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5 Best ARPGs Like Diablo IV



Diablo IV: Everything We Know

The ARPG genre is one that brings most of what people love about action and strategy games together. These games typically focus heavily on loot mechanics and player progression and power. This progression and power are at the heart of why people choose to play and replay these titles. With the success of Diablo IV, many fans have been looking for similar games. Don't worry; we have you covered with our picks for the 5 Best ARPGs Like Diablo IV.

5. Lost Ark

Starting off our list of the Best ARPGS like Diablo IV, we have Lost Ark. While Lost Ark may deliver its own spin on the ARPG, the MMO encourages more multiplayer elements. Players will be able to explore massive landscapes and find worlds unknown. This often leads the player down a path that will see them battling with strong enemies in search of fantastic loot. Asa is typically the case with these games. Much of the enjoyment is derived from the loot goals that players set for themselves.

This is hardly a bad thing, however, as it allows the game to keep the player engaged with its gameplay loop in a fun and enjoyable way. The character customization in the game is top-notch, and many of the combat animations are fantastic and have a certain level of polish. Another aspect of the same that is heavily emphasized is its accessibility. Lost Ark is designed so that even beginners in the ARPG genre can pick and play. This goes a long way into making Lost Ark not only one of the most accessible but one of the best ARPGs like Diablo IV currently on the market.

4. Torchlight II

For fans of the ARPG genre, the Torchlight series has long been slept on by players. That surely isn't to say that there aren't fans of the series, simply that it lacked the brand recognition of other larger, more well-known titles. Well, today, we hope to highlight many things about Torchlight II that not only make it stand out but make it shine as an ARPG. Firstly, one aspect that makes Torchlight II stand out is its procedurally generated environment. This keeps mob layouts a mystery to the player and manages to vary the gameplay quite a bit.

Additionally, the game's world is thriving and allows many avenues for players' success and immersion. This includes things such as the wonderful fishing and pet systems while allowing the player to take their time in this world, to make the experience as slow or fast-paced as they wish. And for players who tire of doing the long run back to town with all of their spoils, Torchlight II addresses this as well. The player's pets will take their loot and sell them in the game. This makes Torchlight II one of the best and one of the most accessible ARPGs like Diablo IV players can hop into right now.

3. Baldur's Gate III

For fans of the best ARPGs out there and games such as Diablo IV, the Baldur's Gate series is legendary. This is a franchise that has not only stood the test of time. But also managed to progress in such a way that has it sitting at the pinnacle of RPG gameplay. And with all of the hype and anticipation for Baldur's Gate IV. We feel it is essential to highlight Baldur's Gate III. This is because much of the sturdy foundation that is present in the fourth game is also present in the third game in the Baldur's Gate series.

This can be seen in how the characters in the game behave and the sheer amount of options for player experimentation, as well as dialogue routes and side story contents. This game is simply a must-play for fans who enjoy story-rich experiences. Even for those who are unfamiliar with the Baldur's Gate series, Baldur's Gate III is a great entry point for new players. So if you are someone who enjoys ARPGs, and you have been looking for an alternative to Diablo IV, definitely check this one out.

2. Grim Dawn

Now, for what is perhaps the most underrated choice on our list. We are going to be highlighting an ARPG that may have flown under players' radars. Grim Dawn, simply put, is one of the best ARPGs like Diablo IV out there. Pulling tons of inspiration from the Diablo series. This game manages to correct many of the mistakes made in other franchises and enhance the overall gameplay in its own way. This can be seen in how the classes are designed, as well as the general gameplay loop.

Grim Dawn does certainly not overstay its welcome. In fact, the adaptability of the game will allow players to play as much or as little as they wish. For players who want a more hardcore experience than the past few Diablo offerings, you can find that here. Another fantastic thing about this game is its price point. Priced at twenty-five USD, this game gives players tons of value for their money. This is something that is very consumer friendly and makes this one of the most easy-to-pick-up titles on this list.

1. Path of Exile

Now for our final entry of ARPGs like Diablo IV, we consider the best. We have Path of Exile. Now Path of Exile, much like other titles on this list, in many ways walked in the Diablo series's footsteps. However, Path of Exile took lessons learned from those games and applied them wonderfully. Another great factor about Path of Exile is its free-to-play model. This allows players to play without a barrier to entry. However, the itemization in the game can get a bit complicated at higher levels of play. But for your casual fan, this offers a great time with little to no risk.

Another great aspect of the game is its incredibly in-depth character customization. This allows players to immerse themselves within the game world, using their virtual characters as a catalyst. Also, the game's rejection of pay-to-win practices is a breath of fresh air in a market where that might not always be the case. So if you are looking for an ARPG to jump into and are looking for one of the best, Path of Exile is a great choice for fans of the genre, as well as newcomers.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best ARPGs Like Diablo IV? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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