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10 Best Games Like Planet Crafter



The Planet Crafter

Planet Crafter takes players on an exciting adventure into a hazardous world full of lethal monsters. In this land, players will fight deadly creatures, construct buildings and explore the vast environment for resources. The ultimate goal is to start and build a whole new base that is hospitable for humans. With much

10. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program 2 Cinematic Announce Trailer

Kerbal Space Program puts players in charge of their own space program. You are tasked with designing and launching spacecraft to explore the Kerbal solar system. With a focus on realistic physics and mechanics, players must plan missions, build rockets, and pilot their ships to achieve various objectives.

The game offers a sandbox mode where players can freely experiment with rocket designs and space exploration. Additionally, the game features a career mode with objectives and challenges to complete. From simple atmospheric flights to complex interplanetary missions, the Kerbal Space Program provides a deep and rewarding gameplay experience for players interested in space exploration. 

9. Raft


Raft offers a survival experience like no other, where players find themselves adrift on a vast ocean on a small raft. As a survivor,  you must scavenge debris and resources to expand your raft. Moreover, you must be crafting tools and shelters to endure the open sea's challenges.

Constantly threatened by hunger, staying alive will prove challenging. Dehydration and vicious predators are some of the challenges you will face. On the flip side, collaboration with other survivors might be your way out. You can team up with friends in multiplayer mode to pool resources and skills for survival. 

8. Breathedge

Breathedge - Launch Trailer | PS5

Breathedge offers players a unique and humorous take on the survival genre set in outer space. Stranded after a space shuttle crash, players must navigate their ship's debris and unravel the cosmos' mysteries.

The game offers dark humor and quirky storytelling. Players are guided through a series of challenges as they scavenge for resources. Similarly, the game's narrative and characters add to the charm, offering a refreshing twist on traditional survival gameplay. With its exploration, crafting, and comedy mix, Breathedge provides an entertaining and memorable experience. 

7. Icarus

Icarus | The Seeker

Icarus is a thrilling survival experience set on a hostile alien planet. Players explore and extract valuable resources, confronting the planet's unforgiving environment and deadly creatures.

The game follows a session-based structure, where players embark on missions to gather resources and complete objectives within a limited timeframe. Each mission presents unique challenges and opportunities for players to test their survival skills and adapt to changing circumstances.

Players must gather resources, craft tools and equipment and build shelters to withstand the planet's harsh conditions. Now, the game focuses on cooperative multiplayer, where players can team up with friends to tackle missions together. Also, they can share resources and combine their skills to increase their chances of success.

6. Satisfactory

Satisfactory Early Access Launch Trailer

Satisfactory challenges players to master the art of automation and industrialization on an alien planet. Set in an expansive world, the game tasks players with building massive factories and infrastructure to exploit the planet's resources efficiently.

In the game, you start with basic tools and gradually progress to complex machinery. You must optimize production lines to meet the demands of a growing industrial empire. For instance, you can venture into mining, refining and even manufacturing and logistics. ultimately, every aspect of production is under the player's control.

5. Empyrion – Galactic Survival

Empyrion Galactic Survival - Game Trailer (updated)

Empyrion – Galactic Survival takes you to a vast, procedurally generated universe stranded on an alien planet. Now, players must harness their resourcefulness to thrive in this hostile environment. The game seamlessly blends survival, exploration, and building elements as players craft shelters.

On the other hand, the game offers a rich sandbox experience where players design their own destiny. Whether embarking on solo adventures or teaming up with friends in multiplayer mode, Empyrion – Galactic Survival delivers endless opportunities for discovery and adventure in the depths of space.

4. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Gameplay Trailer | E3 2014 | PS4

No Man's Sky is a groundbreaking space exploration game that offers players an entire universe to discover and explore. With billions of procedurally generated planets, each with its own unique ecosystems, flora, and fauna, the game provides an unmatched sense of exploration and discovery.

Players can pilot spacecraft, land on planets, gather resources, and interact with alien species as they journey across the cosmos. Notably, No Man's Sky offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure.

3. The Planet Crafter: Prologue

Lets Terraform A PLANET ! Planet Crafter Prologue Episode 1 | Z1 Gaming

The Planet Crafter: Prologue is an intriguing adventure that immerses players in a captivating narrative-driven experience. The game is set in a distant future where humanity has expanded into the cosmos. So, the game follows the journey of a lone explorer tasked with unraveling the mysteries of a newly discovered planet.

As you dive into the game, you'll encounter breathtaking landscapes and strange creatures. Similarly, you will uncover secrets hidden beneath the planet's surface. Notably, The Prologue sets the stage for its sequel, The Planet Crafter.

2. Eden Crafters

Eden Crafters | Official Reveal Trailer - PC

Eden Crafters is an engaging sandbox game that invites players to unleash their creativity in a vibrant world. In the game, players embark on a journey of exploration, crafting, and building as they shape the landscape to their preference. 

The game features a diverse range of places to discover, from sprawling forests to sun-drenched beaches and towering mountains. Consequently, players are free to roam and gather resources to fuel their creations. 

Over and above that, the game offers multiplayer functionality, allowing friends to collaborate on projects or compete in friendly building competitions. Undoubtedly, With its charming visuals and creativity, Eden Crafters promises an enchanting and immersive gameplay experience for players of all ages.

1. Astroneer  

ASTRONEER - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Astroneer takes you on an interstellar journey, exploring the world of distant planets. Set in a colorful, low-poly universe, you'll embark on adventures with friends or solo. In your journey, you will gather resources, build bases, and uncover the mysteries of the cosmos. Furthermore, you can traverse alien terrains using your customizable spacecraft and tools. 

If you are into creativity and collaboration, the game features a charming art style and sandbox gameplay. Astroneer offers a unique blend of exploration, crafting, and discovery in an enchanting space.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the ten best games, like Planet Crafter? What are some of your favourites? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.

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