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How To Play Roulette for Beginners

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HOW TO PLAY ROULETTE - All You Need to Know About Casino Roulette

The glamour and glitz of roulette compared to other casino games is beyond comparison. The thrill of seeing the roulette wheel spinning with the ball bouncing along is beyond forgery or imitation. Therefore, as iconic as casino games come, roulette is in a class of its own. It’s a game of finesse, skill, and strategy savored by a significant following in the iGaming community.

You’re a beginner, and we get that. So, don’t let all that popularity take a toll on you. Roulette is a relatively straightforward game with quick-to-grasp rules. Thus, with this exclusive guide, you’ll be a roulette maestro with exquisite panache in the art of playing the game.

You can play roulette in physical casinos or at an online casino. Our guide will sharpen you to play anywhere you desire. But in this century, without a doubt, most gameplay is done online. That said, you’ll find tons of casinos in the iGaming market. Therefore, you’ll need a pick-me-up to locate the best platforms in the industry to wager your money. In this article, we’ll endorse only the prime online venues that’ll galvanize your roulette experiences.

We’ll digest all the rules into tiny nuggets of information to make you understand how to play the game. In addition, we’ll illuminate all the strategies you can use to maximize your winnings. To up the ante, you’ll also get to know the game variants, different bet types, and the odds & payouts. Before all that, let’s dig into the roots of the game and learn its origin.

A Brief History of Roulette

Roulette’s a famous casino game, and its global admiration is linked to its fascinating history and origin. You can’t mention roulette without recognizing the name Blaise Pascal. He was a French inventor, physicist, and mathematician. As an inventor, Pascal was trying to engineer a perpetual motion machine that operates without drawing external energy.

While that’s practically impossible according to physics laws, Pascal wanted to go against all odds as an inventor. Sadly, he failed but brought forth one of the most iconic casino games ever- roulette in 17th century France. Initial roulette wheels had both a double and a single zero. The additional zero gave the casinos a more significant house edge.

Gradually, roulette’s popularity increased in France’s illegal gambling dens while utilizing the double zero wheel. This double-zero wheel format in today’s world is known as American roulette. In 1843, a single zero pocket was introduced by French siblings Louis and Francois Blanc.

This new roulette wheel version had a lower house edge, which massively increased roulette’s fame among gamblers. The roulette wheel with a single zero is known as European roulette in today’s world. The game spread expeditiously to New Orleans in the US, and it now has a global appeal among gamblers.

The Roulette Shift

The new age of online gambling began late in the 19th century. Then, only slot machines were popular on the Internet. But it was only a matter of time before the elegance of roulette rose to the occasion to grace the Internet.

Currently, you can play the game wherever you’re provided you have an Internet connection on websites such as these Real Money Online Roulette sites.  Additionally, you can play roulette on your PC, Android, iOS, and Tablet devices. You can also enjoy any roulette variants available online, gratitude to software publishers like RTG, Playtech, and Microgaming.

If you’re used to playing at brick-and-mortar casinos, you may think online roulette lacks the human interaction aspect. You’ll be delighted to know that our online platforms offer different live roulette variants. The experience is unchanged since the game is played via a live video stream in real-time. In addition, there’s always a human croupier or dealer. Hence, you’re missing out on nothing.

Roulette Rules & How to Play

Roulette is the most sought-after casino game since it’s easy to play- as easy as one, two, three. The iconic game doesn’t have complicated rules compared to other table games like Baccarat and Blackjack. With roulette, beginners have a great chance of winning at the table. In that regard, the roulette’s table has two constituents; the betting board/felt and the wheel.

The felt has all the diverse bets you can make, and it’s where you will place your betting chips. The wheel is the heart of roulette as it determines the results of every round. However, there are two roulette wheel models, the American and the European, each with a unique number sequence. The American design is partitioned into 38 compartments/pockets with a double zero (00) and a single zero (0).

On the other hand, the European model is split into 37 pockets but with a single zero. That variation positions the European version as a fan favourite since players have better winning opportunities. In addition, each number on the wheel has a different colour, either black or red. The zero is ordinarily green.

There’s also a tiny white ball that’s placed on the spinning wheel. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball randomly lands on any pocket number, deciding a particular round’s outcome.

How to Play Roulette

You now have the layout of the game, and now comes the action-packed part- playing roulette. The roulette felt has numerous betting options; we’ll explain them later on. Prior to the beginning of a round, you’ll need to place your desired bets. Tip: you can have multiple wagers in one round. That way, you’ll be increasing your opportunities of winning.

Whether you’re in a land-based casino or at an online platform, playing chips are a necessity. You can’t wager with cash at the table, and therefore you’ll need to exchange your money for playing chips. Depending on the casino, the chips have diverse colours with different value denominations.

