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5 Best PlayStation Exclusives of All Time, Ranked



When it comes to choosing which console to play on, exclusive games are a significant selling point, and PlayStation has one of the best bids of all. With a slew of significant games, PlayStation has often dominated game exclusives for its system.

To be more precise, the campaign, story, and RPG genres proved to be extremely popular on PS4, with each game on this list fitting into one of these categories. All of these titles hold something special that makes them stand-out games for PlayStation, proving that the console dominates exclusives. So without further introduction, here are the five best PlayStation exclusives of all time.



5. Marvel’s Spider-Man (Series)

Swinging into the fifth spot on this list is Marvel’s Spiderman and Miles Morales. What is crowned as one of the best superhero games of all time, Spider-Man, and his game counterpart Mile’s Morales, bring two amazing exclusives to PlayStation. What make’s this web-flinging action even a sweeter deal is that both titles are compatible with either PS4 and PS5.

Even better, the remastered version of this game play’s and performs to the highest calibre on next-gen consoles. On top of that, it’s free for users who have already purchased Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4.

As soon as you step into these games you can tell there was an unmatched level of care that went into them. The fighting mechanics are extensive and allow for a great amount of creativity in taking down your enemies. The campaign isn’t as thick as other names on this list but it really harnesses the feel of being a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, but at the same time with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Both these titles stand out for so many reasons, but one aspect that separates them as a top-five is their immersion. You can’t help but feel completely enveloped in the atmosphere as if you’re Spider-Man.



4. Horizon (Series)

What has been a headline exclusive title on PlayStation for the last five years is the Horizon series. Both the first instalment, Zero Dawn and the second, Forbidden West produced two of the best campaign games of the decade, exclusively for PlayStation. Both of these games succeed in two main areas, firstly it’s emotional captivity and the second for expansive exploration.

You play as Aloy, the protagonist of both titles in the series, and creating an emotional connection with her character is quite inevitable. You can’t help but resonate with Aloy’s passionate and sometimes fiery demeanour, which grows stronger the deeper you get into these games.

There are also countless moments where you’ll just want to stop and soak in the scenery, which really makes you appreciate the time that went into the open-world environment across both games. Hand in hand with that, you will find yourself in so many movie-like moments whether it’s mid-fight or just casually exploring.

The Horizon series allows you to experience the little pleasures of gaming, transporting you back to your childhood gaming days. Simply for that aspect, it falls into the top five PlayStation exclusives of all time.



3. BloodBorne

Bloodborne is a standalone PlayStation exclusive for PS4 that some RPG fanatics still hold higher than Elden Ring. It most certainly belongs to the dark fantasy RPG genre, but it’s without a doubt the leader in that department for PlayStation. Grungy, gothic, and no shortness of gore, BloodBorne brings a truly unique, immersive and enchanting experience to RPG.

Bloodborne will without a doubt challenge you but it’s equally rewarding in that aspect. As soon as you step into the game you get an eerie sense of the world. It’s mysterious and intriguing to the point where it motivates you to explore just as much as you possibly can. Every character, building, and level in this game has its own distinct personality that blends in seamlessly with its environment. You really can’t help but get completely absorbed into this game.

Since 2015, Bloodborne has been the head of its genre and offers an authentic experience. You truly won’t find a more original experience from another game.



2. God of War

God of War and all its predecessors will inevitably go down as one of the best story franchises of all time. Based on Greek mythology, the story is a tale as old as time and is depicted to a tee in God of War. The game is rich with backstory and but what makes this even richer is how you get to see Kratos and Atreus’s relationship develop alongside the story.

The feeling of playing with the rage and explosiveness of Kratos with Atreus by your side in every fight really forces you to feel the bond between father and son. Aside from that, the fighting in this game is so unique with its skill tree. There is so much customization to how your Kratos will fight and really makes every battle feel special.

I’ll admit, it’s one of the only games to ever make me cry upon completion but that seems to be a general consensus across all gamers. That’s how well-put the story is in this game. No other game really has matched it in this regard, other than the number one title on this list.



1. The Last of Us (Series)

Simply put, there isn’t enough I can say about the Last of Us and Part II to do it justice. You have to play it for yourself to experience its greatness.

Not only is this undoubtedly the best PlayStation exclusive of all time, but it also reigns as the best campaign game of all time. The game is so well-done you could argue it’s perfect in almost every aspect. But be aware The Last of Us series is not for the faint of heart.

The game is dramatic, intense, and brutally robust in its depiction. Not just one or two but every character from protagonist, antagonist, to anyone who plays even a mere role in the story of this game, can be understood with empathy. Within the main story, every character has their own beautifully orchestrated backstory that lets players relate to their perspective. It really showcases a beautifully written and executive narrative through the entirety of both games.

Just in case you were questioning it, the gameplay and combat match the level of delivery to the story. There is a high emphasis on stealth in this game and it’s for a good reason, one wrong move and you’ve put yourself in a dire situation. This forces you to play each level with a high degree of intricacy and cruciality in order to survive.

The game delivers on all fronts and there is no other title that can compare to The Last of Us Series’ level of execution.


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