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5 Best ASMR Games on Xbox Series X|S



Silt: ASMR Games on Xbox Series X|S

In the gaming space, innovation continually shapes the industry. The introduction of new gaming platforms like the Xbox Series X|S has brought about a transformative experience for players worldwide. These cutting-edge consoles have elevated the technical capabilities of gaming and also paved the way for the emergence of unique genres, pushing the boundaries of traditional gameplay. One such genre that has gained prominence in recent years is the ASMR genre.

ASMR in gaming goes beyond the conventional, focusing on delivering an immersive sensory experience that stimulates relaxation and a deep sense of presence. Unlike traditional genres that emphasize action-packed sequences, ASMR games prioritize sensory engagement through carefully crafted visual and audio features. These games aim to evoke a calming response in players, incorporating gentle whispers, soothing sounds, and visually stunning environments to create a therapeutic gaming encounter. The Xbox Series X|S, with its powerful hardware and advanced audiovisual capabilities, has become instrumental in bringing the ASMR genre to life, providing players with unprecedented sensory delight. In exploring the ASMR genre, let us check out the best ASMR games on Xbox Series X|S.

5. Townscaper


Townscaper is a straightforward indie city-builder game where players click on the environment to construct structures like foundations, houses, towers, and bridges automatically. Despite lacking a clear goal, the game offers a relaxing experience, allowing players to freely build, edit, or delete elements to craft their ideal town. The visual aspect of the game stands out with detailed buildings, complemented by minimalistic but stunning sounds.

Players can choose colors in the menu and customize the sun's position, enhancing the overall experience. The game's charm lies in its calming nature, appealing aesthetics, and easy accessibility, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a casual and laid-back gaming experience. While it may not cater to those looking for goal-oriented gameplay, Townscaper proves to be an enjoyable option in the ASMR genre.

4. Unpacking


Unpacking is a unique puzzle game that transports players through the experience of moving into new homes, spanning from 1997 to 2018. Stripping away dialogue and visible characters, the game employs simple point-and-click mechanics for players to unpack and arrange belongings in various rooms. The absence of a detailed inventory list adds an element of surprise. Each unpacked item reveals more about the protagonist's life, offering a novel approach to storytelling in video games.

The game excels in creative storytelling, depicting different life stages from childhood to adulthood. This is achieved through the use of art supplies, controllers, and souvenirs that unveil aspects of the character's personality. Unpacking delivers a zen-like experience with soothing music, satisfying sound effects, and stunning art style. Despite being short, the game leaves a lasting impression by uniquely conveying a narrative solely through unpacking. Similarly, It prompts players to reflect on their own memories associated with packing and unpacking over the years. The game is a memorable and delightful exploration of storytelling in the gaming world.

3. Far: Changing Tides

Far: Changing Tides

Far: Changing Tides is a sequel to the 2018 game Far: Lone Sails, expanding into a larger world with more activities. In this sequel, you control a small character navigating a sizable sailing vessel through a post-apocalyptic setting. The game offers a road trip-like experience with a somewhat unclear main objective. Sailing involves tasks like unfurling sails and managing engine heat. Adding a new dimension to the gameplay, players can dive underwater.

The major change from the original game is the process of raising sails, including mast climbing and rope adjustments. While this adds engagement, especially with beautiful scenery, the 2D perspective makes it challenging to avoid obstacles swiftly. The sequel loses some of the serene moments from the original, replaced by additional micromanagement tasks, altering the game's overall feel. Despite these changes, Far: Changing Tides maintains its visually appealing journey and entertaining sailing mechanics. The game's added complexity offers a unique charm and tranquil moments.

2. Under the Waves

Under the Waves

Another thrilling ASMR game is Under the Waves. The game offers an intriguing underwater journey starring Stanley, a professional underwater operative. The game begins with routine tasks but unfolds into a complex narrative as Stanley faces strange occurrences, revealing a well-developed backstory. The character's coping job and strained relationship with his wife, Emma, brings depth to the storytelling. The game features perfect and quality voice acting.

The gameplay involves underwater exploration, with players controlling Stanley's swimming and mini-submarine navigation. Despite functional execution, the movement feels sluggish, impacting the joy of traversal. Missions vary from simple tasks to puzzles, focusing on managing oxygen. While puzzles lack significant challenges, the story-driven adventure explores environmental awareness and the consequences of ocean resource exploration. The art direction effectively captures the dark, eerie deep sea, creating visually striking sequences. Undoubtedly, Under the Waves delivers an emotionally charged narrative in a relatively short time, making it a compelling experience for those intrigued by its themes.

1. Silt

Silt: ASMR Games on Xbox Series X|S

Silt is a puzzle game that takes you deep into the ocean's mysterious world. The story follows a character solving puzzles and avoiding dangerous enemies in the dark waters. The game has a unique style with monochrome visuals and a somewhat creepy tone. While the main objective is survival, players can interpret and decide their own goals for the protagonist.

The game's atmosphere is captivating, with different underwater settings ranging from open waters to more confined spaces. It features mythical sea creatures and unusual monsters with gears, creating an eerie and fantastical environment. Regarding gameplay, it's a classic puzzle platformer where you navigate, avoid enemies, and tackle traps. If you make a mistake and die, you return to the level's start. An interesting twist is the protagonist's ability to possess sea creatures, each with unique skills, adding a strategic element to solving puzzles. Silt immerses players in the deep waters as they take control of sea creatures and solve puzzles to uncover the mysteries in the dark.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best ASMR Games on Xbox Series X|S? What are some of your favorite ASMR games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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