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No Man’s Sky Rolls Out Halloween Event



With Halloween loitering around the corner, developers all over the globe are finally beginning to pull threads lined full of spooky treats from their drawing boards. One studio that seems to be celebrating the festivities, of course, is Hello Games, with their intergalactic open world hit No Man's Sky.

First announced yesterday over on Twitter, No Man's Sky has officially rolled out the orange carpet for Expedition Four: Emergence, a brand new and free-to-play expansion that introduces a generous line of gifts and ghostly goodies for travelers to absorb over the next two weeks.

What is Expedition Four: Emergence?

Expedition Four: Emergence puts you on Wasan, a planet shrouded in everlasting sandstorms and butter-glazed textures. Stranded and without the resources to conquer the barren world and its wandering Titan Worms, you're first port of call is to establish a home away from home, gather the essential tools, and ultimately banish the multiplying creatures and their nests. Do so, and you'll waltz away with a few nifty trinkets.

Of course, as with every expansion that comes to No Man's Sky, you'll be able to reap some pretty sweet rewards upon completion. And then, as per the norm, you'll receive a cluster of shiny new trophies and gear. Top that off with a few dozen enhancements and all-round upgrades to the base game and you've got yourself one hefty banquet of goodies to keep your stomach lined this October.

So, what are you waiting for? You can enrol in the latest journey as soon as you're ready to take to the skies. You can also follow Hello Games for even more updates here. Happy trails!

Did you miss the announcement trailer? No problem. You can check it out here:

No Man's Sky Expedition 4: Emergence


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