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5 Best Mech Games on PlayStation Plus



Mech games allow players to explore grimly beautiful sci-fi worlds with fantastic mechs. In doing so, players often become involved in a world that has become embroiled in chaos. These games often have tons of character depth, as well as narrative significance to them. This makes the political plots in the game well worth following to see their take on everything from society to other topics. That said, certain titles stand above others. To bring you the best of the best, here are the 5 Best Mech Games on PlayStation Plus.

5. Horizon Forbidden West

Starting off our list of the best Mech games on PlayStation Plus, here we have Horizon Forbidden West. This game not only accomplishes the tall task of being a sequel to the fantastic Horizon Zero Dawn, but it manages to innovate along the way. Players will be continuing their journey as Aloy, as they are learning more about the world around them. Another aspect of the game which shines brightly is its combat. The combat animations and approach to gameplay are exceptionally smooth in this title. This makes it a blast to play from beginning to end. Whether it is the gameplay or the narrative that grips you, either way, you are in for the ride.

As far as the more mech-related elements of the game, it does feature a science-fiction grand narrative for players to follow. This has the game dealing with a lot of high-technology such as mechanized dinosaurs. In doing so, players will be able to experience how wonderfully the team behind the game designed the creature behaviors in the game as well. These aspects combine to make Horizon Forbidden West one of the best mech games on PlayStation Plus.

 4. Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition

Continuing on with our list of the best mech games on PlayStation Plus, next, we have Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition. As a more true-to-genre mech title, Damascus Gear doesn't disappoint. The hack-and-slash gameplay found within this title is rather impressive. Players will be able to take control of mechanical suits known as Gears and make their way throughout the dystopian world. The number of missions for players to complete is vast, which gives the game plenty of replayability.

One of the game's greatest aspects is its mech customization. Players are able to customize their mechs in a number of ways in the game. These include things such as cosmetic changes, as well as more functional changes that apply to your mech. For fans of the hack-and-slash genre, this title gives players quite a bit to do throughout its runtime. All in all, if you are someone who enjoys mech games, this title could be up your alley. For these reasons, we consider this title to be one of the best mech games on PlayStation Plus.

3. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Next up on our list of the best mech games on PlayStation Plus, we have Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. Coming from such a great mech franchise such as Earth Defense Force, this title has a lot to live up to. However, it is wonderful to know that Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is a blast. The game can be played cooperatively and features a fantastic story for players to follow. In terms of gameplay variety, the game is really quite good with over fifty missions for players to partake in. Additionally, for added customization, players can even create their own avatars.

This lends itself well to the gameplay of the game, as it places the player in the pilot's shoes so to speak. For fans of split-screen functionality, this game has you covered. Making it a great title for players to pick up and play with friends who enjoy mech games. The varied difficulty also opens up the game to be replayed with different gameplay nuances to be found throughout the game's difficulty levels. In conclusion, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is one of the best mech games on PlayStation Plus.

2. Earth Defense Force 5

Our next entry on our list today is Earth Defense Force 5Earth Defense Force 5, being from the beloved Earth Defense Force franchise, had a lot of potential to live up to. While it does take more of an arcade approach to the mech genre, it accomplishes this beautifully. One of the aspects of the game that really shines is its enemy variety. This keeps the gameplay varied, as players can also customize their weapons to eliminate enemies more efficiently. Additionally, each of the game's missions can be completed alongside a friend in cooperative play.

The addition of cooperative play opens a lot of possibilities for players. So if you are looking for a mech game to play with a friend, this is certainly one of the best to recommend. Also, the game has an improved damage system, which shows the carnage players can cause quite well. This is great, as it makes the game feel more bombastic. To wrap things up, if you are looking for one of the best mech games on PlayStation Plus, don't miss out on Earth Defense Force 5.

1. Astebreed

Rounding out our list of the best mech games available on PlayStation Plus, here we have Astebreed. For players looking for not only one of the most adrenaline-pumping, and sometimes thought-provoking soundtracks to date, this game offers that and more. Astebreed is a title that manages not only to be very competent in how it presents its gameplay but also stunning in its visual representation. The game accomplishes this by having players be attacked from multiple angles. Giving players a variety of angles to attack, also makes for great mobility in the game as well.

One of the greatest aspects of Astebreed is its use of effects. The particle effects used in the game are pretty stunning making for a feast for the eyes when playing through the game's levels. For players who enjoy shoot-em-ups, this is definitely a title to check out. Not only that but due to its fantastic story, you won't likely want to put this game down any time soon. For these reasons, we consider Astebreed to be among one of the best mech games on PlayStation Plus.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Mech Games on PlayStation Plus? What are some of your favorite Mech Games on PlayStation Plus? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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