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5 Best Horror Games on Nintendo Switch (April 2023)

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5 Best Horror Games on Nintendo Switch (April 2023)

Spooky adventures are a fun addition to Switch. They perfectly satisfy the thirst for fright. When all you want to do is cuddle up on a chilly night and see how well you hold up in the dark. While some games do not label themselves as “horror,” they do have a habit of inducing adrenaline rushes in anyone who plays them. Perhaps it's the eerie yet beautiful atmospheres they use. Or, pulse-racing jump scares they perform in novel ways. 

For this list, we've gathered all of the games that will get your heart racing. The ones that delight in sending chills down your spine. Among all the popular options right now, here are the best horror games on the Nintendo Switch in April 2023 that will make you jump out of your seat and face your fears.

5. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The Fatal Frame series consists of five bone-chilling survival horror entries. Each one makes a compelling case for checking it out, especially for the unique stories that typically all go downhill faster than you can say “please.” 

Among the entries, “Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water” is a good place to start. It follows three characters on their journey to Hikami Mountain, a fictional location notorious for suicides and spiritual rituals. These occur in local water streams that are thought to connect the living and the dead.

People believe that a maiden can take away their sins and emotions at the moment of death. This ancient practice is triggered when she removes her veil and witnesses someone's death. When people start going missing every year, you're tasked with breaking the curse of the black water, with your only weapon being a camera you use to capture ghosts and render them harmless. 

As you progress, you uncover secrets and solve mysteries surrounding the strange practices that people come to Hikami to perform. When combined with Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water‘s gloomy surroundings, every step of the way feels as enthralling as the burn of suspense, waiting for something sinister to emerge from around every corner.

4. Amnesia: Collection

Amnesia: Collection - Release Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Alternatively, you could play Amnesia: Collection. It includes three distinct entries, each of which offers a distinct experience from the others. 

The first is The Dark Descent, which features some of Amnesia's best jump scares. A Machine for Pigs, on the other hand, creates a more immersive experience by simplifying its mechanics and putting more emphasis on the story. The third, Justine, is an entirely different experience, focusing on puzzle-solving and serving as the ideal brain teaser to take a break with.

Regardless of which entry you choose, each provides slow-paced suspense moments while exploring the eerie walls of Brennenburg Castle. Herein lie monsters lurking around every corner, ready to creep out from hiding when you least expect it.

3. Observer

Observer - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Combining a detective and a horror game is genius because you never know what to expect in both cases. Players take on the role of Daniel Lazarski, an elite detective from the future. He’s described as a “neural” investigator, which essentially means hacking into the minds of witnesses to search for clues and find evidence to support your case.

More often than not, hacking into people’s minds will reveal some deep, horrific secrets. At least in the fictional world of Observer. You uncover the feelings, thoughts, and memories of various jagged suspects, some of whom you may regret ever hunting for. In the end, the secrets you discover force you to face the ghosts of Lazarski’s past – and by extension, his sanity. 

Observer is receiving worldwide acclaim for creating quite a gripping, psychological cyberpunk story of all time. If you loved Blade Runner, you'll find overwhelming similarities between the two. Above all, Observer perfectly understands the art of crafting a mystery novel. It sparks intrigue while, at the same time, treating you to a disturbing sequence of events so horrific you’re likely to dampen your pants.

2. Resident Evil Revelations Collection

Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Can you really have a “best horror games” list without including Resident Evil? To get the best of both worlds, check out the Resident Evil Revelations Collections. It features two of the better titles in the long-running survival horror franchise: Revelations and Revelations 2. You will need to download the latter, though.

It’s up for debate whether titles from earlier in the decade orchestrated the best over-the-shoulder scares. I think these titles had the most authentic experiences, whether it was the claustrophobic corridors or mutant-infested spaces. Zombie fish make their way here too.

Regardless of the Resident Evil title you choose, nearly all titles guarantee an action-packed experience with plenty of ammo to take down hordes of mutated monsters. Tensions will run high. Fortunately, you’re free to run and gun, as well as use a new Genesis system to help scan nearby areas for points of interest.

Since Revelation 2 offers a multiplayer experience, you might want to bring a friend along to help calm the nerves. It’s also the punchier entry with a richer-level design, so perhaps prioritizing that will pay off more. Either way, both games offer tense stealth moments or brutal violence, blasting away hordes of zombies at a time

1. Limbo

LIMBO Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Sometimes, less is more. Take Limbo, for example. A black and white platformer that tells a gripping story using no words at all. Instead, you’re immersed fully in the game’s dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful world. Players take on wildly challenging puzzles and obstacles. All in a feat to enter limbo and save a boy's sister from eternal doom.  

The atmospheric surroundings and giant monsters creeping out of nowhere make for an uncomfortable and genius experience. It’s a masterpiece attempt at a horror platformer that comes out finely polished. More importantly, it serves as proof that dark, misty spaces deserve a place in platformers too.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best horror games on Nintendo Switch in April 2023? Are there more horror games on Nintendo Switch we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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