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5 Best Action RPGs Like Granblue Fantasy: Relink



Players battle large beast in a game like Granblue Fantasy Relink

Looking for games like Granblue Fantasy: Relink? You're in the right place. The game has a special mix of adventure, team play, and exciting fights that fans love. So, we've gone on a quest to find games that capture that game magic. Here are five of the best action RPGs like Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

5. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - Official Launch Trailer

Genshin Impact invites players into its vast and magical world called Teyvat. This action RPG is all about exploring a big, beautiful world and using characters with special powers. Players can switch characters anytime, using their unique skills to win battles and solve puzzles. The world is full of secrets, puzzles, and stunning places to see, making every adventure exciting.

In this game, players can mix different elemental powers like fire, water, and wind to create powerful combinations against their enemies. With new characters being added regularly, there are always new strategies and powers to try out. The battles are not just fun; they look amazing too, with bright and powerful effects lighting up the screen.

Genshin Impact also lets players team up with friends, making adventures even more fun. This multiplayer option adds a great way to play together, tackling challenges and exploring the world as a team. Plus, the game keeps getting bigger, with new areas to explore and new characters to meet, keeping the adventure fresh.

4. NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata - E3 2016 Trailer | PS4

NieR: Automata takes players on an exciting journey through a world ruled by machines. Players step into the roles of androids 2B, 9S, and A2, who fight to take back their planet from powerful mechanical enemies. The game is all about action-packed battles where players can mix up melee and ranged attacks. The fighting feels smooth and fast, making it fun for both new players and those who love action games. Players get to switch between weapons and dodge attacks stylishly, making each battle a thrilling experience.

The game's world is vast and beautiful, filled with ruins, deserts, and forests to explore. What's impressive is how the game moves smoothly from one area to another without any loading screens, keeping you fully immersed in its hauntingly beautiful settings. As you journey through this world, you'll find extra tasks and stories that add depth to the main plot, making the adventure even more engaging. The game also adds some role-playing elements, allowing players to upgrade their characters, weapons, and skills.

3. Scarlet Nexus

SCARLET NEXUS – Launch Trailer

Scarlet Nexus is a game that stands out in the world of action RPGs. It takes you into a future where people have psychic powers, thanks to a special hormone found in the human brain. Players get to choose between two main characters, Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Both are talented in using their minds to move objects around them, which is a big part of the game's combat.

These enemies, called the Others, come from the sky and are after human brains. They're tough to beat with regular weapons, which makes the psychic powers of the characters so important. As members of the Other Suppression Force, or OSF, Yuito and Kasane have to use their abilities to protect humanity. The game is exciting because it mixes the challenge of fighting these monsters with the fun of throwing things around using psychic powers.

The story of Scarlet Nexus is another reason it's so good. You can play as either Yuito or Kasane, and as you move through the game, their stories come together. This dual perspective makes the story richer and more interesting.

2. Tales of Arise

TALES OF ARISE - Launch Trailer

Tales of Arise gives players a chance to dive into a moving story about fighting for freedom. With the powerful Blazing Sword, you team up with a girl who doesn't feel pain or remember her past, aiming to defeat the rulers who have controlled everything for 300 years. The game brings this adventure to life with amazing graphics that make the characters and their emotions stand out. It's a story filled with challenges and enemies that will test your courage and skills.

The game uses a special Atmospheric Shader to create its stunning visuals, mixing the look of anime and watercolor paintings. This makes the world of Dahna, with its varied landscapes like rocky cliffs and rivers, really pop and feel alive. Everything in the game's world changes with the time of day, from the lighting to the environment, making exploration a constantly refreshing experience. As you move through this world, the feeling that you're part of a living, breathing place is unmistakable.

1. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter: Rise - Official Trailer

In Monster Hunter Rise, players get to jump into a world full of big monsters and exciting adventures. This game is the newest part of a famous series where you become a hunter, explore new areas, and use cool weapons to defeat scary monsters. Each fight feels like a new challenge because you have to figure out the best way to take down each monster. The game has lots of weapons to choose from. Plus, you can switch weapons anytime, which means you can always try new ways to play.

Hunting monsters is not just for the thrill; it also helps you get materials to make your gear stronger. You can craft new weapons and armour, making you ready for tougher battles. Playing with friends is a big part of the game, too. You can team up with up to three others to hunt together, and the game makes sure it's fair no matter how many people are playing. Additionally, Monster Hunter Rise looks amazing, with beautiful graphics that make the world come to life. And with the game running smoothly, it feels like you're right there in the action.

So, which of these action-packed adventures will you embark on first? Are there any other titles you think deserve a spot on this list of action RPGs like Granblue Fantasy: Relink? Let us know on our socials here!

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