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5 Best Open-World Games on PC (2024)



Farmers tend fields in an open world PC game landscape

Open-world games have reshaped how we explore and interact in virtual spaces, offering endless adventures in vast, detailed environments. This genre stands out for its freedom and depth, allowing players to discover, influence, and immerse themselves in rich, dynamic worlds. Among the many titles, a few have risen to the top, setting new benchmarks for what it means to embark on open-world adventures. Here are the five best open-world games on PC as of 2024, each promising an unforgettable journey.

5. Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires Official V1.0 Release Trailer

Starting with Myth of Empires, players dive into a vast multiplayer world. It's all about surviving, crafting, and building an empire. You get to explore ancient civilizations like Greece, Persia, Rome, and Egypt. Each one comes with its own unique tech trees, filled with different weapons, buildings, and crafting options.

The game takes you on an exploration journey across varied landscapes, complete with changing weather and a day/night cycle that feels real. The new Dongzhou Island map brings fresh challenges and adventures, keeping the game exciting. It's this sense of discovery that keeps players coming back for more, eager to see what's around the next corner. Building your empire in this game is incredibly free-form. With over 1300 crafting recipes, the game lets you create a kingdom exactly as you envision it.

Furthermore, the game's warfare and community dynamics offer a rich layer of strategy. You can recruit NPCs, tame animals, and build defenses to protect your realm. Plus, the variety of weapons and gear allows for numerous combat strategies, whether you're defending your territory or attacking others.

4. Enshrouded

Enshrouded - Reveal Trailer

Enshrouded pulls you into a gripping adventure where your survival is on the line. You're the Flameborn, the last hope for a race facing extinction. Your mission is to fight through a fog that has engulfed your world, blending survival tactics with action RPG gameplay. You'll explore the vast world of Embervale, a place made up of mountains, deserts, and hidden secrets. Your journey is your own, as you light the ancient Flame and uncover stories buried deep below.

In this game, surviving is a tough job. You start with nothing and must find what you need to stay alive in the ruins of a once-great kingdom. The wilds are dangerous, filled with creatures that see you as their next meal. You'll explore eerie forests, dark caves, and old dungeons, searching for treasures and knowledge. But it's not just about surviving; it's about gathering strength to face the Shroud and its terrors.

The combat in Enshrouded keeps your heart racing. The Shroud changes all life into enemies that challenge you to the core. You'll need to be smart, ducking, blocking, and striking when they least expect it. The game lets you develop your fighting style through a deep skill system.

3. Valheim

Valheim - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Valheim is another enthralling journey into a world where Norse mythology comes to life. It's a game that mixes survival, crafting, and battling across a vast world created anew with each play. Up to 10 players can join in, crafting weapons, building Viking strongholds, and fighting fearsome foes to win Odin's favor. The thrill of sailing across open seas and discovering unknown lands packed with unique resources and hidden secrets keeps you coming back. Every inch of Valheim brims with danger and opportunity, making each exploration a venture into the unknown, filled with excitement.

In this game, building is your path to showcasing Viking glory. You get to create massive longhouses and secure bases that stand against the night's dangers. Valheim's detailed building system lets you personalise your space, making your mark with every plank and post. As you move forward, expanding and fortifying your base becomes a critical task, offering a safe spot to strategize your next adventure. Crafting your Viking haven is not just about survival; it's about building a legacy in a world that challenges your every step.

That said, survival in this game hinges on your ability to gather, craft, and conquer. You'll forge weapons and armor, grow food, and even brew potions to prepare for the challenges ahead. The game's unique food system boosts your health and energy without punishing you for skipping a meal. Instead, experimenting with different dishes rewards you with better stats and abilities.

2. Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest - Official Gameplay Trailer

Sons of the Forest takes you on a thrilling survival journey. You're on a mission to locate a missing billionaire, but you end up on an island crawling with cannibals. This game is all about survival in an open-world horror setting. You can try to make it through the nightmare alone or team up with friends. Either way, you're in for a challenge as you craft, build, and fight to stay alive in this eerie world.

You get to call the shots in this game. There's total freedom to choose how you survive. You won't have any NPCs giving you tasks or telling you where to go. It's all up to you. Decide your path, pick your battles, and figure out the best ways to stay alive. This freedom makes your survival journey more intense. Every choice, from exploring new areas to setting up your camp, matters a lot.

Additionally, the island is home to all sorts of mutated creatures. Some look almost human, while others are like nothing you've seen before. With weapons ranging from pistols to axes, you need to protect yourself and your friends. Each encounter tests your survival skills, pushing you to adapt and fight back against the horror that awaits.

1. Palworld

Palworld - Official Trailer (Pokemon-Like Shooter Game)

If there's a game that masterfully blends the thrill of exploration with the deep intricacies of survival, crafting, and creature companionship, it's Palworld. This game takes players into a rich, open-world environment where the lines between friend and food, collaborator and combatant blur intriguingly. With Pals, mysterious creatures with diverse abilities, players embark on a journey unlike any other. You can choose to live in harmony with these beings, constructing a life of agricultural and architectural wonder, or delve into the darker side of survival.

Palworld further distinguishes itself with its approach to building and production. From constructing monumental structures to automating farms and factories, the game offers a deep dive into creativity and management. Pals are at the heart of this system, providing the labor and skills necessary to bring your visions to life. In addition, the game's multiplayer feature, supporting co-op and competitive modes, adds another layer, inviting players to share this vast, complex world with others.

So, do you agree with our picks? Or do you think any other open-world PC game deserves a spot here? Let us know on our socials here!

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