. The shampoo station rounds out the experience, allowing players to wash off makeup and face paint, providing a fresh canvas for new creative endeavors.

1. Dr. Panda Restaurant 3

Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 Official Trailer - Out Now on Google Play!

If you are looking for an engaging cooking game, Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 is a perfect choice. The game invites players to step into the shoes of a chef and manage their own restaurant. Children can unleash their culinary genius by using a fully equipped kitchen to prepare and serve delicious dishes. From raiding the refrigerator for fresh ingredients to chopping, blending, frying, or BBQing, players have a wide range of cooking techniques at their disposal. Adding condiments to customize the dishes further enhances the cooking experience.

However, Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 isn't just about cooking; it also involves managing a bustling restaurant. Players welcome hungry diners and introduce them to a delectable menu. The goal is to find the right dish for every customer, prepare it to their liking, and serve it promptly to earn coins. As they progress, players strive to make their customers happy, aiming to become a master chef. The game teaches valuable skills like time management and customer service, all while being incredibly fun and engaging.

So, what's your favourite game from our list? Have your kids tried any of these, or perhaps there's another gem we should know about? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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