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5 PSVR 2 Games You Need to Play

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PSVR 2 is providing several vital strides in the world of virtual gaming. This has opened many different avenues for game developers to utilize this technology. The world of VR allows you to be as immersed as possible within these game worlds and is getting to a point where the virtual worlds are improving. So with the advancing technology, there is also a slew of excellent titles for you to choose from. So without further ado, here are our picks for 5 PSVR 2 Games You Need to Play.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is one of the finest horror game experiences in recent memory. It is enhanced to be even more frightening with its release onto PSVR2. This will make it so that you feel and hear every scream and scare in the game. This is not for the faint of heart because if you cannot play horror games in VR, this one will be pretty difficult to get through. Resident Evil Village features many iconic characters and an intriguing world to boot.

The inclusion of this game in VR means that players will have a whole new way to experience this already acclaimed title. The game will attempt to capitalize on its survival horror elements, which lend themselves quite well to VR. In addition, the game does a decent job of balancing scavenging for items and action combat, making it the best of both worlds for players that enjoy both playstyles. That being said, Resident Evil Village is a title that is sure to be a hit on PSVR 2, and players should look forward to experiencing it.

Moss Book IIBest PSVR Games

Moss Book II is an upcoming PlayStation VR2 game that allows players to take control of Quill. There are quite a few unique mechanics in the game that add to its charm. For example, players can use their device called the Reader in order to accomplish various tasks in the game. This adds another element to the gameplay when you are trying to solve puzzles and move through the levels. There are also new weapons that players can take advantage of in the game, which is fantastic for players who want more variety in their gameplay.

One of the aspects of the game that has dramatically improved upon its predecessor is its graphics. Comparatively, Moss Book II looks substantially better than their first outing. There are many different things about the graphics that stand out in this sequel, such as the lighting. The lighting has been improved by a noticeable amount making for a more aesthetically pleasing experience. In closing, Moss Book II  is a game that, if players have not yet tried, they certainly should for PSVR2.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain allows players to experience the world into which Aloy ventured. This lush environment looks absolutely stunning in VR. It also appears that Aloy will make an appearance in the game as well. The game's gameplay seems to be relatively solid, with players being able to take control of their bow rather effectively. This is fantastic, as many VR% games tend to feel a little janky.

While we might not get the game until Febuary of next year, it will almost assuredly be well worth the wait, given the effort that is being put into the game. There will also be other returning characters from the Horizon games. This will be nice, as it is always great to see a friendly face in a new game. There will also be a mode that serves as an introduction to the VR experience. This mode is called the River Ride mode and allows players to enjoy the game in a more simplified state. In closing, Horizon Call of the Mountain is one of the most anticipated PSVR 2 titles to release soon.

Pistol Whip VR

Pistol Whip VR is a game that, while it may appear to be on-rails, offers a fantastic gameplay experience for the player. Players will have to fight back a seemingly neverending group of enemies throughout the game's well-designed levels. The game also has rhythm game aspects, as much of the combat is synced with the music in the game. This is a fantastic feature to have as it allows the player to feel every interaction and firefight within the game.

There are also many different obstacles that the player will come across while playing. These obstacles are meant to keep the player from being able to breeze through the levels of the game. They also allow for a bit more strategy in the game, as you can use some of them for cover when the time comes. There is also a relatively healthy amount of competition in the game as well, with high scoreboards keeping track of just how well players are doing.  n conclusion, Pistol Whip VR is a game that players might not initially notice, but it is well worth their time.

No Man's Sky VR

No Man's Sky is a game full of stunning breadth and scale in its own right. That being said, it is even improved as a VR experience. This will be fantastic for players who want a new way to explore and delve into the many different worlds of No Man's Sky. However, players might want to limit just how long they are playing this game in one sitting. It would seem that long play sessions of the game have led some players to have eye strain from the experience. That being said, if you can handle it, there is a vast world out there for you to explore.

You are also restricted to a first-person view. Which for some might cause some issues with motion sickness and the like. However, this game is an absolute joy to look at in VR. The detailing in the textures is absolutely phenomenal. There have been many steps taken to improve how players see the world and explore it. In closing, if you have not experienced No Mans's Sky, then No Man's Sky VR is a fantastic way to jump in and experience this space epic.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 PSVR 2 Games You Need to Play? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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