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5 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2021



Nintendo Switch users would know that 2021 was a big year for the Switch. Nintendo actively released a bunch of amazing games and players were spoilt for choice. To add to the existing library, many popular games like Apex Legends have been ported over to Switch.

In fact, Nintendo Switch has a vast collection of games from different genres. And with Nintendo Switch OLED, you can enjoy an even better handheld gaming experience. And let's face it, with all the GPU shortages out there, you can easily get your hands on a Switch.

Long story short, there's a lot to choose from. We made things easy for you and picked the best games from 2021.

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2021 That You Need to Try

And here are our picks based on the number of downloads, gameplay, and the general player response.

5. Mario Party Superstars

mario games on switch

Of course, the list cannot be complete without adding a Mario game. In fact, there were so many cool Mario games that we had a hard time choosing one. We chose Mario Party Superstars out of nostalgia for old-school board games and the fresh take the game offers on them. Also, we need a break from the RPGs and FPS games. Mario Party Superstars received some criticism for not having more board games. But that doesn't make the game any less fun.

For years, Mario fans yearned for a fun old-school game that didn't have complex mechanisms or all the new age extras. Mario Party Superstars delivered just what the fans wanted – fun and simple board games and mini-games. You can choose to play whatever Mario character you want. Even single players won't have a single boring moment. As always, the colorful games will definitely lighten the party's mood.


4. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

mario games

From Mario Kart to Mario Party, the Switch has a vast collection of amazing Mario Games. It's hard not to include Mario games in a list of the best Nintendo Switch games. And let's admit it, the creators of Mario are quite experimental. They're collaborating with Ubisoft's Rabbids for an upcoming game, which just shows how super cool Mario is.

As you might have figured out, the game puts Mario and a massive Fury Bowser together on an island run by cats. Of course, our hero gets sucked into Lake Lapcat by an accident. Over there, Mario pairs up with Bowser Junior to defeat the giant Bowser. Together, they embark on an action-packed adventure occasionally assisted by the cats.

Upon its release, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury instantly became a best-seller in the US. Reviewers praised the experimental angle and open world.


3. Monster Hunter: Rise

best nintendo switch 2021

Another notable release on Nintendo Switch in 2021 was Monster Hunter: Rise. The ARPG is the sixth main game of the Monster Hunter series. With new gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals, Rise became the second-most successful title from the franchise.

Right at the start of the game, players get promoted to a Hunter. So, your job is to slay monsters and complete quests. As you progress, you defeat monsters, collect loot, and forge powerful weapons. Much of the gameplay takes place ‘vertically' so you'll be climbing a lot of hills. But don't worry, you can ride your Palamute. And the Wirebug allows you to ride certain creatures.


2. Death's Door

death's door on Nintendo switch

The visuals of Death's Door are enough for you to be drawn to the game. The game's aesthetics look simple and yet pleasing. Many players have compared the graphics to Dark Souls games but with lighter hues. Even with the cheery-looking tones, the game is enveloped in a gloomy, foreboding atmosphere.

Crow (known as Reaper), the protagonist of the game, is silent most of the time and yet makes its presence felt. Your first task is to collect a monster's soul. After a battle with the monster, an old crow swoops in and steals it. Then, you are told to gather three giant souls and unlock the titular Death's Door.


1. Metroid Dread

metroid dread

For those who don't know, Metroid Dread comes almost two decades after they released the last Metroid game in 2002. The action-adventure game won several awards and became one of the best-selling games on Switch. The intergalactic adventure retains the side-scrolling controls along with some new mechanics.

Once again, players play as Samus Aran, the iconic bounty hunter from the Metroid series. The game picks right where Metroid Fusion left off. Aran's goal is to defeat the E.M.M.I. robots, the mysterious species X, and make it out alive. As the game progresses, the plot intensifies, and the climax is something you won't ever forget.


Other than the games mentioned above, Tetris Effect: Connected, Shin Megami Tensei V, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are some notable games that came out in 2021.

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