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5 Best Kids Games on iOS & Android (March 2024)

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A whimsical scene from a kids' game on mobile with quirky characters

Mobile devices are everywhere today, and kids love to play games on them. With so many games to choose from, it's hard for parents to know which ones are best for their children. Some games are just fun, while others can help kids learn and grow. We understand this challenge. So, we've searched and found games that are not only enjoyable but also great for young minds. Here we have handpicked five of the best kids games on iOS & Android.

5. Rat On A Skateboard

RAT ON A SKATEBOARD [Donut Games - Collectors ID #24]

Starting off our adventure in the whimsical world of Rat On A Skateboard, players find themselves guiding a daring rat on a skateboard through an array of obstacles and challenges. This game captures the essence of fun and excitement, with each level bringing its own unique twist to the skateboarding experience. The simplicity of the gameplay mechanics makes it easy for young players to jump right in and start enjoying the thrill of the skate.

In Rat On A Skateboard, the journey involves more than just dodging obstacles; players also collect items that boost their score, making every run an opportunity to set a new high score. Additionally, the game introduces a series of power-ups and special abilities that the rat can use to navigate through levels more effectively. These power-ups add a strategic element to the game, as players must decide the best moments to use them.

4. Father and Son

Father and Son - Launch Trailer - App Store, Google Play

Next in our lineup, Father and Son explores the touching journey between two family members across different times and places. Players delve into a story-rich environment, solving puzzles that gradually unravel the narrative thread connecting a father with his son. Through these interactive puzzles, the game weaves a tale of discovery and understanding, allowing players to experience the evolving relationship and historical insights firsthand.

At the core of Father and Son, players find themselves traversing through various epochs, each meticulously designed to reflect its era's unique cultural and historical significance. This journey not only enriches the gaming experience with educational elements but also enhances the emotional depth of the story being told. The puzzles within the game are crafted to challenge and engage players without overwhelming them. They serve as keys to unlocking the next chapter of the story, ensuring that progression feels rewarding and directly tied to the narrative's unfolding.

3. Mechanic Max

✅ MECHANIC MAX # Official video 2 - Bubadu

The game Mechanic Max starts in a busy car shop where players help Max fix cars. You get to work on all kinds of cars, making them look new again. Whether it's a racing car, a family car, or even a fire engine, there's something for everyone. You begin with a car that needs a lot of work in the garage.

First, you clean the car at the car wash station. You use soap, a sponge, and water to make the car clean. Then, you dry it off. This part of the game shows how cleaning is important for a car. Next, you move to the workshop. Here, you fix the car's body and make sure everything works right. You fill the tires with air, add gas, and put in motor oil to make the car run smoothly. Using tools like hammers and welders makes you feel like a real mechanic.

Then, in the tune-up section, you get to change how the car looks. You can choose different wheels and add cool things like neon lights or loud sirens. It's fun to see how different you can make each car look. Lastly, in the paint shop, you can paint the car any color you like. You can add stickers and make the car shiny. This part lets you be creative and make the car look just the way you want.

2. Thomas & Friends Minis

Thomas & Friends Minis | Google Play Official Trailer

Thomas & Friends Minis invites players into the beloved world of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. This game is perfect for fans of the series and young players looking for creative play. It offers a blend of train simulation and imaginative construction, allowing you to build your very own train sets and railways.

The gameplay is centered around collecting different characters and creating customized train sets and railways. Players can design their tracks, complete with twists, turns, and special decorations. This open-ended play encourages creativity and planning, as kids figure out how to layout their tracks for the trains to travel on.

It is also great for developing spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. As children experiment with track designs, they learn about space utilization and how different elements can work together. The game’s colorful graphics and familiar characters add to its charm, making it an inviting space for kids to play and learn.


CHUCHEL Official Trailer (Short Version)

Lastly, CHUCHEL is a masterpiece of whimsy and humor. This game stands out for its unique art style, delightful puzzles, and its ability to entertain players of all ages. Players follow Chuchel, a quirky creature on a quest to retrieve his cherished cherry, facing a series of challenges and adversaries along the way.

The gameplay of CHUCHEL is a blend of adventure and puzzle-solving, with each level offering new, inventive challenges. The puzzles are designed to be accessible for kids, promoting logical thinking and problem-solving skills without causing frustration. The humor infused in every challenge makes the experience enjoyable, ensuring that players are always having fun as they think their way through obstacles. In addition, its distinctive art style is a visual treat, full of vibrant colours and imaginative designs. The game’s world is a playground of creativity, where every character and object is bursting with personality.

So, what's your favourite game from our list? Have your kids tried any of these, or perhaps there's another gem we should know about? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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