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Best PC Games of 2023, Ranked

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Baldur's Gate 3: Everything We Know

2023 was a year for the books. We witnessed some of the greatest games get incredible sequels and new IPs that hit the ground running. Almost every new release had a buzz around it, and the AAA titles were mind-bendingly sublime. 

Having raised the bar in 2023, we can expect even more intense games this year. But before then, as we bid goodbye to the year, let's salute the games that defined 2023. Here are the best PC games of 2023.

5. Tchia

Tchia - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer | IGN Fan Fest 2023

If you could swim as fast as a dolphin or fly as high as a bird, you'd easily capture your environment's intrinsic aesthetics from different perspectives. Not only do you get to appreciate the beauty, but you'll easily keep up with the fast-moving world. This is what Tchia is all about. The action-adventure game introduces soul-jumping as your mode of traversal in a vast fictional archipelago at your disposal for exploration. 

You take on the role of Tchia, a charming protagonist, and you navigate a world that has lost its beauty and tranquility to the malevolent overlord Meavora, who has captured your father. Your mission is to save him using your newfound ability: soul-jumping. This unique mechanic stands out as the game's highlight.

Soul-jumping requires a full soul meter each time you wish to inhabit an animal or an inanimate object. This technique is invaluable for traversing the landscape and squeezing through the smallest spaces. Imagine fitting into narrow crevices using an insect or a tiny creature from your collection, reminiscent of Dora with her backpack brimming with essential items. However, the twist here is your ability to animate and possess these items. In the absence of a living entity to inhabit, you can utilize the objects in your surroundings to your advantage.

Beneath the shapeshifting is a thoughtful and impactful narrative that leaves an indelible mark in your heart. It's no surprise that Tchia won the Games for Impact accolade during the 2023 Game Awards.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Story Trailer

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gave us many reasons to believe in the ever-expanding galactic saga.  I was about to jump ship after a few episodes of The Mandalorian. At a time when the franchise is expanding to cinemas, it's great to see a return to form. As a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the action-adventure game carries the baton to the finish line with a triumphant end that leaves you yearning for more.

Our protagonist, Cal Kestis, kicks things off in the last title after escaping Darth Vader's imperial inquisition. Now working as an agent for the Rebel Alliance, Cal is in pursuit of a corrupt senator in Coruscant. The game's opening sequence unleashes a whole buffet of lightsaber combat. In fact, combat is the game's heart. You get to swoop through alien fauna, battle droids and stormtroopers. Thankfully, as an experienced Jedi, the battles are no feat for you. Also, your force powers are handy for crowd control. 

Moreover, the game's narrative carries more weight, especially since Cal embodies the protagonist's role. Layered with betrayal, obsession, and tragedy, the narrative immerses you in the galaxy far, far away. Cal's character certainly deserved the Best Performance nomination at the 2023 Game Awards. The game has also been nominated for the Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games in the 66th Annual Grammy Awards.

3. Diablo 4

Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer

Diablo 4 doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. It takes its tried-and-tested hack-and-slash formula and borrows a few concepts from ARPGs, solidifying it into an iconic dark fantasy world you can't get enough of. But the title adds some new changes to the mix. After spending more than a decade in the wind after the release of Diablo 3, the franchise delivers unsurprising changes without losing its rhythm.

The online-only action RPG is set fifty years following the events of its predecessor. It has a weird Harry Potter vibe since our protagonist is connected to the antagonist. You'll spend a lot of time unraveling the story to get the gist of your task. It may seem like too much filler, but it has a decent payoff.

Moreover, Diablo 4 looks incredible, which complements its narrative. The dark-centric world may convince you that that's what the infernal regions look like. There's so much misery in the side quests that you'll ideally want to take a break from handling NPC requests. The bottom line is that Diablo 4 is a great return to form, or, shall I say, ‘return to darkness', which upholds the franchise's legacy. Even though the game didn't win any of its nominations at the Game Awards, it still stands as a worthy contender against other RPG bigwigs.

2. Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

The horror corridors of Alan Wake just got better with its sequel. We once again get to see the watered-down version of John Wick as he attempts to piece together events in the picturesque town of Bright Falls. Unlike the original, the sequel puts you in control of two characters, Alan and FBI Agent Saga Anderson.

The sequel also takes the horror to another level. If you ask me, Alan Wake is more of a spooky game. But its successor is a complete survival horror with gripping and gory moments. Alan still uses his writing prowess to navigate the Dark Place. He is stuck in an ‘Upside Down' version of New York City. The nightmarish element in Alan's world is akin to Remedy Entertainment's Control. The monsters chant weird incantations, which are hair-raising. The tense moments boil down to the random attacks from monsters. While some are harmless, others are downright vicious. Not knowing which one will strike first certainly puts you on edge. On the other hand, Saga sticks to the rhythm of torch-shoot-dodge-repeat while using light sources to keep the monsters at bay. 

What makes Alan Wake 2 a great game is its balance of horror and quirky moments in its narrative. The game's director, Sam Lake, also makes a cameo appearance as Alex Casey in a Max Payne enshrouded mystery. This game has layers of complexity, which you can only appreciate once you dive into it. Alan Wake 2 was more than deserving of the Best Game Direction and Best Narrative accolades during the 2023 Game Awards.

1. Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Official Launch Trailer

Now, this game needs no introduction. It has been a headliner since its launch and is at the tip of the tongue of every gamer. Baldur's Gate 3 has plenty to offer, from creating your character to teaming up with others to form a party. Plus, the game's world is massive and packed with memorable quests, well-detailed dungeons, and stakes that keep getting higher. 

The narrative takes center stage, blending humor, horror and very intimate stories. The game is remarkably varied, and you'll move from collecting a clown's dismembered body parts to developing close relations with alien lifeforms. 

Moreover, it borrows a few pages from D&D, giving you enormous interactivity. Every quest, combat, and puzzle has infinite possibilities for being tackled. Ideally, in Baldur's Gate 3, the only limit is your imagination. As a result, the game has won several awards, including the Golden Joystick Awards and the GOTY at The Game Awards 2023.

So, do you agree with our top picks? Are there other titles you'd recommend as the best PC of 2023? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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