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5 Best On-Rails Shooters on Android & iOS



Fighting a Kraken Boss in On-Rails Shooter Astrodogs,

On-Rails Shooters have found a home on mobile devices. These games allow players to participate in fantastically frantic gunplay while still being incredibly structured. Along the way, players will face off with tough opponents and bosses. For many, the genre invokes a nostalgic feeling regarding arcade games from the past. There is plenty to love about these games, and having them on mobile is both incredibly convenient and fun. Here are the 5 Best On-Rails Shooters on Android & iOS.

5. Mad Bullets: Western Arcade

A showdown in Western-inspired On-Rails Shooter Mad Bullets.

For players looking for one of the best On-Rails Shooters available on Android & iOS, our next title certainly fits the bill. Here, we have Mad Bullets: Western Arcade. The game features fantastic On-rail gameplay that feels smooth on mobile devices. The game, aesthetically, has wonderful artwork that makes it stand out. In addition to this, this title's core gameplay loop is adaptable to both short and long play sessions, which is great. The game has over fifty levels for players to enjoy, significantly adding variety to the overall experience as well.

Mad Bullets: Western Arcade also features intuitive gameplay that allows players to jump into the game relatively easily. For players who enjoy achievement collecting, this game also supports this as well. The environments in the game are also fully-destructible, giving players plenty of options in combat. This, coupled with the upgraded equipment in the game, makes for an in-depth experience overall. All in all, Mad Bullets: Western Arcade is a wonderful example of what On-Rail Shooters on iOS Android can be.

4. Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

Players walking through a field in a post-apocolyptic wasteland in mobile On-Rails Shooter Dead Target.

For our next entry on our list of the best On-Rails Shooters available on both iOS Android, here we have Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D. If you are looking for an On-Rails Shooter that not only brings an outstanding level of graphical fidelity but also solid gameplay, this title has you covered. Despite being an offline-only title, the world of this game manages to feel alive through environmental changes in the world. This ensures that players, no matter the situation, will always have some form of progression or new environment to look forward to.

The game features a vast arsenal of weapons for players to choose from as well. This gives players plenty of options when deciding how to dispatch their undead foes. Additionally, the game's free-to-play model means anyone can simply jump in and have a great time. There is an overarching narrative in the game, which is there for players who enjoy that aspect of gaming as well. Also, the game features an enemy variety that shakes things up quite a bit. In short, Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D is one of the best On Rail Shooters on iOS Android.

3. AstrodogsFlying through space in On-Rails Shooter Astrodogs.

We are switching things up quite a bit with our next entry. Here, we have Astrodogs. For players looking for a stylized adventure that features some of the cutest canines on the market, this game certainly fits the bill. As is the case with many On-Rails games, this title sees players flying through the not-so-friendly skies. Players must maneuver throughout the world as they attempt to defeat the evil WOOFER organization. In doing so, players will meet a vast array of characters along the way. From a mechanical standpoint, the game is excellent, featuring shield parries and other in-depth mechanics.

This makes the moment-to-moment gameplay stand out in a way that feels impactful. Added to this are the fantastic levels, each of which seems to be crafted with an excellent level of care. There are four Special Weapons in total for players to familiarize themselves with as well. Having all of this wrapped in a stellar soundtrack also helps the gameplay feel more epic and adventurous. All around, Astrodogs is one of the best On-Rails Shooters on iOS Android.

2. OMEGANAUTTraveling through space near a wormhold in indie On-Rails Shooter OMEGANAUT.

Our next title is one that, while being exclusive to Android devices, is still fantastic in its own right. Here, we have OMEGANAUT. The labor of love of a single developer, this game features On-Rails gameplay that fans of games like the classic StarFox titles will no doubt enjoy. The game has several fantastic things going for it, including the removal of loading times between levels, allowing players to jump straight into the action right away. Additionally, the game also features controller support for those who enjoy that as well.

The constant dance of weaving and rolling out of the way creates the core set of evasive maneuvers in the game. In doing so, the game allows players to face a number of opponents with a wide array of weapons. The animations for the flight in the game are fluid and seamless, making for a shockingly smooth experience overall. If you haven't heard of this title, then definitely check it out. To close, OMEGANAUT is a brilliant example of what the best On-Rails Shooters on iOS Android can be.

1. Major MayhemPlayers rescuing an ally in On-Rails Shooter Major Mayhem.

Last but certainly not least, on our list of the best On-Rails Shooters on iOS Android, we have Major Mayhem. Created with the minds at Adult Swim, this game captures the unapologetic, bombastic nature of their other titles. This not only manages to make Major Mayhem feel distinct from many games on mobile but also does so in a way that is distinctly Adult Swim. In the game, players must make their way through wonderfully-designed levels and blow things up. The sheer number of levels in the game both ensures gameplay variety and makes sure you have plenty of content to return to.

In total, there are four game modes, each of which brings its own unique flavor to the overall experience. The weapon variety also aids in this matter as well, with twenty weapons for players to choose from. If you are a fan of the older On-Rails Shooters from the past, then this is a title that deserves to be on your radar. With its unique approach to a beloved sub-genre of shooters, Major Mayhem manages to be one of the best On-Rails Shooters that both iOS Android have to offer.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best On-Rails Shooters on iOS & Android? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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