A dealer will be present if you’re either in a physical casino or playing the live-dealer roulette version. The dealer spins and then drops the ball over the wheel. You tap the spin button after placing your bets. The aim’s to speculate where the ball will land and wager on that pocket number.

However, you don’t have to wager on that specific pocket, as there’re many bets you can make. For example, you may also choose that the ball will land on the red or black colour. Also, you can predict if the ball will stop at an odd or even number. Therefore, there are many alternatives, and we’ll look into them all. After obtaining the spin result, all winning players receive their winnings, and the house collects all losing bets. A new round then begins, repeating the same procedure. Easy-peasy like child’s play, eh?

The Different Types of Roulette Bets

As mentioned earlier, roulette has a multitude of various bet types. In addition, all these types of bets have specific odds and payouts. We’ll discuss the payouts later in this article guide. While you can place tons of bets at roulette, these wagers narrow down into two categories; outside and inside bets.

Inside Bets

This is a wager that’s made on numbers. These bets are placed in the inner segment of the roulette table. Stakes on inside bets offer players higher payouts, but the chances of winning with these bets are low. Inside bets are divided into six sub-categories:

  1. Straight Up– It involves wagering on a single number on the roulette felt. To bet, you need to place your chip(s) over your ideal number. If the ball lands on your number, you win. If it doesn’t, well, you know what happens!
  2. Split– This is a bet on two adjacent numbers on the felt. Place your chips on the edge between your selected two numbers. If the ball drops on either of the two numbers, you win.
  3. Street– It’s also known as a trio bet. It’s a stake on all your preferred three numbers in a vertical line. You win if and when the ball stops at any of your hand-picked row numbers.
  4. Corner– This is a bet on 4 numerals that form a square on the felt. Place this bet by positioning your chips at the core of all four digits. If the ball drops on any of the 4 numerals, you win.
  5. Basket– The basket’s a bet on 5 digits (0, 00, 1, 2, & 3). Hence, the ball dropping on any of the 5 numerals means you’ve won. Place this bet by putting your chips on the cord between zero (0) and one (1).
  6. Line- This is a bet placed on dual adjacent streets. To wager, place your chips between your ideal two streets. If the ball stands on any of the six numerals, you win.

Outside Bets

It’s not rocket science that these bets are the opposite of inside bets. They’re placed on the outer segment of the roulette table. Stakes on these bets offer lower payouts vis a vee inside bets but with increased winning probabilities. Outside bets have five sub-categories:

  1. Black/Red– You need to place your chips on the black or red section of the felt to bet. If the ball falls on any number with the colour of your choice, you win.
  2. Even/Odd– Here, you choose whether the ball will drop on either an odd or even number. If you place your chips on the ‘odd’ option and the ball falls on any odd numeral, you win. The same case applies when you bet on the ‘even’ option.
  3. High/Low– On this wager, you predict if the ball will stand high (19-36) or low (1-18). To wager, place your chips on your suitable high/low space on the felt. If it lands on any digit fitting your selection, you win.
  4. Column– There’s a ‘2 to 1’ inscribed at the bottom of the three columns of a roulette felt. Place your chips at your desired column to stake on the column bet. You win if the ball stops at any number on your wagered column choice.
  5. Dozen– Here, you’re betting that the ball will land on one of the three ‘12’ squares. To bet, place your chips on either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd 12 section. If the ball falls on any numeral in your selected 12 numbers, you win.

Popular Roulette Wagering Strategies

Roulette is a game of luck. That’s the first crucial bit of information every novice roulette player ought to know. While there are tested strategies that will aid in increasing your bankroll, none of them works to 100% perfection. These expert strategies include:

  1. Martingale System – Probably the most commonly used technique in roulette is the Martingale strategy. Here, you’re advised to make even only chip bets. You’ll be required to double your previous stake every time you lose. You’ll not win every time, but at least you won’t lose your entire money.
  2. Labouchere System – The strategy requires you to set your desired win amount. Depending on whether you’re winning or losing, you’ll need to change your stake amounts. This technique allows you to picture how much more you need to win to hit your target amount. By doing that, you’ll be avoiding more losses.
  3. D’Alembert System – This roulette technique has striking similarities with the Martingale System. That’s because it prompts gamblers to increase their bet amounts when they lose a particular roulette round. With this strategy, you’re not likely to allow the house to collect your entire bankroll.
  4. Fibonacci System – This strategy relies on the reputable Fibonacci mathematical sequence. Here, you bet per the Fibonacci sequence. If you win, you proceed to the succeeding number. If you lose, you go back two steps in the series.

The Roulette Variants/Variations

While there are three main roulette variants, you’ll find other variations of the game at our online casinos. The three dominant types of the game include French, European, and American roulette. All these versions have minor differences, which we’ll explain below, but game rules remain constant.

