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5 Best PlayStation VR2 Games Right Now

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Best PlayStation VR2 Games

PlayStation is once again paving the way for the next era of gaming with the release of its VR2 headset. This new, improved, and cutting-edge model features cameras built into the headset and eye-tracking software. As a result, rendering and image display have vastly improved, resulting in a near-perfect image – and a higher level of immersion because of it. However, that experience is only made enjoyable if there are some noteworthy games to test it on. Thankfully, the PlayStation VR2 came stacked with a roster of exciting titles at launch. So, read on to find out what the best PlayStation VR2 games are, right now.

5. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip - Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Pistol Whip is a rhythmic arcade-style shooter that sort of plays like a game of chicken. You must advance quickly through the stages while charging head-on at enemies who are effectively doing the same. You feel the pressure as you dodge incoming bullets and battle through movie-like gunfights. The pressure mounts the deeper you get, with more enemies and more complicated positions for foes to perch on.

Pistol Whip excels at immersion, which is one of the most important aspects of VR gaming. A huge part of this is due to the soundtrack of techno beats that perfectly match the energy and intensity of Pistol Whips' level-based gunfights. While exploring the futuristic cyber-like city, you can enjoy the spectacular environment and the insane amount of detail that flows perfectly with the gameplay and soundtrack. As a result, Pistol Whip is one of the best PlayStation VR2 games available right now. So if you haven't tried it yet, you won't be disappointed.

4. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 - Feb Update | PS5 & PS VR2 Games

Racing games, which range from arcade-style races with powerups and flying cars to realistic track-based games, have always been one of the most popular gaming genres. Gran Turismo 7 is one game that leans toward realism, and it's put us in the driver's seat of its top-tier simulator by launching on the PSVR 2. With the headset's improved audio and visuals, you'll truly feel like you're in the cockpit of a supercar. Without a doubt, that experience alone makes for one of the best PlayStation VR2 games available right now.

The fact that PSVR 2 supports all game modes, from the single-player story, challenges, and competitive multiplayer, sets it apart from other VR racing titles. Furthermore, most cars in racing games are purely for performance, such as who has the fastest acceleration or who can break the highest speeds. While this is important, Gran Turismo 7 and the PSVR 2 allows you to see the details of each interior, giving each car a unique feel and look. That's why we caution you to take a seat before playing this one.

3. Pavlov

Pavlov - Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Pavlov is an FPS that offers the best tactical shooter experience on the PSVR 2. Originally only playable on PC VR, this title was made available with the release of the PSVR 2. Realistic firearms and a tricky but entertaining reloading system will keep you entertained for a few hours just messing around and figuring out what works and what doesn't. Nonetheless, the controls aren't all that difficult to learn and you'll be in the heat of battle in no time.

Pavlov's selling point, in addition to its other game modes, is multiplayer. TTT is recommended because it is similar to Among Us and is based on the original Gary's Mod version. As a result, every game is filled with chaos and laughter thanks to a fantastic community that's welcoming to newcomers. If multiplayer isn't your thing, Pavlov also has single-player missions and a zombie survival mode. Overall, Pavlov's experience is one of the best PlayStation VR2 FPS games available right now due to its variety.

2. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village VR Mode - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR2

Resident Evil Village is one of the most popular survival horror games, and it's no surprise that it's a top pick for one of the best PlayStation VR2 games. With the new sense controllers, you step into the shoes of protagonist Ethan Winters like never before. Not just by performing each action but by feeling it too. Plus, with the PSVR 2's improved audio, you're transported into one of PSVR 2's most immersive and terrifying environments. Furthermore, each area is detailed and feels alive thanks to the PSVR 2's 4K display.

One of the benefits of Resident Evil Village is that anyone with a PSVR 2 can play it thanks to the demo version that's free for all. But once you've had a taste, you'll undoubtedly want the full experience of one of PlayStation VR2's best horror games.

1. Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain - Launch Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Horizon Call of the Mountain, unlike the other games on this list, was created entirely for PSVR 2. Furthermore, it was the most anticipated game launching alongside the PSVR 2. Safe to say, it delivered an experience unlike any other. In this spin-off of one of PlayStation's most notable exclusive franchises, you will conquer peaks and battle enemies with your bow as you explore never-before-seen terrain. Not to mention a brand new story to go with that.

Rock climbing is a new feature in which you will soar from mountain faces to cliffs and latch on and swing your arms for momentum; this feature alone is one of the most immersive experiences available in any PSVR 2 game right now. Horizon Call of the Mountain is without a doubt one of the best PlayStation VR2 games available right now, and it will be difficult to find another experience filled with this much action and adventure.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other games on the PlayStation VR2 you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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