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5 Best ASMR Games on Android & iOS



Cozy game table setup in ASMR mobile game

Looking for a simple way to relax with your phone? ASMR games might be just what you need. These games use special sounds and visuals to help you chill out and feel good. So, how do you find these relaxing games? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We picked out the best ones that are perfect for easing stress and making you feel relaxed. Here are the five best ASMR games for Android and iOS, each one ready to turn your phone into a little piece of peace.

5. Super Slime Simulator

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First up, Super Slime Simulator lets you dive into making your own slime right on your phone, without any of the real-life mess. It's like having a mini slime lab at your fingertips. You can make your slime sparkle, stretch it, or even make it sound crunchy, just the way you like it. Playing with your slime on the screen feels almost like the real thing because the game does a great job of making the sounds and movements feel lifelike.

In this game, you get to be super creative. You can change your slime's color, make it shiny with glitter, or mix in all sorts of fun things like beads. You end up with your own special slime that you can keep playing with in the game. It's pretty cool because you can make a slime that's all yours, with your favourite colours and textures.

Plus, Super Slime Simulator keeps things interesting with special quests. These quests challenge you to try new things, like making a slime that looks a certain way or using ingredients you haven't tried before. And completing these quests gives you rewards and helps you find new, fun ways to play with your slime.

4. Sand Balls

Next up, Sand Balls offers a fun and unique twist on mobile gaming. It’s all about moving colorful balls through sand to reach a truck at the bottom. The main goal is pretty straightforward: dig paths for the balls and avoid obstacles. It’s really satisfying to see all the balls slide down the path you’ve made, especially when you get them all safely to the truck.

As you get further into the game, it keeps adding new challenges and puzzles. This keeps things interesting because you have to think a bit more about how to get the balls through each level. It’s fun to figure out the puzzles and see all your balls make it to the end. And getting new balls and trucks as you play adds a nice touch, making you want to see what you can unlock next.

Also, what’s great about Sand Balls is how easy it is to start playing. The controls are super simple, so pretty much anyone can pick it up and get the hang of it quickly. You just swipe to dig paths in the sand. In all, Sand Balls stands out because it’s easy to play, keeps adding new stuff to keep you interested, and has that satisfying feeling of watching the balls go where you want them to.

3. Unpacking

Unpacking Mobile Announce Trailer | Humble Games

Alternatively, Unpacking stands out because it turns a simple idea into something special. In the game, you take things out of boxes and decide where they should go in a new house. It's like solving a puzzle, but also tells you a story about the person who owns these things. Every level is a chance to see into their life a bit more, just by where you place their belongings.

The game is great to listen to as well. Each item makes its own noise when you move it or put it down. These sounds are made to be relaxing and are a big part of why the game feels so nice to play.

Here, every object you unpack has its own look, making the game feel cozy and inviting. Figuring out where everything goes is fun because the game makes every space feel like a puzzle just waiting to be solved. You get to make each room look nice at your own pace without worrying about a timer or a score.

2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Mobile Announcement Trailer

Stardew Valley is a fun farming game that lets players enjoy a simple life in Pelican Town. You start with an old farm you need to fix up. You can grow crops, take care of animals, make things, and become friends with the people in town. As the seasons change, you get to plant different things, join in-town festivals, and find stuff in the woods. The game keeps changing, so there's always something new to do.

Players can explore caves, fight monsters, collect treasures, or just hang out with the town folks, making friends and even starting a family. The weather changes too, which means you have to plan what you're going to do, like when to plant or when to go exploring.

The game looks and sounds nice, too. It has cute graphics and calm music that make it a great place to relax. You can make your farm just the way you want, which is fun. Stardew Valley gives players a peaceful place to escape to, where they can create a farm of their dreams and enjoy a slower pace of life.

1. ASMR Slicing

ASMR Slicing | Store video

If you're in search of a game that turns every touch into a symphony of visual and auditory satisfaction, ASMR Slicing is the gem you need. Players dive into a world where every slice through objects ranging from kinetic sand to soap bars unfolds in a cascade of colours and sounds, meticulously designed to soothe and delight.

ASMR Slicing sets itself apart with an extensive collection of objects awaiting your touch. Imagine slicing through a rainbow cake, feeling the softness of its layers contrast with the crunch of sprinkles, all without leaving a trace of mess behind. The game also has challenges and rewards that make it more interesting. As you get better at slicing, you unlock new items that are even more fun to slice into.

So, which of these ASMR games are you excited to try first for your relaxation fix? Have you discovered any other ASMR mobile games that deserve a spot here? Let us know on our socials here!

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