Therefore, that means that if you learn one variation, you can easily play all other variants. Reminder: You can enjoy the free-to-play version of your desired roulette type at our online casinos. However, it’s important to note that there’s no demo version of the live roulette games.

1.      American Roulette

Earlier on, we discussed the layout of the roulette wheel. Thus, the American roulette version is different from the European and French types. That’s because it has a double zero (00) and a single zero (0) on the wheel.

The (00) reduces the winning probabilities of players at the table. That means that your chances and odds of winning at American roulette are reduced compared to the other versions. In addition, the house edge of this version is higher at 5.26%.

Even money wagers will lose if the ball lands on either (00) or (0) in American roulette. To beginners learning how to play roulette, the American version should be avoided at all costs for obvious reasons.

2.      European Roulette

European roulette is the most played version both at physical casinos and on online platforms. Players prefer this version to the American variant since it has a magnified chance of winning. Who wouldn’t want that? That’s the primary reason we advise novice players to play this roulette version.

The difference between American roulette and European is in the layout of their wheels. While the American type has a single and double zero, the European version only has a single zero.

Additionally, the house edge of European roulette scales down to a coveted 2.7%. More reason for you to play this variation. However, just like American roulette, you’ll lose your even chip bet if the ball falls on zero.

3.      French Roulette

Last but not least is the French roulette. This variation has two rules within the game; the en prison and la partage rule. Don’t let the French terminologies deceive you into thinking it’s a complicated roulette version.

On the contrary, it’s not only the best-in-class roulette type but also among all casino games. That’s because it has a down-to-earth house edge at only 1.35%. That’s insane! The French roulette wheel also has a single zero pocket which automatically makes the house edge low.

The house edge scales even lower thanks to the rules mentioned above. Let’s discuss them below:

La Partage– This term is French for ‘sharing’ when translated into English. The rule allows players to get back half their stake on even money bets if the ball falls on zero.

En Prison– This rule’s similar to la partage, except half of the player’s stake remains on the table here. The tern can translate to ‘in prison’ in English since the player’s stake is not returned to them. Instead, it’s saved for the next bet.

However, roulette variations aren’t limited to the three stated above. Other roulette versions include Double Ball, Mini, Multi-Wheel, German, and English roulette. In addition, all these variations have their live-dealer versions for those who fancy playing in live dealer rooms.

Handy Roulette Tips for Beginners

  1. Play European roulette as it has greater winning probabilities compared to American roulette.
  2. Play the demo versions of roulette offered by our casinos to practice before getting into the real action.
  3. Set deposit limits and never wager more than you can afford.
  4. Remember that no strategy’s perfect. So, don’t rely on tactic too much since roulette’s a game of chance.

Roulette Odds and Payouts

Now you’ve learned the simple roulette rules and how to play the game. While it’s essential to know playing roulette, understanding what you stand to win with each bet is equally critical. Knowing the odds and payouts will help you make enlightened bets while in the right frame of mind. The goal’s to win as much as possible and not to lose all your money.

Roulette odds and payouts are the same across all the three major variants, as shown below. The difference comes in the win probabilities of each. Also, the house edge involved in each variant differs, as discussed above.


Bet TypeBetsOdds & PayoutsWin Probability in %
InsideStraight Up35:135 to 135:12.702.702.60
InsideSplit17:117 to 117:15.405.405.30
InsideStreet11:111 to 111:
InsideCorner8:18 to 18:110.8010.8010.50
InsideBasket    –   –6:1    –    –13.2
InsideLine5:15 to 15:
OutsideRed/Black1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
OutsideEven/Odd1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
OutsideHigh/Low1:11 to 11:146.6546.6547.37
OutsideColumn2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60
OutsideDozen2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60


You’ll realize that the basket bet doesn’t have odds and win probabilities in the table. That’s because you cannot place a basket bet in European and French roulette. The option is only available in the American version.

Furthermore, the win probabilities in American roulette are lower compared to the other versions. Hence, it would be best to play the French and European types for better winning opportunities at roulette. You can reference the above table anytime to see all the odds and bets you can make in roulette.

Where to Play Roulette for USA Players

We recommend these casinos:

Ignition Casino – Our current favorite for players from the USA or Australia. Ignition casino offers four versions of Roulette including Classic American Roulette, American Roulette, Classic European Roulette, and European Roulette. For players that want to play with live dealers they offer three games including both American & European Roulette with various table limits from $1 to $3000.

The games are supplied by recognized game developers such as Revolver Gaming and RTG. These games have high-definition video graphics that allow gaming across multiple devices. More importantly, this casino has some of the fastest payouts of winnings on the planet, along with responsive 24/7 customer service.

Read our Ignition Casino Review or visit Ignition Casino.

