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5 Best Locations in Horizon Forbidden West



We'll openly admit that, after treading the whole of the Forbidden West, Guerilla Games did a pretty remarkable job at stringing its borders together. The fact that our time in the dust-riddled world had to end at all does, of course, put a bit of misery over our shoulders. That said, our core memories of Aloy and the marvel that is the Forbidden West do live on through the images that we captured during our forty hour conquest.

Thanks to Horizon: Forbidden West's highly detailed photo mode, we were able to capture some absolutely outstanding images over the course of our adventure, many of which made it to the wallpaper spot on our consoles. The question is, which of the many regions out in the Forbidden West are ideal for photo opportunities, and which should you venture out to the next time you get a spare hour? Well, if you're ever out that way, then we'd strongly suggest scribbling these locations down. Here are, in our opinion, the five best places to see in Horizon: Forbidden West.


5. The Daunt

The Daunt may very well be the opening area in Horizon: Forbidden West, but it still stands as one of the most beautiful on the entire board. Although not geographically connected to the Forbidden West that the game barks on about, it does introduce the player to just a smidgen of the world that awaits beyond the borders. And boy, it does it magnificently well.

As you settle in to the prologue of Forbidden West, you'll find yourself running around The Daunt, a fashionable region that boasts sandy mountaintops, luscious grasslands, dusty dwellings, and an entire labyrinth of watery playgrounds. It's a small peek at what lies beyond Barren Light, and it serves its purpose of getting you hyped for the epic journey that idles on the nearby horizon.


4. Dunehollow

Long before Guerilla Games confirmed it, we knew that Forbidden West would feature a number of real US states and cities. Las Vegas, on the other hand, was a bit of a suprise, as its name was cloaked by another—one that neither of us cracked until it came to flicking the ancient switches and breathing a second wind into the neon-heavy metropolis. Dunehollow, eh? Who'd have thought?

Although you won't spend a great deal of time mopping up side quests down in the remains of Dunehollow, you will devote a fair amount of time to capturing its former glory with the in-game photo mode. What once stood as a beacon of entertainment eventually dwindled into a bottomless pit without a spark to ignite its colors. A heartbreaking tale, made even more emotional by its fractured population and forgotten history.


3. No Man's Land

No Man's Land plays a key part in Aloy's journey, as it stands between the homey East, and the so-called Forbidden West. It's an enormous area that acts as a stepping stone between tribes, as well as a staging ground for the embassy and other key events that hook its surrounding folk into. Though, mindless bloodshed aside, it does bless the earth with some of the most visually appealing backdrops on the map.

Take a stroll through No Man's Land and you'll quickly find a number of cascading waterfalls, crimson red canyons, and smokey peaks. And so, if you're on the hunt for that next awe-inspiring wallpaper, then you needn't look any further, as the vast majority of screenshots can be acquired from practically anywhere around No Man's Land and its surrounding areas.


2. The Drumroot

If we could face exile anywhere in the Forbidden West, then we'd probably aim for the Drumroot. Although the region plays a relatively small part in the overall narrative, its setting is perhaps one of the most impressionable, and it shows through the many cloudy canyon vistas and central archways. For that reason alone, we could happily plant roots and fade away gracefully in its shallow shores, any day of the week.

Unfortunately, Aloy doesn't spend a great deal of time up in the Drumroot area, as her presence is really only required for a couple of short fetch quests. That said, it's still brimming with jaw-droppingly beautiful photo opportunities left, right, and center. It's a place we'd happily visit whenever in a quarter mile of its waypoint, we'll leave it at that.


1. Riverhymn

Riverhymn is a settlement that can be found just north of Plainsong, a place where the river waters are crystallized and the air is as clean as a whistle. As a landmark that has been unscathed by the blight that plagues its surrounding regions, the retreat stands as a form of haven for its residents. It's also a sight for sore eyes for any weary traveler, as it provides some of the most breathtakingly invigorating panoramic views in all of the West, period.

The next time you take a stroll over to the northern borders, be sure to spend some time in  the natural ambience that Riverhymn effortlessly serves up. It's a peaceful village that holds many ancient wonders—none of which will leave you searching for the nearest exit. And so, if you're going to take a breather anywhere, make sure it's in the cleanest air available.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? What locations would you recommend visiting? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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