Wild Casino – This is an online casino that caters to USA players by offering a safe gaming experience with responsive customer service. The top notch software includes an astounding 9 versions of roulette including classics such as American Roulette, and European Roulette, as well as specialty games such as Roulette Tournament. They also offer a large number of live dealer Roulette games that features table limits from $0.50 to $12,500. There's a generous bonus for all new players, and a myriad of deposit and speedy cashout options.

Read our Wild Casino Review or visit Wild Casino.

Cafe Casino – Established in 2020, Cafe Casino is a relative newcomer to the gaming scene but they have established an impeccable reputation amongst players for offering state of the art games along with responsive customer support, and fast payouts. They offer four versions of roulette that are all extremely super realistic and they offer the option for free practice play. If you prefer playing with a live dealer this is on offer as well with both American and European Roulette. New players can of course claim a generous sign-up bonus, and they offer multiple deposit options including by Bitcoin.

Read our Cafe Casino Review or visit Cafe Casino.


With this handy article, we’ve simplified perfection. This easy-to-interpret guide will swiftly transition you from a novice to a roulette aficionado. Roulette is a straightforward game to play and with multiple bets. Your best wagers as a beginner would be on the even-money bets such as high/low or red/black. Although they have relatively low payouts, these bets have the highest probability of winning in roulette.

With our handy tips backing you up, you stand a greater chance of winning in this game. Finally, if at any point you feel gambling has become overwhelming, you can stop playing. Our casinos allow you to self-exclude and set deposit ceilings at the same time.

The odds vary slightly based on the type of roulette game that is played. European roulette has slightly better odds than American roulette. The betting odds in American roulette of hitting a single number with a straight-up bet are 37 to 1, since there are 38 numbers (1 to 36, plus 0 and 00). However, the house only pays out 35 to 1 on winning bets.

The odds in European roulette are slightly better since there is no 00 on the board. (1 to 36, plus 0)

The house edge is with the 0 and 00, as these numbers cannot be won by the player.

Please view the following chart:

Bet TypeBetsOdds & PayoutsWin Probability in %
InsideStraight Up35:135 to 135:12.702.702.60
InsideSplit17:117 to 117:15.405.405.30
InsideStreet11:111 to 111:
InsideCorner8:18 to 18:110.8010.8010.50
InsideBasket    -   -6:1    -    -13.2
InsideLine5:15 to 15:
OutsideRed/Black1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
OutsideEven/Odd1:11 to 11:148.6548.6547.37
OutsideHigh/Low1:11 to 11:146.6546.6547.37
OutsideColumn2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60
OutsideDozen2:12 to 12:132.4032.4031.60

There are multiple different strategies that are popular with players who are trying to improve their odds of winning.

We go into details into the different strategies here:

Called bets only apply to European and French roulette.

These are the types of available called bets:

Neighbors of Zero - A bet on all 17 numbers near to the green zero.

Thirds of the Wheel - A bet on 12 numbers which are found adjacent to the neighbors of zero.

Zero Game - A bet on seven numbers near to the green zero.

The Orphans - A bet on any of the numbers which are not covered by the other called bets.

The Neighbors - A bet on 5 adjacent numbers

The Finals - A bet on the last digit (e.g. 5 would be a bet on 5, 15, 25, 35)

An outside bet is when you are not betting on a specific number, but instead choose to bet on odd or even, red or black, 1-18, or 1-36. These bets while they are lower risk, they still offer the house an edge due to the 0 and 00 on the board.

A straight bet is the simplest type of bet to understand in roulette. It is simply choosing a number (for example: 7), if the ball lands on the number then the player wins with the payout calculated as 35:1.

Roulette is all about statistics, the payout for selection the correct number the ball lands on is 35 to 1.

That being stated there is a house edge due to the 0 and 00. The odds of winning are actually 2.6% for American roulette, and slightly better odds of 2.7% with European roulette.

The odds are slightly better for the player with European roulette.

American roulette has both a 0 and a 00.

European roulette only has a 0.

If the ball lands on either the 0 or 00, the house automatically wins. This means it is in the players best interest to play European roulette.

To learn more visit our advanced guide that compares American vs European Roulette.

The real difference between the two games lies at the table, specifically, in the French table. The table boxes that correspond to the pockets in the wheel are all in red. Furthermore, the words and numbers in the French table are in French, while the European version uses English. Of course, this is not too big of an issue, especially since most resources were published with translations for the words and numbers that the French roulette table has to offer.

The French version has its own advantages, however, such as the use of th e La Partage rule. Basically, this is the rule that allows the players to use the even money bet. Essentially, what this means is that players who choose to play with this rule will get half of the amount they bet if the ball falls in the pocket with the zero.

To learn more visit our French Roulette Vs. European Roulette guide.

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